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About Mellieha

Ex Sale et Melle Nomen Meum

Mellieħa is a rural village in the North-Western region of Malta and its name derives from the Semitic root "m-l-h" which in Arabic means salt. The name was probably adopted because of the ancient salt-terns the Punics and Romans had established at Ghadira - the large sandy bay lying at the foot of the village.

Pre-Historic Era

Mellieħa has been inhabited since early Neolithic times. Several tombs and round chambers of this primitive era and other tools and fragments of pottery were found in various localities around this area, primarily at "il-Latnija" - a natural cavern used by several Neolithic and stone-age peoples and at Xemxija Hill.

Mellieha's characteristics are all brought together in the cultural activities, village festivals and celebrations, folk singing and story telling, ironic sense of humour, but mainly in the passion of making new friends, and in the paramount hospitality.

It is all this which helps to make anyone who visits us feel not merely secure, but genuinely at home. As long as this splendid town preserves its great monuments, its unparalleled nature environment, its traditions and customs, its people, "il-Mellihin" can serenely look forward to a bright future.