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About Malta
About Mellieha
Origin of Name
The Local Council
Mellieha Through the Ages
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Places Of Interest
Mellieha Parish Church
Marian Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mellieha
Madonna Statue
Ghajn Hadid Tower - Selmun
The White Tower
Ghadira (Mellieha Bay)
Paradise Bay
Armier Bay
Slugs Bay
Selmun Palace
Imgiebah Bay
Ahrax Point
Irdum il-Hmar
Popeye Village
Anchor Bay Dive Site
World War II Shelters
The Red Tower
Ghadira Nature Reserve
The Imperial Band Club
Fort Campbell
Phoenician Rock Cut Tombs
Ghajn Zejtuna Prehestoric Temple
Coastal Entrenchments
Coastal Batteries
Coastal Redoubts
Mellieha Sports Club
Mellieha Philanthropic Society
Parish Youth Centre
Martin De Redin Y Cruzat - Towers
Fortifications - Eskalar Redoubt
Louvier Entrenchment
Qala Tal-Misquqa Entrenchments
Ta' Msid Stone Circle
Latnija Prehistoric and Roman Remains
Manikata Bronze Age Defensive Walls
The Stone Circle at Tat-Tomna
Hewwieza Late Roman Rock-Cut Tombs
Ghajn Zejtuna Prehestoric Temples
Nahlija Roman Rock-cut Tombs
Hewwiexa Late Roman Rock-Cut Tombs
Mizieb Rock-Cut Tomb
Il-Mizieb Neolithic Remains
Gnien Ingraw Troglodyte Caves
Manikata Chruch - Sand Church
Our Lady of l'Ahrax
Rdum Tal-Madonna (Cliff) -L-Ahrax
San Niklaw Medieval Caves
Westreme Battery
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