10 Video Game Characters Gamers Fantasize About

10 Characters Gamers Fantasize About but Would
Never Admit It’s not hard to find a pretty face or a great
body in the virtual world of video games. When imagination is the only limit, there’s
no reason why Gears of War’s Augustus Cole can’t be built like He-Man on steroids, or
why Faith Connors, the protagonist of Mirror’s Edge, can’t be a humble courier who also happens
to be drop-dead gorgeous. But the characters that gamers fantasize about
the most are the ones that bring more to the table than just an enviable physique. These are the people, monsters, and machines
we dream about, whether that means getting close to them or getting to be them � and
they’re not always what non-gamers might expect. Here are 10 characters gamers fantasize about,
but would never admit. Dante, Devil May Cry series
Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: Dante is silly and radical all at once. Handsome, strong, stylish, and dripping with
bad-boy attitude, this unstoppable Devil Hunter truly personifies the saying �women want
him; men want to be him.� Whether he’s dressed in Gothic style and quietly searching a ruined
castle, or kicking back in a jacket with no shirt underneath and a slice of pizza in his
hand, as soon as the demons come out to play, Dante’s more than happy to oblige, forcing
them to eat their words before sending them back where they came from. No character does over-the-top cool better
than Dante, and it’s hard to imagine that one ever will. Tali’Zorah, Mass Effect series
Yeah, she’s an alien, but when it comes to this upbeat Quarian adventurer, we can keep
an open mind. Tali’Zorah is one of the main characters of
the Mass Effect games, a crack engineer and seasoned combatant who joins Shepard’s quest
to stop the Reapers as a playable character in all three titles, provided she survives. A long-time fan favorite, Tali’s enduring
appeal is due to a combination of her smarts, her skills, her honest demeanor, the mystery
of what her face looks like under that mask, and a pair of very alluring hips. We’d gladly take her three-fingered hands
in ours. Tommy Vercetti, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Power is addictive, and no Grand Theft Auto protagonist knows how to bask in his power
like Vice City’s infamous Tommy Vercetti. Voiced by Ray Liotta, Vercetti is all of our
mobster-movie daydreams come to life, a ruthless but likable crime lord who manages to make
it to the top without self-destructing, and look good � in a Miami Vice kind of way
� while he’s doing it. All the rewards of running the criminal underworld,
with none of the downsides, and a garage full of sweet ’80s supercars? There’s no doubt about it: we’ve all wished
we could be Tommy Vercetti at one time or another. Jade, Beyond Good and Evil
There’s really nothing to dislike about Jade, the resourceful protagonist of the underappreciated
classic action-adventure game, Beyond Good and Evil. She’s got a pretty face, with green lipstick
to accentuate her eyes, and a sense of style that says �tough, but cool.� She’s a capable
martial artist, a great photojournalist, and a loyal friend who always keeps a level head,
even when things get rough. Jade is also big-hearted and selfless – she
begins her quest out of concern for the war orphans under her care. She’s a hero through and through, just the
sort of person you’d love to know in real life. Dorian Pavus, Dragon Age: Inquisition
It’s all about the hair. Sure, this world-weary Altus mage with a dark
family secret has a lot more going for him than just his considerable good looks: he’s
got a good heart, even if he also has a quick temper; a true socialite, he lives the good
life and knows how to party, even if his drunken revels sometimes land him in hot water. He’s also a tremendously talented spellcaster,
a force to be reckoned with, even at his lowest. But let’s get real: above and beyond all else,
it’s Dorian’s dashing haircut and gentleman’s mustache that always catches our eye first. Sorry, ladies: Dorian Pavus is gay. But straight men and women alike can still
admire that gorgeous hair. GLadOS, Portal
As far as manipulative rogue A.I.s go, GLadOS has to be right near the top of the list of
all-time greats. This program is ruthless, cruel, and as devious
a mind as any Big Bad who ever kidnapped a princess or tried to conquer the world. It’s also persuasive, funny, and weirdly charming. In other words, it’s the Wednesday Addams
of computer programs. That lilting sing-song voice also adds to
GLadOS’s appeal. Even when a player manages to survive the
testing facility at the end of the game, GLadOS can’t help but taunt them with a song about
how it can never be stopped. It all adds up to one of the most strangely
likable video game antagonists ever to grace the screen. GLadOS doesn’t really have a body � it’s
a program, not a robot � but a conversation alone would be a dream come true for many
gamers… as long as it happened a safe distance from the nearest Aperture science testing
facility. Bowser, Super Smash Bros. Series
Stepping into the role of Mario’s perennial foe is the ultimate fantasy for any gamer
who’s had a bad day and just wants to beat something up. Big, loud, rude, and tough, Bowser goes where
he pleases and does what he wants, even if that means retribution from a couple of pesky
plumbers. Of course, in the Super Mario series, Bowser
typically gets thrashed at the end of the game. That’s why we prefer the Koopa King’s Smash
Bros. incarnation instead. He’s a huge, heavy block of muscles, spikes,
and bad attitude, and unleashing his brutal combos and crushing smash attacks on the rest
of the Nintendo universe is a deeply satisfying pastime, one that we’ve all sometimes wished
we could experience first-hand. Athena, Borderlands series
Borderlands is full of over-the-top characters who don’t take lip from anyone, but few of
them have the loyal fan following of the tough-as-nails gladiator, Athena. Sometimes a supporting character, sometimes
a playable one, Athena is always a welcome addition wherever she appears in the twisted
world of the Borderlands games. Her appearance and demeanor are a thrilling
blend of grit and beauty, and her preference for the ladies is handled matter-of-factly,
giving her a welcome bit of extra character depth in a manic series that can often just
seem like crazy piled on top of more crazy. And hey � the guys can still look, as long
as they don’t stare. Batman, Batman: Arkham series
It goes without saying that practically everybody has wanted to be Batman at some point in their
lives, but the version of the Caped Crusader that appears in the Batman: Arkham series
of games takes our daydreaming to a whole new level. This is the best Dark Knight ever to appear
in video games. He’s a genius scientist with awesome gadgets,
a world-class detective, and a force of nature on the battlefield, using fear and raw power
to knock out whole rooms full of enemies with ease. In other words, he’s the Batman we all sometimes
wish we could be, righting wrongs and triumphing over evil with an iron will and incomparable
talent. But even if we could only jump inside Bats
for a minute, getting the chance to personally clock the Joker right in his laughing face
would still be worth it. Lara Croft, Tomb Raider series
OK, it’s no surprise that gamers think Lara Croft is sexy. It’s been a joke about video game fans practically
ever since the original Tomb Raider was released for the PlayStation. That Lara Croft was all legs, guns, and cup
size, a protagonist tailor-made to appeal to teenage boys- yet created with a resourcefulness,
toughness and smarts that made her popular with women as well. But the Lara Croft we can’t stop thinking
about these days is the more realistic, rebooted version seen in the latest games. This Lara is still pretty and leggy, sure,
but she’s also much more human. Her vulnerabilities and worries make her feats
of heroism and survival even more exciting, and they make her seem more like a real person,
someone we could actually meet, if only once upon a time in some crazy world where adventure
lurks around every corner. That’s a hard fantasy to pass up. Which video game characters do you find yourself
thinking about all the time? Ever wished you could walk a mile in the shoes
of your favorite hero or villain? Share your thoughts in the comments below,
and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs-up before you go. As always, remember to subscribe to CBR for
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100 thoughts on “10 Video Game Characters Gamers Fantasize About

