5 Weight Loss Goal Mistakes To Avoid

if you want to lose weight you need to
set some weight-loss goals and in today’s video we’re gonna talk about
five mistakes to avoid when you’re setting them up the other day I was
looking through my Google Drive and I came across a document from 2015 and it
was my weight loss goals and that year I lost about 15 pounds I actually probably
lost about 20 but then I gained like 5 or so back and so then in 2016 I made
another document and I set my goals in a little different way and that year I
lost closer to 50 pounds so I tripled my results and when I compared the two
documents I definitely saw some differences so that inspired today’s
show I’m gonna show you the mistakes to avoid so you can set some goals and
achieve them number one set size goals okay this is a mistake this is a very
common thing a lot of women especially one to be a certain size and it seems
like a good goal but there are some pretty big problems with it first of all
if you’re not specific on brand and style of clothes and exactly what you’re
talking about then you’re just being way too vague because sizing really varies
from manufacturer to manufacturer and also with clothing to you might be you
know a size six in a dress but size 12 in jeans so what if you then say well I
want to be you know a size 12 in Levi’s 505 jeans the problem with that is it’s
very hard to know when you’ve truly achieved that goal for example what if
you can you know technically you can pull them up and fasten them but they’re
really really uncomfortable and it’s just it’s really hard to know when
you’ve really truly achieve that goal there’s too much gray instead try doing
a black and white goal in other words for weight loss a great thing to do
would be track your weight get down to a certain goal weight that is a pass or
fail either you did or you didn’t number two your goals are either too aggressive
or not aggressive enough being too aggressive or unrealistic
it’s going to be bad because you’re not even able to achieve the goal for
example I said to myself well I’ll just lose five pounds a week and you know
I’ve got all this weight to lose and I’ll be done in a few months
that wasn’t realistic and it didn’t keep me motivated because I just it was like
defeating I wasn’t losing five pounds a week and so it was a bad plan on the
other hand if your goal isn’t exciting enough like if you say well I’m gonna
lose five pounds by the end of the year does that really excite you that make
you want to do it if your goal doesn’t make you excited then that’s not gonna
give you the motivation to do it that’s what you’re gonna be motivated by is
that excitement that you feel so if you write down the goal and you realize hey
that doesn’t excite me if I were to achieve it then that’s not a good goal
so for example in my own case I had to strike a good balance between something
that would keep me motivated enough but that was still attainable and achievable
and so I came up with about a pound a week I found that losing one pound a
week was motivating enough when I took the long view which was if I do this
consistently for a year I’ll lose 52 pounds and as a bonus I wasn’t feeling
those negative effects that you can feel when you’re losing weight too quickly
like nausea or tiredness or trouble sleeping
I felt excellent the entire time so that really helped keep me motivated mistake
number three you don’t make a plan so once you figure out what your goal is
you have to figure out how you’re gonna get there it’s like your roadmap and if
you don’t create that roadmap then you’re just gonna kind of wander so
write it down write specifically down what you’re gonna do figure out how
you’re gonna do it what are your rules like for example with my own rules the
ones I had success with was I said I’m gonna walk six miles a day I’m gonna eat
once a day Monday through Saturday and on Sunday I get to
eat whatever I want all day long however much I want because trust me life gets
busy and you many actually forget what your plan is it’s good to note exactly
what your plan is so that you can refer back to it
mistake number four you don’t break it down into little chunks so if you’ve got
your goal and then you’ve got your plan then you need to have little sub goals
along the way so that you can have little wins and this is really important
to help keep you motivated and another bonus is it feels less intimidating for
example if you have a lot of weight to lose then you know it can seem
intimidating to say well I’m gonna lose 50 pounds or I’m gonna lose a hundred
pounds so if you break that down into smaller chunks like 5 pound increments
then you’re getting little wins along the way and your achieving things and
you’re making progress so for example if you had a 50 pound weight loss that you
wanted to do and you said okay and I’m gonna break it down into five pound
increments that I’m gonna lose a pound a week then every five weeks you’re
hitting another goal instead of you know if it’s gonna take you a year you say
well I’m gonna lose 50 pounds by the end of the year and then it’s like you’re
never really hitting any goals and mistake number five you don’t check your
progress so if you’ve written down your goal you’ve got a plan in place on how
you’re gonna achieve it you’ve got your sub goals all written down and you never
check on whether you’re making progress then you’ve messed up you have to check
are you making progress because you don’t want to get to the end of the year
and say oh man I didn’t hit my goal I would recommend at least weekly checking
in with your goals see are you making progress towards those goals are you
behind are you ahead if you find that you are behind you can easily check on
yourself because you’ve written it down you can ask yourself these
questions am i following my plan if the answer to that is yes then that means you
probably need to tweak your plan if you find the answer is no you’re not
following your plan well okay there’s a red-flag you need to say okay why am I
not following my plan and then you probably find you need to tweak your
planning a little bit so that you can stay on a plan so those are five
mistakes to avoid when you’re setting your weight-loss goals
so to help you out I’ve created a free Google Doc you can go download it make
it your own it’s got step-by-step instructions on
how to set your goals it’s based on the template that I used to set my own goals
so I’ll link to that in the description also check out my website I’ll go into a
little bit more in depth of you can see my goals for 2015 and 2016 and how they
vary also if you set some weight loss goals and you’ve found some things that
worked and some things that didn’t leave it in the comments below so that other
people can learn from your mistakes and your successes
alright I appreciate you watching talk to you soon

20 thoughts on “5 Weight Loss Goal Mistakes To Avoid

  1. You're wonderful! Lose the music. You have a great message and deliver it in a compelling way, and I've watched a ton of these. I find the music frenetic and distracting. Thank you so much for taking the time to make these vids. I truly do appreciate it.

  2. Great video. I agree with what you said. I also agree that it is important to check in and make changes to your goals along the way.

  3. Ok so I am on a couple of days in IF its a struggle but I really want to stick to it, please advise what do u eat in your eating window

  4. So glad you brought this up
    I think you should eat what you want hopefully making good healthy choices as much as possible.

  5. Good evening, love your videos. I’m 68 years young, started IF, I about 12-14 hours a day, my hours are from my sleeping hours till noon the next day, I’ve lost about 6lbs. since I started, I only eat lunch and dinner, then a snack 3 hours before bed. I’m also a type 2 diabetic, desperately want of my meds, is this healthy way for a senior diabetic woman.

  6. Hallo Kayla great videos you present. Have a question! Is it okay to use 0.2gm calorie sweetner in my tea during my fasting window? Thanks

  7. You are one of my fave channels and I’m so glad I found it. If I have a minor criticism, it’s the music on this vid. It’s distracting from the WONDERFUL contents and delivery.

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