2019 GAMING ON A BUDGET? – Lenovo Ideapad L340 Gaming Review Unboxing Teardown + PROMO & FREEBIES!

Wassup mga PRE! I’m your host, Alvin Pacheco and welcome to Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts where we will give you some
reviews, insights, and unboxings! I know you guys are waiting for this episode Some are asking when we’ll publish our review for Lenovo L340 Gaming If you watched our preview
episode inside the Lenovo event, you know by now that this is a budget gaming laptop that’s fit for students who would
prefer slight to moderate gaming experience provided by this laptop’s performance which we will check out in a bit! but before anything else, I’d like to thank you PRE because we finally reached 15,000 subscribers as of now! As a thank you gift for all the supporters of Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts, we have a special announcement
at the end of this video related to this laptop so please don’t skip yet, and watch this review review we prepared for this laptop Okay, so this is the Lenovo L340 Gaming So this is the episode you all have been waiting for the Lenovo Ideapad L340 Gaming this is available at Lenovo concept stores as well as their authorized resellers If you want to buy this laptop this is priced at P49,995 which is what we have for today’s review but they also have an i7
counterpart which is priced at P59,995 the difference is that the i5 version has a 1TB storage while the i7 variant has a 1TB storage plus a 128GB SSD so that’s another difference they have a part from their processors so guys, let’s start by unboxing this laptop Okay guys let’s open this up you can see here that the box is in black and it’s not too thick meaning this doesn’t come with a bag
unlike the Lenovo 330S that’s much cheaper compared to this laptop, but comes with a laptop bag. Yeah this laptop doesn’t have one, which makes me a bit sad that they did not include freebies. So let’s open this up First thing you’ll see is the included foam and the slot here for the charger then on this side, you’ll see its documentation so now we can check on the documentations included it has a Safety and Warranty Guide and also this Setup Guide for this laptop Apart from documentation, we have the charger which is not too big, just right about the enough size for this type of laptop so it has 135 watts power brick and its noted in here not so sure if you can see it, but yes it has 135W and then its connector is like a USB type DC
connector, so I’m not sure what this is called but this is not the typical round-shaped
connector that’s common in most laptop chargers okay, so this is the charger connector the plug, however, is a three pronged plug meaning if you don’t have an adapter or you only have a normal socket, 2-flat pin socket, then you will need an adapter for this because that’s also not included Aside from the charger and item documentation, is the laptop itself Again, it doesn’t come with some freebies so it’s a little sad hehe Okay, I’m just taking out this big boi We just unboxed it so now here’s the L340 Gaming Laptop I know some of you have watched our episode with sir Tristan from Lenovo event last time but for those who still haven’t, I’ll introduce this to you again I’ll also do an overview of this laptop Let’s start with the keyboard you’ll see that it has blue outline, it almost appears that the backlight LED is turned on but it’s just the blue outline Because this is what it looks like with the LED open Just click on Fn + Space and viola! It’s now turned on the backlight has 2 levels so basically it has low brightness
and high brightness so as you can see here, this is the keyboard when the LED is turned on The keyboard backlight is bright enough that you won’t be having a problem if you’re typing at poorly-lit places, at night, or if you can’t see each individual keys or letter you are pressing Yes, that won’t be a problem because even the outlines itself are bright even if the backlighting is turned off But it still helps to have the LED turned on when it’s really dark. So when it comes to the touchpad you can see that it’s located on the far side left of the keyboard, it doesn’t have any buttons meaning it only has left and right click that’s built in, and not the usual separated left-right click buttons, so this is the touchpad it has a normal touchpad design which is matte, it’s not textured now the only problem I have on this touchpad is that scrolling is a little sloppy or a bit choppy sometimes when I’m using it but for some gamers, I know you don’t use touchpad anyway so my recommendation is to just use a gaming mouse when using this laptop But if you just surfs the internet, I think this touchpad is still useful and convenient It’s also a little flimsy just like the Lenovo 330s laptop that we also reviewed last time so if it happens that you overuse the left-right clicks I feel like it will kind of sink into the case after a while of use So this trackpad is still useable but as I pointed out a while ago, it is a little choppy Okay here’s the sound test for keyboard and trackpad Alright guys, let’s now proceed to its screen,
as you can see here it has 15.6 inch full HD (1080p) IPS panel and it’s really good that it has an IPS panel because if you try to tilt the screen or the laptop panel, it doesn’t show a different color or contrast, meaning it’s perfect for content creators or if you want better color reproduction and viewing angles It has 72% SRGB which I think is a bit low for graphic designers or content creators but you can still calibrate it it’s just that I don’t have a
software to calibrate this off-hand But out-of-the-box it has 72% SRGB so that was the overview for the screen When you look at the top of the screen you can see the webcam now this webcam has a built-in privacy filter or privacy cover you guys notice how some people
