9900k benchmarking controversy? 28-core Xeon too cheap?

hey Internet I have the dynamic duo of
tech tubers Paul ain’t Kyle right here we are at Intel’s event they’ve done
quinine for X Z on X but the thing we want to talk about here we don’t have
all the numbers but we understand there is actually already the latest
controversy the internet can get mad about and that is some numbers that seem
to show Andy performing lower than expected right gasps from the audience –
from the audience have of course our numbers we are not done yet we haven’t
been able to test parts our reviews will run later so we have not tested them but
there is actually an independent third-party analyst house principle
technology they do web expert being around business for a long time pretty
good guys mostly mobile but they have reports showing that the new core I
$9.99 hundred K the top end eight core hyperthyroid part with s Tim solder Tim
is significantly faster than everything out there including and this is going to
get hackles raising the 2700 X they show what’s a good one it’s fine
depends on the test you’re looking at depends on the test and and we’ve really
only just barely had a chance to start looking over these numbers and it’s hard
to make comparisons with independent tests you’re not necessarily they did
list all of their methodology and everything here but so like exactly
compare these two like test numbers that we’ve done in the past it’s kind of
difficult to do so on first glance it seems like a fairly legitimate layout as
far as their their methodology they tested 19 different games but when you
look at some of the results it seems like the AMD numbers might not exactly
be where they should again we’re dealing with very preliminary analysis and the
answers as you can tell from the table we’re all liquored up I’ve already
spilled my martini on myself let me give you a numbers oh poor i 999 hundred k
148 frames per second rounding up Rison 720 700 x1 26.2 that’s probably I think
probably realistic right you’ve got the higher clocks
you know entertain 17% difference this is in war thunder tank battle war
thunder tank battle our Thunder tank quality I could see the clock speeds up
we’re talking sock clock 9 Andrew K that’s not crazy right that’s not but
this is the one that’s going to get people going in ashes of singularity
which of course it’s probably recognized as the best example of DirectX 12
multi-threaded performance core I $9.99 100k 50 7.3 per second
Rison 720 700 X 38.3 which is a 49.6% Delta that’s a big drop-off well that
what we think which is which leads us into the next point also is that this is
being released to the public a full what ten days before any of our reviews can
actually go live and coincidentally pre-orders are now available for this
chip so a lot of interested buyers might be looking at any benchmarks they can
find and if that’s the only source they might just pull the trigger seeing what
a huge gap there is between the latest core i9 and and the 27 under X and we
have no way to verify that we’ve you know rich signed a contract and stuff
our hands are kind of tied so Chi Li understand you always buy it though you
just yeah I of course I have integrity he’s got lots of money though I’m just
loaded Internet me my things because of Lyle Lyle has some shady businesses in
the background Kyle mainly as a beneficiary I got a laundering facility
I’m sure the Triad monies we don’t want to get into that I don’t want to get
rubbed out we’ve already said to my boss to hunger tonight so I mean but I mean
um no matter what don’t you think that in general core I nines it’s gonna be
fast no reason to think it’s not gonna be fast
I mean if you look at skylake versus KB like run up at the same frequencies
they’re the same like single core performance instructions four o’clock
performance is exactly the same between them at the same exact frequency I think
that’s my question right now is if you take the 99 hundred K and maybe disable
cores and do something to put it at parity with like an 87 or two K or
something like that is there an actual uptick in performance just straight at
the architecture level I doubt it no but addition of salt Sutter Tim
higher frequency you get some it’s there and that’s shown to be a
pretty big performance game when it comes to gaming so it’s gonna be the
best gaming CPU out there and it’s not horribly priced if you’re comparing it
to like a $1200 r-tx 2080 ti or something like that right I mean it’s
more expensive than CPUs were a little while back but I don’t know I’m sure
there’s good people be it in the comments who are like their prayers
price gouging us and all this kind of stuff but I don’t know it seems somewhat
reasonable but maybe I’m just tempering this based on the somewhat unreasonable
other launches in the past year that have been very expensive I mean that’s
part of it maybe that’s part of the strategy yeah it’s like we’ll just sell
CPUs for 2,000 so when we sell one a mainstream chip for 500 people don’t
freak out not the bed very common very common marketing technique when we were
looking at prices of 2,700 X’s right now which is currently the 300 or 400 bucks
with the cooler with the cooler with the blue to get a 1700 for like 190 I think
today yeah for an alien for an eight-core yeah 190 or 200 for an
