1060 vs 1070 – Laptop Graphics Comparison Benchmarks

Hey guys, Jarrod here and today we’re going
to be performing some benchmarks to compare the Nvidia 1060 against the model above it,
the 1070, to see what the difference in performance is, and help you decide which of these cards
you should get. First off I’m performing these tests with
two different laptops, while they are quite similar there are some differences to note
as these may affect the results slightly. Both laptops have 16GB of DDR4 RAM @ 2400MHz,
with Windows 10 running on SSD storage with all updates applied, and the latest Nvidia
drivers to date are installed on both laptops. In terms of differences, the laptop with the
1060 has an Intel 7700HQ for its CPU, while the laptop with the 1070 has an Intel 6700HQ.
These CPU’s do perform a little differently, so please note that a small percentage of
the benchmark results may be due to this difference. However if you’ve seen my recent video comparing
these two CPU’s against each other, the difference is fairly minimal. Unfortunately
I simply don’t have two laptops with the exact same CPUs for this test, this is as
close as I can get so it’ll have to do. During the tests no manual overclocking was
performed. G-Sync has also been disabled in the tests, I didn’t want them to limit the
FPS in any way. Alright so hopefully you’ll agree that the laptops are pretty similar,
though definitely not a 100% apples to apples comparison. The key difference here of course, is that
one is running with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, while the other has a 1070. We can see
straight away that the specs of the 1070 are of course higher, so how do they compare? Let’s find out and jump into our benchmarks.
We’ll cover both real world gaming benchmarks in terms of frames per second, as well as
the results of some benchmarking tools. First we’ll start with the gaming benchmarks
as these are most useful. I’ve tested GTA 5, The Witcher 3, and Shadow of Mordor on
both laptops. In GTA 5 I tested with FXAA on with MSAA set
to x8 with a 1080p resolution and with VSync off. We can see that the 1060 wasn’t too
far behind here, at 55 FPS to the 1070’s 66 FPS. Both are pretty respectable results
for such high settings, definitely playable on either. In the Witcher 3 I used the Ultra preset,
and disabled VSync and NVIDIA Hairworks, and again ran at the full 1080p resolution. The
difference between the two cards here gives a bit more of an edge to the 1070, which is
20 FPS ahead in this test. Again both cards are more than capable of playing with these
high settings with decent frame rates. In Shadow of Mordor with ultra settings at
1080p, the results are very close, with only a 4 FPS difference between the two cards,
which I found interesting, perhaps this game simply isn’t as reliant on the graphics
cards as the others. Now onto the benchmarking tools, while a useful
indicator note that these results are less practical compared to the real world gaming
tests previously shown. In Heaven benchmark with the quality set to
ultra, tessellation on extreme, and anti-aliasing on x8 at 1080p, the 1070 was quite a bit ahead
of the 1060, though still a fair result from the 1060. It’s a similar story in Valley benchmark,
with the quality set to ultra and anti-aliasing on x8 at 1080p, the 1070 came out ahead by
similar amount. The 3DMark Time Spy and Firestrike benchmarks
also tell the same story, with the 1070 getting a nice increase when compared against the
1060. Finally let’s check the temperatures of
each card during the testing, we can see that the idle temperatures are pretty similar here,
with the 1060 being slightly cooler, however keep in mind that the cooling implementation
of each laptop will factor in here too. Under load however, the 1060 was running quite a
bit cooler, which is to be expected as the 1070 is more powerful. As expected the 1070 was faster, but by how
much, and is this worth it? On average based on all of these tests, the 1070 performed
approximately 22% better overall. Does that make it worth picking over the 1060? Well
that depends on a few factors. If the 1060 is able to give acceptable performance to
you, how ever many FPS you define that to be, then save yourself some money and go for
that. You can always drop the graphics settings down a bit and increase the frame rate further.
I’d be looking at the 1070 if perhaps you wanted consistently higher FPS with higher
settings, or if you’re planning on getting it with a display above 60Hz so that you can
actually take advantage of the higher FPS that it can provide. In the end it will come
down to how much you’re willing to pay, however I think the 1060 is able to provide
a great experience in most cases and should be fine unless you really want the higher
settings or FPS that the 1070 can provide for a higher price. I hope this video has helped you see the real
world differences in performance between these two graphics cards. Be sure to leave a comment
on the video and let me know which of these cards you’ll be picking, and leave a like
on the video if you found it useful. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe
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78 thoughts on “1060 vs 1070 – Laptop Graphics Comparison Benchmarks

