Анета Пенчева / Aneta Pencheva – video card / with subtitels

Hi, in this short video, sent by
me, or person you know, I will shortly tell you about myself and my activities. My name is Aneta Pencheva. I’m born and I live in Bulgaria. I have family – two kids I’m engeneer, 17 years I worked in my specialty. But when the children appeared, they became my preority. For me was important, to find the way to earn more money , but mostely , I wanted to have more free time for my children! To be with them, to be mobile, to be independent. I found that possibility, left the job and already 4-5 years I help in the development of the family business and along with that, I develop my own business, for which I would like to tell you now! It is a business suitable for every person, no matter what is his profession, what is his age ( over 18 ). I will answer the following three questions: What’s this business about?
How much can you earn? And What should you do? I am engaged in advertising and mediation, as a partner of an international company, which is a combination of manufacturer with its own logistics centers, аnd online shop with eco products, open in 168 countries worldwide. You can be a partner of the company, by developing your own business, or to earn extra incomes, but you can be just a client , to shop with discount! How much we can earn? We have Three models of cooperation: Fom 50 to 250 EURO / monthly, if we spend 1 or 2 hours a day, but constantly! Fom 250 to 1500 EURO / monthly, if we spend 2 or 4 hours a day, but it is very important yo be constantly! And the last model of cooperation is to Create your own business with practically unlimited potential. What we shuld DO? I will immediately tell you what we should not do : We do not deal with direct sales, our busines is advertisng, mediating and recruitment activities. In our team, we created a sistem for Work course, with online trainig, where STEP by STEP you will have a possibility to learn what to DO. With this system, we help our partners to grow their business and we help them, to find their own partners or clients, and to connect them with the internet shop of the compamy! In addition, you will also have an automatic system for working with the latest internet technologies. In this cource, there is everithing – for business, products.. Тhis is a consistent system, with successive steps, which if you follow, will surely start earning! If you currently want to increase your earnings, or you are looking for your own business to start, or maybe , you want to become only a customer of the store? Get a contact with the person, who sent this vieo to YOU. Whatever you choose – I wish you success!

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