eight-core 1700 yeah it feels to me like that’s a challenge for Intel though
right yeah cuz I I think it’s gonna be I think when everybody’s done with their
tests I think it will be the faster part is it going to be $223 value faster as a
question right that’s for gamers especially exactly that’s what I was
saying is like it sort of depends on the perspective you’re looking at it from
like when I first saw that price 480 something for the 9900 K I was like
that’s not too bad because I was thinking about it from a creator
standpoint where I was like I would use it for editing in the extra course I can
leverage all this horsepower but the average gamer who you know even if
you’re streaming stuff like that’s that’s a that’s a big price to pay for
you know I don’t know no joke now I think I think the the
elephant in the room that Intel really doesn’t want us to talk about is right
now aim these shipping CPUs in bulk based on a 12 nanometer process aim
these actually shipping CPUs that are on a more refined manufacturing process
than Intel is right now when was the last time that happened has that ever
happened no it is for some in competing issue
that I can think of so right are they 12 right that there were 16 or 14 15 14 14
they went from 14 to 12 when it was n+ okay right right oh you’re right god
there’s been too many launches this year it right as well it’s the beer and I’m
I’m right there with you I I you know that that is a point AMD made at coffee
at CES confidence that’s what they said it’s like in the old days Intel would we
catch up to Intel they were run away in process because their bells been better
at processing everybody and for the first time in Intel’s history it’s
really hard to get smaller and Andy’s confident like yeah you know what we’re
not gonna they’re not gonna get away from this this time but I don’t know
what do you I mean they’re definitely catching up until started talking about
10 nanometer wedding like 2015 I think I think was when they first started
talking about it and then they had potential launches in 2016 and 2017 and
now next year right next year for sure the best stuff any challenge the other
thing I want to talk about so we just want this just get all the anger Edition
out it’s good hyper threading i7 i-5 no more hyper threading for you now I would
argue that it’s sort of you get it still on Quora 9 so it’s not like it’s a lot
of people are saying no more hyper threading but it’s a premium feature now
for a premium price premium price you you no longer get hyper threading for
the same price you have to pay quite a bit more for the same privilege that
you’ve had for generations I think a lot of people are going to be a little salty
about that and I think it’ll be the angry and maybe also as confusing as
naming schemes are in the build your own PC world when it comes to chipsets and
motherboard berets and all different CPUs they’ve taken a standard that
they’ve established since the Sandy Bridge days since the first score days
that other i7 stop hyper-threading that was the future upgrade to i7 you get
hyper threading and now that’s not there anymore so I don’t know how many people
were laboring under the delusion that that was going to continue and might be
to see you to buy that like that’s probably not gonna happen but on the
other hand though like I know any manufacturers coming out with the
product especially something like a GPU or CPU they often have to compete with
themselves to some degree so creating a product stack that can provide people
with the products at a reasonable price that’s cut down and performance some
versus the high-end one that they can charge a little bit more for there’s
different ways that they can go about doing that and in this case if the end
results is that removing hyper-threading still leads to sort of a step-up in
performance that’s kind of goes along with the pricing increase I don’t think
it’s that big of a deal okay you’re being too reasonable I have maybe maybe
that’s too reasonable I was expecting anger they took our jobs and a hopper
threatened it’s numbing you i yeah to me it very much is that it’s like it’s okay
to lower my taxes but you can never raise them it’s hard to get over that
right and we know how angry people get over az taxes they took it away it’s big
problem took the hyper-threading away Oh Donna’s angry as I expected sorry
you know you should’ve got that started while we were sober bill deal and next
time you want to ran all right actually when I wake up in the morning what’s
your guess for Z on W X pricing nobody can be wrong because I can’t get too
high twenty-eight core Xeon coming out in
December all that goodness six channels you ain’t got that throat Ripper to that
she how much does the existing 28 core cussed says ten great $10,000 and great
eighteen core is two thousand dollars and the new okay eighteen core with the
new you know solder and higher clocks two thousand bucks
alright 2004 eighteen my opinion on this and I mean cut roasted 5,000 5,000 yeah
a country so no he was just guessing I’m gonna go drunk I’m gonna go five
thousand one what is the price is right no no I want to say I’m actually gonna
say like seven thousand Wow and let me say why let me say why I think they can
