5 best i3 laptops under 500$

hello everyone and welcome to 4RaysTech today we pick the five best i3 laptops under $500 I’ve heard a lot of
people under estimating the i3 laptops but from fifth generation and onwards
the performance has improved significantly
previously we picked the best i7 laptops which you can watch up here and if you
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now let’s start with a first pick of the i3 laptop so it’s the Acer Aspire E15
comes with an 8th gen Intel Core i3 8130U it’s an all-in-one
treat for most laptop users on budget it has a 6 GB ddr3 L Ram a spacious 1tb
hard drive a huge battery giving a whole network with 8 to 9 hours of usage
weighing around five point two seven pounds it comes with Windows 10 it can
do surfing Word and spreadsheets a decent 4k video playback and good
multitasking it has all the essentials like webcam ports including USB 3.0 USB
type-c HDMI and even an optical drive budget users can really use it for
pretty much basic to mid-range applications throughout the day now the
look and feel is more premium than the price point which is 379$ only next up is the Dell Inspiron 15 with an Intel i3 7130U processor an ideal 8GB ddr4 Ram for an i3 laptop 1 TB of
hard drive a 15.6 HD screen and up to 5 hours of battery timing it weighs around
5.2 pounds has a Windows 10 hold and DVD writer as well with almost all useful
ports this laptop works just fine for daily computing including browsing
online lectures conference calls photo editing office and even basic gaming
with reasonable strong built and those computing strengths it’s priced only at
399$ making it a great deal for all rounders on budget then we have this
beautifully designed IdeaPad 330 the Lenovo IdeaPad comes with i3-7020U
processor a reasonable 6 GB ddr4 Ram one terabyte of hard drive
15.6 inch anti-glare HD screen. Upto four to five hours of
battery-life now this way is quite low at around four point eight pounds comes
loaded with Windows 10 home and a DVD writer your daily activities from work
to multimedia usage shall be done at ease with it’s
reasonable RAM and storage space provides webcam and all the reasonable
ports for connectivity including this thunderbolt USB 3.0 the card reader
HDMI etc all of that packed in the IdeaPad 330 comes at a price of 499
dollars next up is this versatile two-in-one convertible by Acer now this
is cool for both laptop and tablet or presentation mode users it has a i3-7100U processor with 6 GB ddr4 ram 1 TB of hard drive a 15.6 inch IPS multi-touch
full HD screen with a long battery life of almost seven to eight hours it weighs
as low as four point seven pounds and comes pre-loaded with Windows 10 a
webcam loads of connectivity options from SD card reader
USB 3.0 HDMI and etc along with daily computing it’s ideal for video
conferencing in its Tent mode so there a good convertible that offers
two-in-one usability with a long battery lots of boats and memory coming at a
price of 448 dollars finally it’s the lightest laptop
of the lot 2018 flagship HP the traditional HP design and a reasonable
all rounding performance with an Intel i3 7100 year processor 8GB ddr4 ram 1
TB of hard drive a 15.6 inch HD touchscreen around a decent 5 hours
battery timing weighing as low as 4 point 6 pounds the HP flagship 2018
laptop comes pre-loaded with Windows 10 no bloatwares comes pre-installed which
is a good thing a DVD writer a HD webcam USB 3 port SD card slot and other bells
and whistles like DTS surround sound the built is plasticky and not much durable
but compensated with good memory storage options reasonable boot timings and an
ability to do surfing or enjoy multimedia as well
suitable by for most of the users on budget coming at a price of 413 dollars
only So there we have the best i3 laptops under $500 by the way is the
secret to getting a best performance I three laptop yes to try and get decent
storage a higher hard drive or SSD with a ram 4GB atleast 4gb ideally 8gb for
faster multitasking even by picking a smaller screen size the i3 will be
pushed to the battery up to 8 hours of usage time so with those few tips it’s
all for today all the links to these laptops are posted down below keep
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more tech soon till again 4RaysTech signing out

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  1. To be very honest I was least intrested in buying i3's…. but after this video which u made… now I can consider to buy i3's… ๐Ÿ™‚

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