sticks some tape over their webcam ’cause they don’t want to be spied or collect some information from them here you don’t have to manually cover since it has built-in protector already a “panel” of some sort that blocks the camera when not in use I find this very useful because by not putting tape on it, you are not ruining the aesthetics of your laptop you can just use this built-in
panel or screen for your webcam So this is our webcam test Wassup mga PRE! I’m your host Alvin Pacheco and welcome to Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts! so this is our webcam test and sound test for the built-in mic and webcam so there’s an electric fan on my right (your left) and it blasts towards me, I’m not sure if you can hear it Now let’s check the privacy shutter included in this laptop so as you can see, it really is a physical cover or bar so that’s when it’s stuck midway then this when it’s fully covered So you really can’t see anything when it’s closed you may have noticed that the webcam quality is quite good, but that’s just because I have 2 lights in my setup but this is how it would really look like if there is no light present that and that Okay it’s really dark, but it’s starting to light up a bit so it adjusts the brightness but you’ll notice now that the camera has become laggy because it buffers the extra frames so that’s our webcam test for the Lenovo L340 gaming Alright guys so after the webcam, we’ll then proceed to its casing so at the back you’ll see that it has a brushed aluminum finish design but actually the case material here is
plastic so I like that it’s a fake brush aluminum design because it gets minimal amount of fingerprints unlike when it’s real brushed aluminum cases or chassis for laptops so you can see that it’s very simple the design doesn’t scream “GAMING” even though it’s really a gaming laptop so very sleek design by Lenovo, with the logo located just on this side here Actually Lenovo posted a motto for their latest campaigns, that is “Stylish on the outside, but Savage on the inside” so all gaming laptops that they released just recently have almost the same design as the L340 Gaming, very simple, doesn’t have a lot of RGBs, and not that eye-catchy because Lenovo is determined to have that stylish design for their gaming laptops Of course, some students, employees, or workers prefer using a laptop which lets them play some games and work on their tasks at the same time without drawing too much attention on them ‘Coz some might not prefer working with a gaming laptop especially the type that has a lot of RGB, your boss might not like the distraction in the office. So guys, that was our overview for the chassis Okay, let’s now look at the IO ports on this laptop Here’s the charging port for the power brick it also has a LAN port for Internet, then an HDMI for multi-monitor setup then here are the USB 3.0 type A ports it also has a 3.5 millimeter jack, a USB type-C connector, and on this side here you can see these two LED indicators, okay so that’s it for the IO ports now let’s look at what’s underneath, so it has three rubber feets, one here, one there and another along this part here of course we all know how rubber feets work it elevates the laptop enough from the tabletop surface to allow air flow and also it has an exhaust right at the bottom there’s also another exhaust near the screen, which is located here, that blue you can see, that’s part of its exhaust system So now let’s open it up and see what’s beneath this laptop To open this up, you will need a Philips screwdriver also don’t forget some angled screws some can be found on the front side, now after you removed all screws you can pry it open carefully and this is how it will look like this is the layout after you opened it on the bottom is the battery so when you’re gaming using this laptop, the run time is 1 hour and 4 minutes, under a full load stress test with performance mode on, max volume and screen and led brightness I also connected a USB mouse so that 1 hour and 4 minutes gaming SOT is actually pretty decent for the battery included Also, it has 1 hour and 40 minutes runtime when
just surfing, watching movies or playing music but still under the same full load stress test with performance mode on, max volume and screen and led brightness with USB mouse connected So the total charging time is 2 hours Now let’s check out the hard drive, which is located here, so this hard drive is a Western Digital 1TB HDD so this is our benchmark for this HDD As you can see, it has pretty decent speed for the read and write so this, I think, is the typical speed for 2.5-inch hard drives so nothing special about that so beside the battery you can see its speaker, same as the other side, where the other speaker is located so this is our sound test for the speakers so next up is the m.2 slot located right here, you can put an SSD if you want to upgrade your storage it only accepts PCIe SSD it will not accept SATA SSDs so take note of that so you’ll have an additional storage for this laptop, just use the slot here aside from the m.2 devices that you can put here, this laptop also has a RAM as you can see, it has a chrome or metal cover that you can remove carefully to see the RAM itself so this means you don’t have an additional slot for RAM upgrade you also can’t do a dual-channel for this laptop because it only has a single slot and a single stick available well at least it is not sorted in or not built-in on the laptop directly, meaning you can still replace the stick the memory included is a Micron DDR4 8GB Now let’s check out the cooler, so we have 2 low profile fans with different sizes and the heat goes directly to these two copper heat pipes which then proceeds to the CPU, which is an i5 9300H, and to the GPU, which is a GTX 1650 by Nvidia so the temperature we got is actually pretty decent but on max load, this cooler begins to turn into turbo mode our data for