charge that much if they’re already charging eight to ten grand for their
twenty eight core and people are paying that enterprise customers like that’s
that’s nothing to them they didn’t announce this as a consumer product
they’re still calling it a Zia it’s an unlock Zeon I feel like Zeon’s
are still tied to their enterprise market so maybe they’re still gonna kind
of try to keep this in the price range with those because that’s always the
problem look like these really high court count CPUs are we going to compete
with the enterprise market because that’s where they make lots of money
because things are very expensive okay so I don’t know seven thousand might be
high but but but it also makes sense to because I feel for like a company it’s
easier to release a product at a higher price and then drop it down if sales are
fit yeah as opposed to going the other way around and increasing that I’ll be
interested as as it gets closer to launch to see how they continue pitching
it okay because unlock Zeon I hadn’t heard before I mean we used to have
unlocks eons back in the day is right this is lots of fun for I never got
overclocked a minute I’ve heard stories heard stories great stories EVGA si one
thousand seven thousand dollars appalled I’m just saying if they trying to pitch
this as an enterprise product I think they’re gonna stick with enterprise
pricing okay okay until here that Paul the Paul on YouTube
says don’t go for ian’s five thousand go for seven thousand is go for him hi
hashtag Blaine Paul I feel like I’m gonna get a lot of hate on this
$800 all set seven worried makers up file what’s your guess
1000 well whoa no I thought that makes me the hero
that they coming to here or cutting the 18 cord probably say somewhere between
five and seven I’m gonna say six I’m gonna say six six but honestly before
Paul chimed in with his his response I I was gonna say something a little bit
less than five K I was gonna say something like 3,500 I think was okay
was mine so you may go where we see your official answer is five not 35 you know
I’m gonna play the wild card say 3,500 okay and it could be totally wrong but
if I’m right it’ll be a miracle and everyone will love me okay I’m gonna
take half of all fetes get on this guy I have an insider’s track which is I
talked to some Intel people and they said did you hear what unit nanotech sir
you said 5,000 Shh like like that slow as I’m crazy and I win I win a lower or
less than that all right but God remember its Intel and they like money
they like paying people they like paying okay having a proper business I don’t
think I just can’t 33,000 bucks undercut Kyle okay way under you you got five
year at seven I love the guessing games there’s nobody
I was at seven before I heard your insider info now I feel like I probably
yeah but at the same time it’s Intel but guess it’s like that’s crazy but now
though I’d only gets charged four thousand nine hundred it’ll be my fault
now that they raised the price I’m sorry don’t publish this video just cut out
that part o Dubbo bur I actually said $500 Oh $500
it was a he gave it and uh in the metric system yeah the metric system
five thousand as we know is five hundred British pound
five dollars so Paul is going so Sub Pop now alright you go keep it in rupees you
got that I have no idea how to negotiate okay so no you’re gonna stick with my
initial impression was was like expensive right because because we heard
the rumors right the rumors in the past week or two they’re gonna have X $5.99
and they’re gonna have Z 399 and they’re gonna you know split into the high-end
desktop / creator platform / gaming and the super high-end like high workout
stuff that’s only makes sense for people actually using software that uses that
many cores the impression I got was that they’re keeping that super high workout
stuff in that enterprise category where things are very expensive by calling it
an unlock Z on rather than saying here’s I new chipset here’s a consumer platform
that’s just that’s just a feeling it from Z on Zeon’s are always very
expensive they’re always expensive and I got to say like even coming into this we
had a guessing game on how much 9900 K was gonna be I was really I was saying I
really wanted it to be 350 I would have a nice right 350 very disruptive pushing
6700 you know not your whatever the i7 down to 250 compressing the staff but I
said at the time I said Intel often doesn’t disappoint us in the opposite
direction so I said it probably would be five fill out people are saying 550 and
I you know I I think 500 – 523 which is going for is its but you’re you don’t
think it’s that bad – 523 no it’s 480 yeah on the street though it’s like sure
sure that’s for a thousand right so so 1k so it’ll get down a four sorry I mean
you’re right actually that’s not that bad 480 that’s and if you want to deal
on your 9900 K just buy a thousand of them yeah just five thousand get that
both cry cinema costume huh okay well thanks for coming on thank
you here we’re gonna have more to drink get more angry over all the things you
want to get angry about Internet but check up Paul’s hardware and bit lip
they are the dynamic duo of YouTube I love their video awesome stuff
and of course say hi say hi to Lyle everybody wants a high low July I’ll
give me your regards okay