  1. I'm buying the MSI GE63VR, with the 1070 it costs 1805,59€ and with the 1060 1455,59€. What do you recommend me? Is it worth spending more for the 1070? Thanks 🙂

  2. Hey Jarrod. Question to you(or anyone).
    The last game/simulation involving the two sword fighting figures- why does the 1060 laptop run it way smoother? Or is it just the 1070 laptop on the right?

  3. Nice review mate! But Is it worth it to get gtx1070 with only 60hz though? Because It's currently on Christmas discount. I'm hesitating!

  4. I`v just pick up!
    MSI GE72MVR 7RG Core i7-7700HQ 16GB 1TB + 256GB SSD 17.3 Inch GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Windows 10 Gaming Laptop
    Can`t wait for my baby:D still in store!

  5. im planning on getting the gigabyte aero but can't decide between the 15 or 15x. i wont be buying til summer so i think ill wait until the 8th gen intel and maybe 11 series graphics. so hard to be this patient lol

  6. Late to the party but I was wondering if the GTX1060 in your video is the 3Gb or 6Gb card? Thank you for the video and your time!

  7. Thanks for the video Jared. I'm currently in the process of shopping for a new gaming laptop and getting to see the details in performance really helped out with my decision. Appreciate ya!

  8. I'm looking at 2 laptops with a 1060/1070, 16 gb ram, 7700hq, and 60hz 1080p screens. I think i'm gonna go for the 1060 because it's significantly cheaper and the more ideal choice for 1080p 60hz gaming as I can't take full advantage of the 1070 unless the refresh rate is over 60hz.

  9. Just a question: If the laptop monitor is 60hz, does it actually make difference if you get 60 fps or 80 fps?
    I feel like for a gtx1070 you need 144hz monitor laptop. Am I correct?

  10. I found a laptop that is the same price as the 1060 but I prefer the laptop with the 1060 look better is it worth giving up the 1070 in this case

  11. 1070 85” omg((. 1060 =75 optimal for laptops temperature. 85+ omg..(. Maximum …? 90 yes ..?gpu card

  12. I'm going for the Metabox Prime with the 1060 +120Hz screen over the 1070.
    I can justify the extra $199 for the 120Hz screen, as I have a lot of older games that will easily run at well over 60 fps all the time, and am willing to use lower settings to keep newer games at over 60 fps.
    Since Kong computers is currently offering $120 off the 1060 build, it's really not worth the now $550 difference to get the 1070 version.
    Thanks for all your videos on the subject, Jarrod. It really helps a lot. Now I'm off to order my new computer before the offer expires!

  13. Based on benchmarks the 1070 seems a little unpowered. Should be hitting 17000+ in firestrike graphics. Not 15k

  14. Hey how is ultra modded graphics over haul compare to eso online I'd like to get into it but I really like the visual appeal of skyrim if I can get that on ESO I'd do it.

  15. MY FRIEND is selling a alienware 17 r4 i7 6700 8 gb ram 1tb with 6gb gtx 1060 is till worth 2018 for 700 US DOLLARS?

  16. 1060 is clearly a better buy. 1070's are about double than 1060's, and results in gaming aren't double in difference so clearly it ain't worth it.

