🎮 Awesome DIY Gift Ideas For Gamers & Geeks 👾

– Hey guys! Are you looking for some awesome DIY gift ideas for gamers and geeks? Then you have come to the right place. I will show you four cute and easy to make gamer gifts he or she will love. (video game music) To create this super
cute hair pin that you can also make in to a key chain or brooch use black mini perler beads
and start outlining the heart at one side of the pegboard. All three hearts are made the same way and are connected at the side. Once your done with the
outline take white mini perler beads and add them to the left
side corner of each heart. Now all you need to do
is fill the outline with red mini perler beads until
you are happy with the amount. I stopped at the center
of the third heart. To fill in the rest I used
translucent mini perler beads but you can also
use just white beads. Next place a baking sheet
on top and iron the design until the beads have
melted and the holes are not that visible anymore. The more you iron it the
less visible they will be. Now with a hot glue
gun attach the hair pin with the design. Of course, you can use
any other strong glue that works with plastic and metal. Let it cool down or dry and
the hair pin is finished. It looks super cute and it’s
so fun to make, as well. If you need a nerdy gift
for someone super special you can make this cute framed painting. Start off by drawing
on the backside of the printed out image if you want to copy it exactly same way. The image is linked in the
description box down below. Once the backside of
the letter is completely covered in pencil lead or charcoal place the image on top of watercolor paper or some other thick paper you want to use. And begin tracing the
words using a pencil. Press on the pencil
firmly enough so that the pencil lead underneath can
transfer onto the other paper. Now trace the letters and the
heart with a black fine liner. Be sure it is waterproof
if you are going to use watercolors later. This is, by the way, just an idea. You don’t have to make the
painting exactly same way. Could really make it your own and unique. To color everything I use
watercolors because I wanted to create hand painted and unique look. I just love the water color
effect and how it makes everything look so much
more three dimensional. Once you’re finished with
the painting and everything is dry, place the image inside
a frame and you are done. Again, I think it is super
cute and such a cute way to show someone that you really
like them and appreciate them. Another great idea is to
create a door sign with a fitting text or words. First create a template
using plain white paper and plan out what you would
like to add to the sign. I wanted to draw AFK on
both sides of my door sign but you can use AFK and
something else so both sides are different. Transfer the template the
same way as we just did with the painting onto
some colored thick paper. And then trace the letters and color them. If you want you can add additional details to make it look more neat. And then cut out the rest
of the shape so that you can put it onto the door knob. And that’s it. It’s super easy to make and you can customize
it how ever you like. Another cool gift idea and I
think it’s my favorite idea is to create coasters that look like buttons off a game pad. Here I used the Xbox for
reference but you can use any other game pad, of course. First create a circle, using
black mini perler beads and a square pegboard. And then create the letter
inside using a similar color as the button you are creating. If you want you can
also add some shadows or light reflection or just
leave it the way it is. You might want to try art
and see which one looks best or print out the design
in the same size and place it underneath the board if yours is out of clear plastic. Fill in the rest with a
lighter shade of the same color to create a contrast. You can also use white perler
beads if you don’t have black beads, for the outline. But I find the black
colored frame looks better. What you guys think? Create each coaster the same way. And then all you need to do
is iron it using a baking sheet in between. And this is how it looks.
Super fun to make and it looks super cute as well. Don’t forget to give the video
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other fun videos in the future. Thank you so much for watching
guys. Have a wonderful day and I will see you soon. Bye.

100 thoughts on “🎮 Awesome DIY Gift Ideas For Gamers & Geeks 👾

  1. Me and my boyfriend are like a gaming couple. We met on a game aswell. We both play on PC so we have a lot of games that we play together, for example CSGO, Rocket League (which we use a gamepad for hahah) etc! Those Xbox gamepad coasters are the most geeky and cutest thing I've ever seen! This would totally fit in our house when we are moving out in a few years (hopefully :P) Great video as always!!

  2. Have you heard of the game real life? Its got amazing graphics yet quite a boring storyline…

    and if my joke was bad or made below/ before then I apoligise. My favourite game is a tie between the last of us and life is strange as of today

  3. Awesome! 💙Thank you for amazing ideas but sad thing is that i dont have any gamer friend :/ at least i can do it for myself 😂

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  6. This is why she is my favorite youtuber, shes adorable, her ideas are awesome and they have use and value, shes crazy talented, and she puts time and care into her videos and creations. It must have taken a long time to edit the stop motion bead sections.

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  11. You are so sweet and all of your diys are original and so super thoughtful yet easy to achieve! I love your channel so much! xoxo ❤❤

  12. These were amazing! I liked the cute wall art. Might do it with hero lines from my favourite game, Overwatch.

  13. So my boyfriend is addicted to geometry dash so none of these work for me. I’m trying to get him something to show how much I care about him. Can you please add some geometry dash craft ideas?

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