100 thoughts on “9900k benchmarking controversy? 28-core Xeon too cheap?

  1. HAHA the bench marks are sooo messed up its not funny

    1st Used slow ram on the 2700x and left the compatibility timings to run the bench marks (this alone can hamper a 2700x by 15% alone, speaking from personnel experience)

    2nd they used the stock cooler on the 2700X and used an after market cooler on the intel chip…. this is going to give the 9900K considerable more boost clock headroom. From the testing i've seen from various reviewers this can account for another 10% depending on the threading load.

    lets not even talk about the price difference πŸ˜‰

  2. Value for money,Ryzen will hold its own until Ryzen 3rd series,only a little clock speed is required to claim Intels head."Brand loyalty" to ANY multinational companies in insane though,AMD or Intel.

  3. Welllll… it's only the 200+ dollars more for the CPU. Let's not forget the cost of the motherboard… so let's go at it like normal people.

    I have 1500 to spend on a new build… where will anyone spend more money on CPU+MB or upgrading to a better graphics card? Anyone with half a working brain that wants to mainly game will of course invest on better graphics.

    On that note I still have my first gen Core i7-960 running at 3.4 GHz LOL and I can play 99% of games without any problems. I see no reason to upgrade until CPUs give me 5 GHz out of the box on all cores and it's not because I can't upgrade… I have no reason for almost 10 years… if my PC is working well and playing well most games, I change mobile phone almost every year and I had 5 laptops and I changed graphics card 3x. But my gaming PC… it's still rock and rolling after 10 freaking years!!! Thanks Intel for not doing much, it was great value πŸ˜€

  4. The "independent benchmark" has to be taken with a serious grain of salt here. The test was commissioned by Intel while Intel at the same time puts a two week embargo on tech sites doing the tests themselves. Smells more like a "bought" result to make their product stand out while at the same time slandering the competition in the hopes the feeble minded will believe the crap they're being told and pre-order Intel's newborn. Me, I will be munching popcorn as I recently built a new PC around a 2700X.

  5. we want amd to overhtrone intel because intel it's so lazy to find new architectur and drop the price and get the devloppers and forc them to use more cores clock speed comon we don't want to hav 4 or 6 cores laying lazy while one take over it's shit

  6. I can feel the orgasm that Gordon is having over the supposed non biased benchmarks of the 9700k.

    I remember clearly how sedated he looked when his colleagues reality checked him on Turing price to performance.

    Let's talk a cold shower, pump the breaks cowboy and wait for your "OWN" media outlet to review the product. I mean heck its hella awkward at the start of this video with other reviewers trying to reality check you on your own channel.

  7. INTEL LIEING AND CHEATING AGAIN fixing amd so intel looks good hahahahaah they will never give up lieing and cheating & ripping us off and they payed pc games??????? DONT BUY THE CHIP TILL REVIEWERS BRANCH MARK IT DONT LET INTEL FOOL YOU AGAIN PRICE I9 9700K $575 LOL

  8. Thank you Paul and Kyle for some reality to Gordon shilling for Intel. No excuse blaming it on the drinks. Wait till people see how ripped off they are …….

  9. You cannot compare "nanometer" scaling between brands. Each company has different architecture and definitions as to what they are physically measuring in the chip.

  10. No people that's not a Budweiser he's drinking from (tissue works wonders in advertising)

    Currently on a 2600k going to upgrade to a 2700x to

  11. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2018/10/09/intels-i9-9900k-vs-ryzen-2700x-gaming-benchmarks-are-misleading-period/#22dcb2954e4e

  12. Results were bullshit. Intel made it as disadvantageous as possible to AMD, independent testing confirmed it: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2018/10/09/intels-i9-9900k-vs-ryzen-2700x-gaming-benchmarks-are-misleading-period/#56ceef904e4e

  13. So… 9900K at $500 in comparison to a Ryzen 7 2700x at $300 doesn't exactly justify cost for performance between the two for an extra 15% to 20% FPS and single core boost. If you're going for the enthusiast route, and have ridiculous amounts of money to spend for small gains and bragging rights or for mere testing for the public for content product review with benchmarks then yes, however competitively it's not feasible. Granted.. Intel going 8 core is a plus, but it's been too little too late. Honestly if gaming is the only thing you really care about doing, and you have the extra money then the i9 would be the way to go though more and more people are doing more heavier work loads than just gaming as a whole.

  14. Is an 8086k better than a 9700k?

    Is the 9700 8 cores with 8 threads at 3.6 – 4.9ghz while the 8086 is 6 cores with 12 threads at 4.0 – 5.0 ghz?

