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Welcome to Explore Mellieha

This is Mellieha!

...where to go, what to do, what you need to know

The largest village in North West Malta, we would consider it as a small town with around 7000 residents. The village was mainly built in the middle of the 19th century and is an extremely hospitable village.

Mellieha has a lot of authentic character and can be regarded as quaint and picturesque.

The village of Mellieha has a network of narrow lanes, a steep main street,

The village is dominated by it's huge beautiful neo Baroque 18th-century church with an ancient shrine. The church is built on the edge of Mellieha Ridge and there are spectacular views over the lower surrounding country side and Mellieha bay .

Surrounding the village are terraced fields

Smell the freshly baked bread or hear the fish seller crying out his wares in a morning

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