6 Gamers With The Hottest Girlfriends

Each generation has their heroes that beautiful women flock to. In the past it may have been movie stars or athletes. But when your craft involves sitting down at a computer desk and playing video games or blogging, the bodies of the elite performers have been adapting. As you’ll notice from our video, beautiful ladies really do love gamers, and are not afraid to show it. So without further ado, here are six of the best love stories that definitely prove this idea. These two are like the noble guardians of YouTube fighting against fake pranks, manufactured outrage and cringe. Besides the fact that they’re absolutely adorable together, they’ve also been through thick and thin, from slanging dime bags to pay rent, to fighting for the free speech of all YouTubers in a massive ongoing lawsuit. You don’t always see large YouTube channels that stay so true to themselves and their moral compasses, and that’s part of why these two are so likeable. This lovely couple have been living together in Ireland since 2015 and once again, they’ve proved that the couple that YouTubes together stays together. Wiishu is a digital artist and Jacksepticye even featured some of her work on his channel before they got together. Signe, as she is known in real life, now has a pretty consistent fan base on YouTube, totalling about 277,000 subscribers, with some of her videos of course featuring Jacksepticeye. Remember that smoking hot weather girl from Mexico who was all over the web about a year ago? Turns out she’s managed to land herself a gamer, too! Lucky lady. His name is Doug. But you can call him Sensor, as he’s part of a top Call of Duty team. It all started when he took a chance and slid into her DMs on Twitter one day, asking her on a date. And as fortune favors the bold, the rest is history. Pewdiepie is the most successful YouTuber, but Marzia is also killing the game with an outstanding fanbase of her own. Who can’t get enough of her cute and helpful videos about fashion, food, style and more? Pewdiepie may be lacking the thick gamer physique like some of the guys on this list, but Marzia is a sweetheart who is able to see past that and to love him for his winning personality, too. These two met years ago after SSSniperwolf did a series of videos on Metal Gear Rising and her channel took off. Shortly after, she got a private message from a guy saying “I would drag my balls through a field of broken glass just to hear you fart through a walkie-talkie.” (Lovely.) And SSSniperwolf responded, “it was the funniest and smartest thing I’ve ever heard.” They started texting and Skyping all day every day, and he sent her a picture. But it was a fake picture of someone else. Meaning he catfished her. Little is known about the true identity of this mysterious YouTuber who calls himself the prehistoric cocksman, but he achieved some notoriety after publishing a militaristic savage roast titled “some kid texted my girlfriend.” Rumours started swirling on social media regarding the identity of the girlfriend he referred to in the video, but as many in the industry claimed, Willy is a former adult film star. He has been linked to women such as Mia Khalifa and the Instagram model Anastasiya Kvitko, who is known as the Russian Kim Kardashian. He refuses to confirm or deny the rumours, but as is usually the case, wherever there’s smoke, there’s fire. This was our list featuring famous YouTubers that got lucky with some fine ladies and we hope you’ve enjoyed our video. If you did, please press that “like” button as we do appreciate it, and it helps us immensely. We often ask our audience for suggestions to compile these lists and if you’d like to contribute please follow Frag Hero on Facebook. If you know of any other couple that fits into this category leave your thoughts in the comments below, because we do try to read pretty much everything. Now would also be a great time to encourage you to subscribe, because we upload new stuff all of the time so subscribing will keep you up-to-date with all of our latest videos. You can also check out Frag Hero dot com, for more gaming-related articles. But until next time, thanks for watching and have a great day!

100 thoughts on “6 Gamers With The Hottest Girlfriends

  1. i've got a new favorite pickup line "I would drag my balls through a field of broken glass just to hear you fart through a walkie talkie" that's pure gold, altho if i used it i would hope not to get someone like sniperwolf.

  2. you mean to tell all i had to do was text to sssniprewolf that i would drag my ball though glass to get her ,i cant believe i missed that opportunity

  3. Im a girl i dont rly care about money
    I care about how good is your behavior and do u have a good look ,a good work
    Thats my opinon …

  4. Omg some people are fucking retarded at saying names. THEY LEGIT SAY THERE PROPER NAMES IN THERE VIDEOS FOR FUCK SAKE SO MANY PEOPLE ARE DUMB

  5. several of the girls on this list are mediocre at best. i'm talking about being able to find much hotter women working in a restaurant here in columbus, ohio.

  6. Of course its about money and success..girls like men who are success. He could be youtube gamer with 1milion subs, football player, bussines man, etc.

  7. meanwhile in our universe
    me : you need to abort we cant handle the baby
    gf : no we cant we will manage
    mom : stop talking to your hand and get a job

  8. Don't get the obsession with Mia Khallifffrararas? I've seen hotter girls in the local Whetherspoons on a 2 for 1 Tuesday. And that's not saying much.

  9. Please don't include plastic insensitive thots to this list…yes plastic surgery gives an insensitive sexually girlfriend idiots and that after waiting for it to all settle down which takes months for breast implants. Natural girlfriends don't cheat or lie everyone knows some of these most probably…sniperbitch ..a guy for all housekeeping stuff and another one for their career

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