    8086 is 379.99 while pre-order for the 9700 is 399.99. If I'm just going to run the thing stock with a good aftermarket air cooler, what should I buy?

  15. That is true amd is shipping cpu's on 12nm, but they are nearly 1ghz slower than what intel is doing on 14 lol. There is a reason intel hasnt went to 12 yet, they cant release a product that is slower in single core performance than previous gen, because that is still the most important factor for most things people do daily on their pc.

  16. I have build over the years for the company I work and personal only intel desktop pc's, and now i had intention to buy for me an I7 generation 9, but what intel does is simply sad, to cut hyper threading from i7 and the normal i7 to become an i9 with hyper threading just to milk people for more money. Now when amd stays better than ever on price and performance and will go to 7 nm when intel is only at 14 nm, intel play with fire and ask crazy amount of money. That 9900k should be 400 euros at max to be a good price. I was intel and nvidia fan but they seems to think that all of us are idiots to pay that crazy prices for their products. Really disapoined by intel and nvidia.

  17. Also how does the 9700k make any sense? Its going to lose to the 8700k in a lot of multithreaded workloads while only reaching parity on single threaded tasks, and intel is asking 50 dollars more for it?

  18. In the testing The company maxed out the memory and other controlling factors for the 9900k and minimized the controlling on the AMD 2700x.
    The company was also paid by Intel. This was a shill of a test, as Intel make upwards of 90% of their customer base and income. You don't bite the hand that feeds you. I am not an AMD or Intel fanboy. Just make testing truly independent and on equal footing.

  19. This is gonna be interesting [getting one week worth of popcorn ready].
    Intel just claimed a BIG claim, what happens next week will break or make Intel's credibility for the next decade, I hope they know what they are doing.
    They've just attacked a very popular CPU which is loved by many and is considered the underdog which is cheaper and better… If this backfires, it is gonna make a large hole in Intel's stock. But if things is as they claim, then they've just dominated the gaming/enthusiast market share and AMD is in big trouble because it's OK to be behind, but it's not OK to be way behind..

  20. hey it's #ripkyle and #rippaul talkin' like they are gonna get back on the board with the new 9980xe and duel 2080 ti's and beat GN in timespy? oOMg laughable….

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    πŸŒΉπŸ’“πŸ’“ Feliz semana πŸ’“πŸŒΏπŸŒΌπŸ’žπŸŒ·πŸŒΉπŸ’“πŸŒΏπŸŒΌ
    πŸŽ‹πŸ’–πŸŽŒπŸŽπŸ—ΎMany Thanks!!!!πŸ‘ΈπŸ˜ΊπŸ’–β™‘Ω©(🌸
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  22. I've read that the reason Intel has disabled Hyperthreading is because that is how they are dealing with fixing the Meltdown and Spectre problems.

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  24. Fake AMD results in the mid, no doubt the 9900k will be faster than 2700x, the real question is, will it be faster then Ryzen 7nm

  25. Yes. Intel disabled half the Ryzen 1700X cores to get their superior benchmarks!!! "Gamer Mode" using the AMD control software. That's pretty fucked up Intel!!!

  26. Paul makes a mistake, the GF 12 nm. is larger than the Intel 14++. It's just a name, it doesn't accurately depict the size of the node.

  27. Cool great video, glad to see Gordan getting to the rounds with the Tech Tubers at this event. Get his ass on some of the fun colaborations those guys do like Scrapyard wars, Overclocking battles, building PCs in tanks/boats ect

  28. Gordon, don't take it the wrong way, I can tell that you had a few drinks in the hours before doing this video. That is allowed. πŸ™‚

  29. why would anyone consider the Xeon W3175X over the Threadripper 2990WX? 32 cores, 64 threads for $1700 is an absolute no brainer, and with the latest update Threadripper has become even faster.

  30. Hyper Threading gone on i7 is a rip off… Either Paul and Kyle could not tell it as it is for being at a sponsored event or they lack knowledge on the subject which seemed to be obvious when talking pricing of the Xeon.

  31. For a gamer how do you justify the price difference between the 2700X/X470 and 9900K/Z390? That price difference is a significantly better graphics card.

  32. Bullshit, no excuse to take hyperthrrading when EVERY AMD Chip has it practically, and on top of that they’re already screwing with PCI-E lanes

    Paul, if they have to murder their previous part to compete with themselves, the i9 shouldn’t exist at all and should instead be a replacement for the i7, not an excuse to neuter the i7 and charge more, at the exact time they need to be making a clearer value proposition not the opposite

  33. new i7 is 550 in canada; previous generations were 400-500
    8 core 8threads vs last gens 6/12
    Is the 2 extra cores loss of hyper threading and the 100-200[because it's last gen we will see prices fall…]$ price difference actually okay?

