3 Ways Gaming Laptops are BETTER than Desktops #IntelPartner

This video sponsored by Intel I love my desktop. I love all the desktops I’ve made. My proclivity for big, monolithic, powerful
machines means I put together work horses that handle the most demanding workloads while
also providing buttery smooth gaming experiences. Their biggest downfall, though? I can’t take them anywhere. They weigh a ton, between the giant metal
cases and the many hard drives I stuff them with, and they’re big and require a lot
of things hooked up. I love them, but they’re very much for the
desk potato. When it comes to the good ol’ desktop versus
laptop debate, I’m honestly not sure I can recommend desktops to someone who regularly
needs to game in multiple places… ever. Gaming laptops, on the other hand – like my
EVGA SC15 with an Intel Core i7-7700HQ and Nvidia GTX 1060 can go anywhere. It’s heavy, but it’s still much more portable
than any desktop I’ve ever personally built. Here’s a few ways gaming laptops actually
provide a better gaming experience than gaming desktops, sponsored by our good friends over
at Intel. [intro] I’m EposVox here to make tech easier and
more fun discussing 3 ways gaming laptops are more versatile than their desktop counterparts. I’m a pretty desktop-first kind of guy,
but it’s been really nice to game in a more mobile fashion than I’ve been able to do
before. Between the sheer weight and the ridiculous
amount of cables I run to my desktops at any given time, moving them around just isn’t
much of an option for me. We’re going to start with an obvious one,
but it’s actually a reason that some won’t convert from console to PC gaming – couch
co-op, LAN parties… generally hanging out in-person… IRL… with other people. While people have done this with desktops
for a couple decades and will continue to do so, it’s a more difficult experience. Unless you build a PC with that in mind, you
can find yourself struggling to make this happen – especially on any sort of frequent
basis. With my EVGA SC-15, I can drop by my buddy’s
house for some football and PUBG with just one machine to worry about. And not gunna lie – my gaming buddies tend
to get jealous of the 120hz GSync IPS display in this laptop when seen side by side with
their usual 60hz displays. It’s not a difference you truly consider
until you see it side-by-side, but it’s pretty awesome. Plus, I can squeeze in some game time while
waiting for my fiance to get off of work, dog-sitting for my parents, and so on. It can generally just go… anywhere. The battery life isn’t perfect, but it holds
up for some quick game-hopping. But that’s easy, that’s what laptops are
for! What else you got, Epos? How about a sit-stand setup? While anyone can use a sit-stand desk, or
add one to their existing desk – but if you work from home, work at your computer with
some sort of complex setup, or just keep anywhere near as much stuff on your desk as I do, that’s
not a realistic goal. Plus, as I mentioned in my collab video about
efficiency – having separate setups for work, play, and so one can be a HUGE mental boost
to your productivity. So I built an entire game streaming sit-stand
setup specifically for this laptop. I can still my main work at my multi-monitor
MegaDesk 2.0 setup – but then when I need a break, I can make my way up stairs and do
some stand-up gaming at 120hz with GSync. And the powerful Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor
inside means I don’t really notice any major performance differences compared to my desktop
setup. This kind of a setup wouldn’t be anywhere
near as convenient without the onboard Thunderbolt 3 connectivity on the EVGA SC15, though. With this, I can connect the entire setup
with just 1 cable. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have even
used it without this capability. But knowing I can just bring the laptop and
charger up and plug in a single cable to get going is such a time-saver. Sadly, Thunderbolt 3 support on desktops just…
isn’t quite there yet – so I’m super excited for this capability here. 40 gigabits per second of expandable connections,
with USB 3.1 support, DisplayPort video out, and a USB Type C form factor – Thunderbolt
3 is the future. Going up and playing a few rounds of PUBG
in-between edits or scripts has done quite well to keep my energy and motivation up. I’m finally starting to get decent at the
game. I’ve also finally resumed streaming over
at twitch.tv/eposvox, too! But what if I don’t wanna stand around? What if I wanna go full couch-potato and kick
back and play some games with friends? Or just enjoy my killer 5.1 surround sound
setup? The dedicated HDMI and DisplayPort outputs
on the SC15 mean I can just drop it in other gaming setups with minimal setup time. It’s been great to just set the laptop up
next to my big beefy HD CRT TV, plug in the HDMI cable, and game on the big screen with
immersive surround sound. Built-in bluetooth also means it’s easy
to hook up a couple controllers, too. The Nvidia GTX 1060 in here already does quite
well hitting the 1080p 120fps mark for the laptop’s built-in screen, so it certainly
has no problem crushing 720p on my TV. Looks great, too! Individually, you could do each one of these
things – for the most part – with a desktop if you truly wanted to and had the right parts
for it. But to be able to bounce between them all
on the fly with virtually no setup times? Not gunna happen. A gaming laptop like the EVGA SC15 is simply
more versatile and flexible for these kinds of situations than any standard desktop could
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18 thoughts on “3 Ways Gaming Laptops are BETTER than Desktops #IntelPartner

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  2. Wait

    How could you get sponsored by intel?
    No offense but I am just wondering I thought big companies like Intel promote their products on bigger channels that can reach wider audience

    Edit : how can you get sponsorships by any company in the first place?
    Do they approach you for a sponsorship or do you ask them for a sponsorship?

  3. Smashed that like button before even watching the video. I am part of the problem. I'm glad you did this video topic though. People are way to over zealous about the desktop vs the laptop

  4. Hey, epos I'm looking for a laptop just for recording and I've had the HP pavilion laptop recommend to me alot for starting out

  5. Made myself a gaming laptop in the early 2000's. I'll never make that mistake again. They overheat to insane levels. The batteries die fairly quickly. Sitting at one to game is extremely uncomfortable compared to a desktop with monitor. Laptops are only good if it is your only option because you travel too much.

  6. Gaming laptops are simply stupid. They're heavy, that ruins the whole point of laptops, TO BE PORTABLE. It's in the name itself "LAPtop." The battery dies out quickly and so you constantly have to charge it often with a big fat charger. And what else? oh yeah, they look like they were designed by 10 year olds. I don't own one but I've used one before several times. For the amount of money they cost you may as well build a desktop and buy an actual portable laptop.

  7. I have CUSTOM gaming desktop and a Asus laptop that cost me $1600 and i can tell you that my Desktop is way more reliable then the laptop. The laptop always gets that 99% disk that you can temp fix but the constant updates just installs the problem back on to it

  8. I have Windows ten and it’s light blue with white keyboard and it’s like my baby cat (the weight)

  9. Have 1300eur gaming laptop and 650eur pc. Laptop runs 30% of what my pc can run. Battery life is non-existant (even for browsing). Heat is extreme (gotta place it on the desk at all times). U wont carry it, its heavy, not worth it unless u rly need to. Sound from coolers is way too loud for comfortable use.
    Do not get fooled by advertisements and buy a pc instead. Gaming laptops are 3-4x the price of exactly the same pc. Definitely not worth it unless u play low end games.

  10. now, i have a 10 years old toaster it's suuuper low ended as well, and now i am in a situataion whether i should get a gaming laptop or a desktop, and i am going with the laptop.

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