40+ RTX Laptops Are On the Way!

[Julian Huguet]: Hello and welcome back
to GeForce’s coverage of CES. I’m Julian and I’m here with
Mark Aevermann, we’re going to talk about RTX laptops. Mark, that was the other
big announcement from Jensen at his keynote speech
along with the RTX 2060, and there’s a ton of laptops
coming out, right? [Mark Aevermann]: There are, yeah.
We have over 40 designs that are coming out from every manufacturer
across the world, system builders as well. There’s a ton of choice
for gamers. The 2080 is coming to laptops,
2070, and 2060. Not only are there 40 designs,
17 of those designs are Max-Q. So there’s a lot of thin,
light, powerful laptops that are also going
to be available. [Julian Huguet]: Yeah, and you guys
aren’t just talking, you’re actually showing those off here.
Behind us is a selection of those Max-Q laptops.
What is it that separates the Max-Q laptop from
a non Max-Q laptop? [Mark Aevermann]: Good question.
So, a Max-Q is a design approach, and it’s about balancing every last aspect
of the laptop for maximum portability. It’s balancing weight constraints, thermal
constraints, electrical constraints, cost constraints,
and what that means is you can fit in much more performance than you could
in a machine as thin as 16 millimeters. We have a new laptop from ASUS that is the world’s thinnest
gaming laptop we have ever seen. 16 millimeters, it’s incredible. [Julian Huguet]: Some of them
are just award winning classics that have been brought into
the new, like this MSI over here. This looks kind of familiar. [Mark Aevermann]: Yeah, it should.
It won a lot of awards last year. MSI GS65 is getting
updated. It’s better than ever before. It’s now sporting up to the RTX 2080,
it’s got thin bezels, 144 Hz panel. It’s optimized so that battery life
is great, it is a fantastic machine. I can’t to see it get reviewed
and picked up by gamers. [Julian Huguet]: Yeah, it’s a pretty piece
of work, but those specs you see them over and over a lot
of these Max-Q laptops, right? [Mark Aevermann]: Right, yeah.
Just the quality across the board has really come up with this generation.
This is definitely the best crop of gaming laptops we have ever seen.
A lot of them have 144 Hz panels, a lot of them are thin bezel,
a lot of them are optimized. And now with RTX series, they are capable
of much faster speeds than ever before, they’re capable of ray tracing,
they of course have the tensor core, so now you can do DLSS
on a gaming laptop. So these are powerful,
technical machines. [Julian Huguet]: I have a Razer Blade
from 2016 that’s got a 1060 in it,
I love it to pieces, but behind me there’s a Blade
with a 2080 crammed in there. How do you guys pull that off? [Mark Aevermann]: We work very closely
with Razer about designing that, again, following that Max-Q design
approach, so they’ve developed a system that’s better than ever before. Again,
cooler, quieter, much more powerful, and of course with all the RTX technology
that we’ve built into Turing. [Julian Huguet]: Six months ago,
ray tracing real-time in video games was unheard of and now it’s coming to
a portable form factor. What’s it like to see that
actually realized? [Mark Aevermann]: It’s pretty crazy.
Battlefield V for instance, ray tracing on ultra, graphics on ultra,
smooth gameplay, it’s insane with an RTX 2080. [Julian Huguet]: Well, thank you
so much for telling us about these Max-Q laptops today. [Mark Aevermann]: My pleasure. [Julian Huguet]: Thank you guys,
for tuning in here on GeForce. Don’t forget, we have our contest going on
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and I’ll see you next time on GeForce.

100 thoughts on “40+ RTX Laptops Are On the Way!

  1. How slim can you go with portable technology than can compete with stand-alone PCs? Looking at those examples, apparently very slim indeed.

  2. Laptops are getting too powerful nowadays! My daily driver is a laptop, and, in comparison to these, it sucks (A LOT!).

  3. The truth is I already got 1. It cos more than 2k usd. asus scar "17 rog RTX 2070. It's a litte bit down graded to catch up the price< the problem is how can i turn on RTX. is the rtx will activate when you play some heavy duty game or i need to activate it manually. Here in korea they have alot of things that i cant see in western market. I try to make comparison but I ended up buying it. I mean C'm on it's 4k 500g ssd 16gb +1tb seagatehdd and it said RTX 2070. BTW I request that additional 1tb because it has only 500gb ssd. I already try it a little but the problem is the RTX on. How does it workS?

  4. I'd like to win one because I'm playing at a radeon graphic card it's not that bad but i cant play without lag at my favorite games in 1980 resolution.If i pick 1980 resolution at better games where need to have better graphic card there will be like 30 fps.Thats why i need that card.I will be very happy if i win one.

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    I really love your videos nvidia geforce keep it up <3 Advance! #Congratulations to the 10 winners !

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  7. Nvidia is on fire with gaming laptops . Even if mine is equipped with an old gpu it still rocks I can't imagine the power of the new mobile gpu's

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  9. Disappointing.
    I was hoping for RTX 2080 Ti with default 2100Mhz boost clock and closed loop liquid helium cooling in a laptop.

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