7 Game Horror Multiplayer Android

Compared to other film genres, horror films are more in demand in Indonesia Not only movies, but over time horror games are also increasingly rampant Even on Android There are many games in this game that offer single player games But in this video you will be happy because there is a horror game that can be played with multiplayer too For those of you who like the horror genre and want to try multiplayer Here are 7 zarvictor versions of the Horror Multiplayer Android Game

66 thoughts on “7 Game Horror Multiplayer Android

  1. Daftar gamenya:
    7. Slenderman: Hide & Seek
    6. Horrorfield
    5. Experiment Z
    4. The Mantrap
    3. Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak
    2. DeathRun Portable
    1. Unkilled

  2. Bang cara bermain bersama teman ku di hororfield bagaimana ?…. Kalau udah bisa Abang nanti aku sub

  3. Klo lu pada gk suka ama game di video ini, download aja MCPE, dan download map horor, lalu main multiplayer lan dengan tmn…
    Dijamin seru dehh 🙂

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