📽️ Radeon RX 570 🎞️ видеокарта для ✂️ видео монтажа

I greet you on my channel, In this video, we will focus on the video card that I bought on Amazon the video card came to me in this box for 2 weeks she cost me with all the discounts and delivery almost $ 125 so proceed to the unpacking and review in the cardboard main box there is such a receipt with a QR code with description from amazon and the box itself is from the video card on the box you can see what technologies this video card supports this is a fairly modern graphics card radeon RX 570 on 8Gb 256bit bandwidth and the video card manufacturer is xfx Chinese brand but I do not see anything bad the box is sealed with round tape let’s see what’s inside the main reason i bought a video card this is video encoding and decoding after purchasing a camera and an action camera that supports 4K video already started not cope with video decoding in video editing programs so I had to buy an external video card included power cable driver CD raise the second carton and see a warning how to connect a video card and driver notification that the disk is intended only for installing drivers without internet actually in an antistatic bag is the video card itself I think it is made with high quality all elements are sealed with film This means that the video card is basically new. On the back of the so-called backplate This is how I understand the protection of the video card itself from external influences You can see such connectors which are closed by plastic plugs I will not even shoot because my monitor is still connected DVI connector so you need to remove these films and proceed to install the video card in the system unit here i am making films they certainly are not easily removed but still for beauty I’ll take them off at all edges so filmed the film thank God PCI express slot protection can also be removed and turn to the installation of the video card the video card takes 2 slots therefore I break off two plugs and install in PCI express slot blue in my motherboard denotes 16X black 8x so set to blue so set until click and connect the power it’s 6 pin and connect back all peripherals to the system unit turning on the computer I will talk about technology called zero noise this is the speed control of the coolers If the temperature of the video card does not exceed 60C fans do not rotate thereby making the graphics card perfect silent since i’m not playing games I will be testing powerdirector 17 the result will be the encoding time between the processor integrated graphics intel quick sync and video card all videos that I will use were recorded in 4K resolution with a bit rate of 100 Mbps and XAVCS codec and so I posted a project in the program actually from the video here he takes a small project I will render 4 minutes 48 seconds But on average I will describe it as 5 minutes. I think the difference is not very big all videos almost in 4K format you can see 95 megabits per second is almost 100 megabits, 25 frames per second with XAVCS codec go to the window already directly render itself XAVCS codec selected and below is what will be applied hardware coding after render 3 videos I collected all the data in the plate and visually showing you a chart which shows that cpu in all three cases was 100% loaded in the case of video processing performed directly by the processor Absolutely no graphical solutions were applied. intel hybrid quick sync Intel HD 3000 graphics core was 18% involved when rendering video the video card itself was loaded approximately 70% and move on to the next slide which will show how much the video processing process took in minutes so video processing processor took 18 minutes absolutely the same project absolutely the same video was processed using intel quick sync technology in 16 minutes radeon rx 570 graphics card handled the task faster than anyone process the video in almost 5 minutes my conclusions are as follows that the video card speeds up the process video processing the question is only in the software implementation the hardware capabilities of the video card itself it depends directly on the manufacturer video editing software developer ask questions in the comments Subscribe to my channel of successful video editing!

7 thoughts on “📽️ Radeon RX 570 🎞️ видеокарта для ✂️ видео монтажа

  1. Как эта карта работает в превью при монтаже с разными наложенными эффектами?

  2. Это наверно единственный видос где автор показывает что на AMD картах тоже можно монтировать видео

  3. Кто не будь уже пробывал Radeon RX 5700 в видео монтаже? Есть ли смысл брать новую архитектуру под эти задачи? Сколько не искал так и не нашёл тянет ли RDNA видео монтаж, или он годится только для игр!

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