100 thoughts on “3 SCARY GAMES #28

  1. Current Date: August 23, 2019
    Mark: Its the future
    Me looks at date this video was posted: nope it’s today shit Mark run.

  2. "You know they can't all winners, you can have two great good horror games and then you can have things kinda fall apart at the end, and you know it's fine, that's the way it goes. You take the good with the bad." -Markiplies speech 2019

  3. I found this video annoying until I turned my sound off and didn't need to hear his stupid voice anymore
    Update: I turned the sound back on at 11:30 in and his voice is actually the most fucking annoying thing I've ever heard..

  4. Mark: Current date: August 23, 2019 "Oh-ho-ho! This is from the future!"
    Me: watching on 10/15/19 "mhm-"

  5. I have strep throat and I started to watch marks videos and it made me feel much better.I love marks vids cause they make me laugh so hard that I start to cry from laughter.I hope he makes more videos like this.

  6. Will shit I'm going to have a bad nightmare tonight and it remind me a scary movie called Light Out and I have to go too school tomorrow and goodnight Markiplier one question do you get nightmare 😨😨

  7. Here is my theory of the ghost of tomorrow the player is the roommate who killed her so she's coming to haunt you so you feel the same pain as her that's just my theory

  8. I……am so over horror games with flashlights. Admittedly, it's a good mechanic, it's just a bit overdone at this point is all.

  9. I wanna see marks reaction to "I heard it too"
    It is just a veery scary animation… Like it is age restricted scary…
    Literally just thinking about it made me tear up from fear….
    The video is no joke…
    Don't recommend watching it but do so if you want…
    It has scarred me and two of my friends who watched it with me.
    Very. Very. Scary.

  10. Mark i love 3 scary games and try not to laugh chaenge. Mark your video always make me laugh even getting over it was laughing thanks for being you Mark. Happy Halloween every one Mark Happy Halloween to you.

  11. I wonder what drugs you've been taken i neeeeed some lol
    I love your energy in this video though does give alot of positive energy 😊

  12. I’m sorry. I forgot to take out the bee swarm. I usually put the bee swarms in my bathroom on Wednesdays, but I just forgot to take them out and how it’s Thursday bees. No one likes hungry bees. And now I’m hungry. Man I really want some chicken… I also really want some soda. Mmm carbs. I have no idea where this is going I’m just, typing, half of my thoughts, and it’s like.. hmMmMmm.

  13. My aunt: Amara, listen. Your cousin.. has failed to deliver a baby. I’m so sorry.


    iTs NoT DeLiVeRy, iTs DeGiOrNo DuMbAsS.

  14. Now…fool me thrice shame on thyce because I do declare are my eyes doth not deceive me when I think that there are giant spiders crawling every which way in this building. Then again I might be a FOOOOOL who has smoked FAR too much pcp for my own good. Who’s to say?! Not I, THE ONLY person inside this building besides the GIANT SPIDERS that may or may not be figments of mine own imagination. hElLoOOOOO…..ANEEBODYYY?! WELL I’LL JUST MOSEY ON FORWARD.

    I think I’m going crazy

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