10 Best Budget Laptops For You

so kicking things off we’ve got the Dell
XPS 13 – in one dell has taken the popular XPS 13 made it thinner Lysa and
given it a 360 degree hinge so you can enjoy the world’s smallest 13-inch
laptop thanks for that beautiful infinity edge bezel any way you like
sporting a KB Lake Y Series I 5 RI 7 the tuned one isn’t as powerful as its
traditional clamshell brother but it’s still fast enough for most office work
video streaming and even a bit of light editing sticking with Dell if the flippy
spinny two-in-one form factor isn’t your cup of tea you might prefer their
updated XPS 13 and XPS 15 laptops with the new seventh generation Kubelik
processors we were big fans of the new XPS 13 when we reviewed it with better
performance and battery life the new XPS 15 has seen a number of welcome upgrades
– including the latest Nvidia GT x 1050 graphics card and the option for a much
bigger battery next up we have the Asus Zenbook 3 Deluxe also known as the ux
490 UA it’s bigger and better than the poppers at Zenbook 3 from 2016
this new 14-inch ultrabook looks beautiful and weighs just 1.1 kilograms
which is insanely light the deluxe also offers an improved battery life and a
better typing experience both of which were issues with the Zenbook 3 so you
get powerful components a faultless design and solid battery life the
Zenbook 3 deluxe is one of the most expensive laptops you can buy but it’s
also one of our favorites so far in 2017 Samsung unveiled a pair of new
Chromebooks at CES 2017 offering high-end features including the ability
to run Android apps for a pretty reasonable price
both the Chromebook pro and plus are hybrids with 360 degree henge built-in
styluses and better than HD 12.3 inch displays they come packing core MV
processors four gigs of ram USBC and a premium magnesium alloy chassis so if
you’re the market for a Chromebook this year these should be at the top of your
list from Chromebooks to MacBooks the new late 2016 MacBook Pro 13 and 15 are
two of the best laptops you can buy particularly if you’re invested in the
Apple ecosystem the new skylake powered MacBook Pros a great looker and a
pleasure to use thanks to slick Mac OS Sierra software Apple’s decision to
offer only USB type-c is definately controversial and a little bit annoying
if we’re being honest but plenty of workarounds these are still
among all favorite laptops at the end of 2016 Microsoft announced the updated
surface book i7 it’s got the same design same screen same hybrid two-in-one form
factor but now offering a sky processor faster graphics and even a 30% longer
battery quoted at an incredible 16 hours if we’re being honest the surface books
last gen specs are starting to look a little bit dated but we still love the
detachable tablet form factor responsive surface pen stylus and it’s beautiful
high-res 13.5 inch display the Alienware 15 is one of the best gaming notebooks
on the market it ticks all the boxes with a VR ready gtx 1060 graphics card
and a quad core i7 processor Alienware has tweaked the laptops chassis to fit
these new components in its a touch wider but almost 25% thinner than the
2015 model it’s definitely an improvement but there’s no denying this
still looks and feels like a proper old-school gaming notebook razor
definitely grabbed the headlines when they announced the new razor blade blade
stealth and blade Pro laptops in late 2016 the mid-tier razor blade is our
favorite though it’s a gaming laptop that’s been designed to be as portable
as possible somehow razors managed to fit a GTX 1060 which is the same
graphics card in the Alienware 15 into a 14-inch laptop that’s less than 18
millimeters thick and under 2 kilograms that’s less than a 15-inch MacBook Pro
so power and portability is on tap with a razor but don’t expect exceptional
battery life especially if you opt for the qhd+ model we’ve got one more gaming
notebook for you and that’s the Dell Inspiron 15 gaming they’ll unveiled this
at CES 2017 and it’s a mid-range gaming and multimedia laptop that offers some
pretty tasty specs including a cable a Chi 5 or i7 processor and a 1050 TI
graphics card all without breaking the bank
I actually really like the look of the Inspiron 15 gaming but weighing 2.6
kilograms and over an inch thick this is certainly no razor blade but we still
think there’s a lot to like here especially the price the HP spectre x360
15 from last year has received a big update for 2017 it’s actually a little
bit thicker and heavier now but sporting a new design bigger battery and more
powerful internals including a seventh generation i7 processor this is
definitely one to look out for so now is a great time to buy a new laptop
just ten of our favorite but there are loads more to get excited about
including the Lenovo yoga 900 HP EliteBook X 360 and even a couple of
ridiculous concepts and we’d love to see come out including razors triple screen
project Valerie and the $9,000 a sub Predator X 21 ultra wide gaming notebook
with full mechanical keyboard thank you very much for watching let us know what
laptop you’re looking forward to in the comments below

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