  1. M. Bison (because world domination)
    Gill (Because god complex)
    Fulgore (Because brutal remorseless robot…cyborg)
    Scorpion (Because wraith)
    DoomGuy (because copious amounts of excessive hyper-violence)
    Guilty Spark 343 (because immortal indestructible Troll)

  2. I would fantisize with Bayonetta, Princess Peach or Zelda. I would love to fantasize that would be Link and save Hyrule

  3. So,….how about having a narrator that ACTUALLY knows a GODDAMN thing about video games, and won't mispronounce the characters names?
    Dislike the video for this.

  4. Vaniel Final Fantasy 13. I do not play a whole lot of games as for as variety but Vaniel is probably the one that I know other than Serra from Final fantasy 13 and Tomb raider.

  5. I almost forgot Tiffa Final Fantsy 7 and Aeris Final fantasy 7 but I do not spend a lot of time lusting over people.

  6. I have a fictional character, and in my head, he is ALWAYS by my side
    not only that but he is funny, COMPLETELY immortal, agile, strong(he can lift ANYTHING) and a badass in any way possible

  7. i think more about the bald chick in mass effect , just my opinion but she's much more vulnerable and beutifully written.

  8. hmm.. jump inside Batman's body for a minute..
    Transfer all his money to my real account $$ and delete all trace $$

  9. A video game character life eh? hmm.. the Hero from the Harvestmoon series.
    + There's nothing to kill you
    + You have all the food you can have
    + You'll have colored slaves soon enough
    + You have a wide selection of girls to choose from (Maybe I should skip this O_O looks at wife
    + You'll have those "power berries" to boost your "stamina" (If you know what I mean)

  10. Personally, Red from Pokemon although I like the manga Red more. Also, Link baby!

    Furthermore, I see people bitching in the comments. I get it you like characters, but this is content not fact. Chill out super fans.

    I will not defend this comment.

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