2009 iMac videocard repair

my computer’s video controller card failed. This is a videocard problem but i have a free solution. so I’ll bake in the oven I’ll bake at 200 degrees for 8 minutes. this is the videocard here is this cable, you have to pull it off remove the screws! this is the next step there is more screw remove this card now i see here’s a screw I should have removed before you can unscrew on the other side I have to clean it now 16 sections i will remove these papers, becouse i don’t want to burn. now it’s clean this white cooling paste the old paste here was a gray paste. so i know it is a repaired card and it is very horny bake it in a preheated oven for two minutes at eight hundred degrees, then let it cool. you dont need to use too much paste don’t forget to put it back so the machine works perfectly. This cooking solution worked. so it is very good i tested my computer and it is works perfectly now it’s repaired

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