  17. From the LEFT we got gtx1060 not 1070/ All bencmarks are sucks, Only 3d bencmark show us thruth/ In playing games gtx 1070 always been better, gtx 1060 – playing on minimums graphics or sometimes middle on 60-70 fps/ Far Cry 5 – only minimum graphics – 60-70 fps and drop to 40 fps :(. It is really thruth indeed

  18. Hi can i ask somethink if you dont mind. I am between two notebooks right now. One with i7 8700 (desktop cpu)+ gtx 1060 6gb and i7 7700hq + gtx 1070.Which one should i go for? I am going to use it for gaming and all other computer stuff.

  19. Sir! What kind of program do you use or recommend to test games on laptop to see fps, graphic card and cpu in test ? I would like to know if i can play the game on my laptop? PS. Are there any free program to chek this and does windows 10 have any program itsself to do that. Please help. Best regards!!

  20. I guess on the other gtx 1050ti and 1060 depends on the cooling performance and the parts as well single and dula channel ram

  21. can you do a comparison beetween i7 7700hq + gtx 1070 vs i7 8750h + gtx 1060 ?

    like msi ge63vr 7rf vs msi ge63vr 8re

  22. The graphics card isn’t the only thing that provides the great fps right? Like if I upgraded everything else except the graphics card then I could still have high fps in newer games?

  23. I picked the 1060 and I'm getting great game play with the ability to play on ultra on most games and high on all others. Great video thanks

  24. Man I'm hooked to your videos. Amazing content! Subscribed too 👊
    I just got MSI GL63 8re with 1060. Love its perfomance but its build quality is a let down!

  25. ASUS GL504GM (HERO II) with GTX 1060 6gb or ASUS GL504GS (SCAR II) with GTX 1070 8gb? Same with 144 Refresh rate 3ms Response Time. Can't decide between these two.
    Great Vid! Thanks in advance.

  26. I have a 1070 and its great for most games but Skyrim seems to be a pain in the arse generally for graphics. Does anyone else find this?

  27. I scrapped the 980m sli setup in my Alienware 18 and installed a 1070. Paired with the extreme i7 4940MX cpu and 32GB of Hyper x ram it chews through any games I throw at it at over 100 FPS. Temps never exceed 75c. Can’t ask for more. This will last me a few more years now even with the newer AAA titles. 👍🏽

  28. If you do get a GTX 1070 powered laptop, get new thermal paste. It really helps with the temperatures.

    In my case, it still runs hot and thermal throttles but it would drop 200ish MHz when it hit 80c. Now it can maintain the base clock at least. When it can flex the boost clock though, it really shines.

  29. I have hard decision I found two options of laptops with same price. It is i5 7300hq gtx 1070 and i7 8750H gtx 1060, what should i pick? I think in this case gtx 1070 will give me only 10% performance increase…

  30. Does MXM GPU such as MSI GTX 1070m still can support game today especially the AAA title that released in 2018 and even 2019 ?

  31. Don't know if it's just the lighting or camera but the screen on the left looked a thousand times better. You also have to consider future games that will be more demanding.

  32. hey jarrod i would like to take ur tip for my next laptop
    should i get a 2060 or a 1070 laptop? im a bit sceptic about 1070 coz its a bit old
    with 8750H cpu both of them … what could be better in ur oppimnion?

  33. I was looking to upgrade my 1060 laptop but the 1070 or 2060 aren't worth the upgrade in laptops and the 1080/2070 laptops are just too expensive

  34. I wanna get a laptop around 1300-1500$ I'm kinda considering between 1060 and 1070 and dont know to get 15" or 17" and want it for gaming, any suggest ?!

  35. On laptops CPU bottlenecking tends to be far more common and servers as an 7700hq is far less powerful than a 7700 whereas a GTX1070 on a laptop is very close to its desktop counterpart

  36. hello I have question for you I am confused between two laptops , I want to buy for gaming I have two options for same price 1700usd for both
    1. hp omen 15 with 8750h with gtx 1070

    2.razor blade pro 7820hk with gtx 1080

    I am confused between two kindly help me in buying which is better for gaming kindly reply me

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