the temp is 93° based on benchmark but don’t worry, we haven’t experienced BSOD when we changed it to MAx Load so it’s still stable even when it reached the max temp which is good for this laptop what I just disliked is the positioning. It’s located right under this side of the keyboard, so you can feel the heat slightly once it’s already in full load and since our FPS keys are the WASD keys, you might feel a little discomfort due to the heat So if you don’t want that, maybe you can just use an external keyboard okay so that was the layout or the look of what’s underneath this laptop when you open it now let’s proceed with the benchmark results so we benchmarked various games ranging from triple-A games to eSports gaming titles let’s first look at Resident Evil 2 Remake so we got above 60 fps for this game on average which I am totally surprised about since all settings are set to high but we did not encounter too much drop frames while benchmarking the game so that’s very nice since we are using GTX1650 by Nvidia It gave a really good benchmark result for Resident Evil 2 Now when it comes to eSports gaming
titles within Steam, let’s check out our benchmark for Dota 2, then Counter Strike Global Offensive, and Playersunknown Battlegrounds the benchmark results for these games is 60 to 90 FPS on average which this laptop handled quite very well on 1080p with varying high settings and high preset for these games For games within Ubisoft, we benchmarked Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and we also got above 90fps on average Now for games within Origin, Apex Legends’ benchmark score is above 60fps on average For EpicGames, they have this popular game called Fortnite (which is free) on high settings we got above 60fps actually it’s almost 100fps on average which is a very nice benchmark result for this laptop Overall, what I can conclude after all these benchmark results is that this laptop can run above 60fps and more, actually we got almost 100fps for that one game on average and those benchmark results goes to show that this Lenovo L340 gaming is really good for all the budget gamers out there! because it has a GTX 1650 Nvidia, which is
slightly better compared to 1050Ti since it has better thermal performance
and also better power consumption For the CPU benchmark, we used the Cinebench R20 See that the benchmark is near the result for an i7 6th gen and almost the same with an i7 7th gen performance For single core ratio, see that we got a performance that is somewhat near the result of a 1st gen Ryzen 7 for this laptop, so I can say that the i5 9300H processor has a really good performance We also did a synthetic benchmark using 3Dmark so running Sky Diver 1080p on default setting of 3Dmark, we got decent scores of around 19,000 which I think is a really good score for gaming laptops like this and that marks the end of our benchmark! So overall if you are looking for some gaming laptop that doesn’t scream “GAMING” and also has a very good performance on a budget, then I strongly recommend this L340 gaming by Lenovo So again this is not a part of their Legion
line-up, this is within the Ideapad line-up so it has a low price for its performance so for this laptop’s Pros and Cons, we already discussed them a while back I mentioned the keyboard and the temperature, and all. So we are giving a PRE Silver Award to Lenovo L340 Gaming That ends our review for this product Let’s now go to our special announcement that I prepared for you So I collaborated with Lenovo to give a special promotion to all PREs out there! I’m really confident that you will like this. We will pick lucky 40 subscribers of Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts that can get this L340 Gaming laptop at a lower price for just 44,995! That’s a five thousand pesos discount! Apart from the discount, Lenovo also added an accidental damage protection bundle for your warranty! Meaning all cracks on screen, accidental drop, and liquid spills that will also be covered by the warranty, and that bundle costs around 2k-3k pesos Also for the first 5 who will avail this laptop, if you are part of that lucky 40, you will get a limited edition dry-fit Polo shirt by Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts Now you might be wondering how you can join this promotion, all you have to do is go to the Legion Philippine/ Lenovo Philippines Facebook page as well as our FB page, to see the promo mechanics So this promo will be available on July 20 inside the Legion concept store so you can only avail this promotion on that place this is our special gift for you guys since we already reached 15,000 subscribers I’m giving you a chance to upgrade or purchase your laptops this coming summer or back to school promo so there is a Great Northern Sale in SM for their tech and gadgets, so make sure to check that out in their Facebook page also So guys in summary, we will pick 40 lucky winners to avail this Lenovo L340 Gaming laptop (i5 Variant) for a lower price Also they will include exclusive freebies for this bundle and also the limited edition Polo Shirt from Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts! So guys what are you waiting for? Check out the Legion/Lenovo/Pinoy Rig Enthusiasts pages to learn the promo mechanics Don’t miss out on this promotion! Join now! Okay guys, if you like this video please hit like, if not then click dislike but don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! If you have questions regarding this laptop, make sure to ask Lenovo Philippines/Legion Philippines or leave a comment below so we can answer your questions! You can send your comments in the comments section down below so we can answer you queries! So if you’re done with the like/dislike, comment, and subscribe, thank you PRE! and see you on the next episode! Massive thanks for the
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