  34. You're wrong, AMD hasn't had a process not on-par with Intel for a long time. Intel's current 14nm process is the equivalent of 10nm on an AMD chip except that AMD never had a 10nm process. Intel is also shipping small 10nm chips in small quantities currently which are roughly equivalent to AMD's 7nm when it arrives. Intel and AMD are planning volume production of their 10nm/7nm process in 2019. Then they will finally be on comparable nodes for the first time in a long time.

  35. Those benchmarks are borderline illegal (fraudulent/fake advertising). Intel basically paid that company to do the questionable review, then endorsed their work. This way if Intel gets sued, they can hand off the lawsuit to who did the bench marking, and at that point in the fine print they have disclaimers saying how they are not liable for anything done based on their numbers and are not responsible for any mishaps resulting from them. Then you end up in a legal downward spiral and eventually they will settle for what Intel would see as pocket change. It is really sad but this is the only way they are gonna be able to sell chips, because once real reviews go live, like toms hardware and anandtech (probably the two largest outlets) as well as the usual mass of youtubers like everyone in this video, ltt, jayz, gn, hwb, ect, the chip will be dead in the waters

  36. No point bringing games benchmarks when alot of them just care for ipc and clocks, not cores. Just show a cinebench normal and single core, that should tell you alot the 9900k vs 2700x. As of right now, is only a 8700k with 2 more cores. I bet if you disable 2 cores/4 threads of the 9900k in bios and do a cinebench it would be the same as the 8700k.

  37. Wait a second! Just because AMD uses the 12 nm process doesn't mean it's a better more refined process. Intel themselves use not just a 14 nm process, it's more a 14FF++ (or however…) process. Maybe even with three +++! xD
    Just as an example: Samsung's and TSMC's 7 nm process it's comparable with Intel's 10 mm process. Those marketing numbers doesn't mean anything.
    The only thing that's true, TSMC is right now the technological leader with lithography processes.

  38. In spite of the obvious pushing Intel, Gordon at PCWorld, you guys were both fair and did the right thing not joining the Intel "party line" when you thought it was wrong.

  39. AMD logic: comparing $1800 CPU with $1800 CPU, faster
    Intel logic: comparing $1800 CPU vs $8000 CPU, faster
    Hmmm I smell something wrong here πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€«

  40. Why does Intel have to prove to be an absolute winner? You already have the majority of the market share for fucks sake!

  41. People from USA stop crying about the prices for I9 9900K… The same exact cpu costs 650€ in EU, that is like 750$…

  42. 8 core vs 8 core intel will be faster. thats just a fact. but the 2700x is no bulldozer.. it wouldn't be doing as bad as Principle technologies show. intel did not have to waste their money on these botch benchmarks with that said. a ryzen 2700x will serve you well …. it is a great cpu

  43. dat ryzeen 3 1200 .. be duh best… wat u talking abou.. 28 core.. ha my honda got power windows…. A-TECH^PCS YOUTUBE CHANNEL

  44. ROTFL…..watching this after finding out rigged this presentation was is just funny. Yeah AMD is no saint but this right here really shows a severe lack of faith in what they are trying to sell that could only be called "force choke worthy".

  45. Intel obviously don't wanna cannibalize their existing lineup too much, thats a given. But what they could do, is drop the price on the existing 28 core xeon, or EOL it. Then a high price tag on this new one wouldn't ruffle nearly as many feathers.

  46. I wanted 6 cores 12 treads 5Ghz for 300-400. Ryzen is equal to my current CPU so there's no point getting Ryzen for me. : /

  47. i dont care about the numbers, 500$ for a gaming CPU? while i game on a 1440p monitor? wth is wrong with the world? there is no point of this madness!

  48. The current 28 core Xeon is $8-10k. When have you ever seen Intel release a new CPU for less money than the previous gen? That thing is going to be $15k. Believe me. πŸ˜‰

  49. So for gaming I'd get the 2700x and spend the extra $200 on a better GPU, and for work stations I'd just buy the 1920x, 12 cores and 24 threads for $50 less. Also the gaming benchmarks were skewed, so I only expect an unnoticeable difference in fps, if the game is over my refresh rate then I don't care. If money wasn't an object and you only cared about gaming, then go for the 9900k

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