10 HACKS That Every GAMER Should Use (GAMER LIFE HACKS) | Chaos

100 thoughts on “10 HACKS That Every GAMER Should Use (GAMER LIFE HACKS) | Chaos

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  2. why do my friends say im a legit gamer but in reality i may be sitting in front of the pc as much as a gamer but i watch more youtube videos

  3. Great tips! One of my friends has really wanted the sims 4 so when I got it on Origin, it gave me a second key, so I put it on a USB as a present and she was like, “Uhhh..thanks :)” and she called me at like 9:00 thanking me repeatedly (I had bought it with the pets bundle so hers came with it) and I’ve been getting pics of her Sims family (with the many kittens :D) daily and now we just exchange pics and I’m honestly happy she was able to get it 🙂

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