Мини-обзор Адаптера Protech HDMI M to VGA F

Hello. this is unpacking … Com … Thu … Protech adapter from VGA to HDMI. So here is the packaging.
Inside there is still a cable for sound. 3.5 to 3.5. Because here inside there is still such a thing as …
What is it called? You understand HDMI is capable to transfer sounds, in this adapter there are all conditions for this. All conditions — this is just a simple thing … Here is the adapter. On it, or oilcloth, or it is so scratched, but most likely it is oilcloth.
Let me take it off. Yes, it is oilcloth. Now he is not as scratched as he seemed. Already good. But, nevertheless … Yes, there are some scratch marks, but that’s okay. This is where you insert your VGA. Here you can insert a mini-jack to stream the sound. For example: headphones can also be inserted here and additional power from USB. Accordingly, the USB cable here and in your computer. So you can use it as a full HDMI cable. That’s all. Here we have 2 cables,
probably that’s all. Here is such an adapter. Started? Perfectly. So, I forgot to do one thing … In general … If you have a normal cable, which cable connects to a monitor and connects to a computer, then everything will be fine — you put it in and screw it in, screw it up normally. But if you want to connect such a monitor and there will be such a cable, then you do not screw it to the adapter, but we can still turn it on. Now we will check it out. Here it is. Thus, simply turning on this adapter and turning on the computer. If he now transmits the image, then everything works correctly. In fact, your monitor has said that there is a signal. Signal? Fine. That’s all. This adapter works. With this we finish. Thank you all for watching! Do not look into this ancient box, or go blind. At this point, we’ll finish talking about this adapter. That’s all, bye everyone.

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