30 Days of Video Editing with Motorized Standing Desk

11 thoughts on “30 Days of Video Editing with Motorized Standing Desk

  1. Watched this while walking around on my Topo. Feels great!

    I never thought about standing making you more time-aware, but now that I think about it, that must be true.
    I have been exclusively standing for months now and I definitely remember that while sitting I often easily lost track of time, which I barely do when standing. Especially not while working.

    I can also fully support the idea that standing (with a mat you're moving on) increases productivity. Not necessarily making you work more, but spending the actual working time more efficiently.

    3:10 do it! Kettlebells are fantastic! I've been using mine much more than expected. Great office fitness. You only have to be fine with sweating!

    Great video Piotr!

  2. Thanks so much for this honest review of the pros and cons of a Standing Desk! I spend my entire day filming and editing but I make it a habit to go for a 5km run everyday! If I don’t I feel like I can’t edit as fast as when I do so it makes sense that a standing desk would increase your levels of concentration on the task at hand! Now the problem is that I have go make one now!! 😅

  3. Looking to pick one up myself as I have scoliosis (a twisted spine).

    In my personal experience, I can get into the zone easier when sitting but I will for sure start experimenting more once I get one 😀

    Really appreciate what you're doing – keep up the great work Piotr!

  4. I had a sit-stand desk at an editing job, and I found that alternating between the two made me more energetic and feeling better at the end of the day. Having the desk in the standing position also made it easier for others to collaborate as they could just walk up to my desk to see what I was doing and didn't have to lean over my shoulder. Also, standing made me feel more mobile and agile made click-intensive tasks more interesting to me- like an editing dance of sorts that involved my whole body as I was standing at my workstation.

  5. Thanks for this! Great analysis of your experience. I like how you explain that you weren't necessarily more productive when standing, but that the type of work you accomplish while standing seems more significant. That's the perfect way to explain how I feel about my standing desk too. And yes… while watching your video I was motivated to raise my desk and stand for the rest of the day.

  6. I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Good timing. The nightmare for me is all the connected hard drives and so on. Not sure how I would do that.

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