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ill I’m sorry infiltrate I couldn’t say that word infiltrate Oscorp
and see if we can figure out a bit more. Hold it there’s the Avengers tower but first
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First though I said in the last episode we’d be upgrading our suit or changing
it and that’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna go for the iron spider suit which
looks pretty cool and it allows us to wreak havoc with four articulated arms
made from rapidly grown mono atomic iron alloy crystal sounds pretty cool looks
pretty cool okay that that’s awesome so let’s get on with this mission okay MJ I’m a couple of blocks away let
me know if you get into trouble okay so we’re gonna play as MJ so we bought that
suit probably not gonna use it maybe not for this episode who knows for anyway
another stealthy mission then hopefully it will turn out okay we’ve done all
right so far into the security room to unlock it can we talk to this guy the
lobby seems pretty busy is everything okay
residents have been asked to temporarily vacate their units while stable
International performs a security Oh brilliant say blur here well that’s
annoying can we kick that over no that’s annoying
there’s the security room guard will see me if I go in residents are pretty upset
which God rile them up to create a distraction
oh that God all right let’s create a diversion away from the receptionist
I’ve been coughing up a storm can we just like create multiple issues the mayor and his friends are exempt
security let one of his biggest donors back upstairs right away I knew it this
is quite fun actually I’m just gonna cause all sorts of trouble
who else come me annoy ah here we go you guys want to be riled up I heard they’ll
let you up if you claim special circumstances the health emergency might
do it really come on talk to security that should do it situation a security rooms open by oh
okay there’s sable agents in there what’s that a stun gun I know a few
sable agents who would love to meet you no noise Sarek I oh yeah there is press square
behind your enemy force Toth take down like this nice MJ he’s got a weapon now
it’s a nice addition why do I get the feeling there’s gonna be a guy right
here yeah how did you not see that good boy yeah you go check that out and get
zapped I’m sure Sabol offers workman’s comp
elevator controls in the security room next to the stable agent caught me just
zapped him looks like we can just zap him Mary Jane
Watson super spy time to unlock that elevator
set off the alarm right here we go okay out you go Osborn did it clearing
out and the elevators unlocked it’s time to head upstairs okay sneaky sneaks done is it hopefully okay so the y’all arm only went off
upstairs did it well okay there goes is silver sable I was born in Widow work
oh she’s unto us she’s definitely on to us 100% we bumped into her upstairs
there’s no way that we go away with that at least I don’t think so
surely she’s more aware than that okay here we are cleared out he likes me
something up here I’m gonna find it can we see anything
aha is there something over there something here some folders of some sort
journals debating this spider-man problem so weird there’s a whole cottage
industry focused on explaining Pete’s powers weirder still that MJ stable
presence downstairs just ballooned I think Norman’s being moved worried
they might spot me I might have had something to do with that keep your
distance what’s that should be okay for now it’s
a map it’s a blueprint blueprint for the apartment tons of empty space right
behind the wall with a family portrait who leaves space unused in a Manhattan
apartment why would you just leave that there so what make it obvious right
where’s the family portrait anyway what’s this sack Green Goblin what is
this thing ah his he’s gonna become green Goblin’s for a prototype combat
mask looks like it can reveal structural weaknesses mm-hmm
this green goblin gonna be a thing in this game as well wow this is high-tech incredible is it showing a door hidden
in that wall I wonder where it leads I’m pretty cool okay let’s go check out that
door then what’s behind here unfair well what’s this Harry left for Europe last
year ah behind the family portrait norman must like spy movies i need to
find the code for that keypad yeah what’s the code okay we don’t know the
code yet anything over here perhaps there is a
piece of paper here recorder for a keypad lock looks like he used Harry’s
last day as the code that must be the day Harry left for Europe okay what was
the date Harry’s last day maybe peonies he shouldn’t oceany what’s going on over
here mom it could be back any minute need to find that keypad code Harry’s
last I know he left last summer but was it July or August
I’m just asking Peter once it untouched for when Harry returns from Europe but
where did he put the key hmm I don’t get why she doesn’t just toss Pierre he will
know the exact date what’s that plates I forgot about this The Osbournes have a
coat of arms and a motto packs in bellow peace in war it’s weird what a mom used
to cook all the time I’d be surprised if Norman has ever even touched the stove
this room smells like rich people wonder if all this wine is from Norman’s
vineyard in Burgundy he has a vignette I mean I guess it makes sense he saw it
super rich right okay let’s go to Sweden what’s in here city’s in a state of
emergency but Norman still manages to get his laundry and cleaning done for
him I should do Wow look at this outdoor area with a pool and everything that’s
pretty cool hey on my way to dr. Michaels for one last shot before the
big trip hey if you’re gonna meet me there and
could you grab my journal from my room I just wanted to record some thoughts on
the big bond wash day anyway listen I know I don’t say this enough thank you
Dad oh I love you Wow that’s nice and so long he sounds so
tired what’s up that journal is still here
gotta check his room okay let’s find Harry’s room them what the hell is that
massive TV beaten I loved coming over here to watch movies when we were kids a
different world from Queens funny see I didn’t want to be opposite nothing made
him happier than watching cartoons on the little TV in Mae’s kitchen I used to
be so jealous of Harry’s family they were so happy
well he’s compared to me and my dad that when Emily got sick everything changed
hmm all right this is Harry’s room then but
it’s locked nice no one keeps the key hmm
TV’s still glowing why is it still glowing I can’t do anything to it hmm all right why does he keep the key
then yeah I can’t get through there those weird okay maybe in his room he
keeps the key maybe in this picture I get us he used to be so
free can barely see it those days why is that still okay I’m not sure let’s still lit up
pretty but it is come get in this way no where is the key key where are you out
here perhaps something here especially today
I put Harry send him away for treatment we’ll fix him treatment I promise
development of GR 27 was too slow to save you it won’t fail Harry last year
27 exactly as it is ready for when he gets back the key is with you wait
Norman sent Harry away for treatment I thought he went to Europe on his own
so a treat waiting from us Harry hmm so he said the key is with you did he keep
the key in a photo of her or something what’s this terminal diagnosis I know
Harry’s mom was sick but I had no idea was genetic oh maybe that’s why he’s
been sent away Norman’s working on a cure
perhaps the Green Goblin thing what is this then Auto Wow they look like what a car
they’re ruined a friendship like this sir anything we can do to this no I
wonder if there was something hidden in it that it doesn’t look like it okay and
is this a photo of the mum yeah I’m thinking the keys in it we used to make
fun of them for calling her the prettiest mom at Midtown but you might
have been right feels like there’s something attached to the back of the
frame yep there is succour this must be the
key for Harry’s room right we’ve got the key for his room now let’s go through
and see what’s in his room maybe his journal will say the day that
he went away and we can use the code from that or decipher the code what the
hell will be for Harry can it well he was seriously sick should we check these books over here
first cuz I think that’s the journal over there Alex
here he wants to be an environmental attorney like his mom that does not look
good does it why didn’t you tell us you were sick yeah he is really unwell
Harry’s Journal his last entry is marked July 18 I’ll be 718 that must be the
code to that room uh okay what does it say dr. Michaels thinks it’s 50/50 so if
you’re reading this is his tough I’m sick really sick
doctors think the same thing my mum had got really bad sick this year a trip is
a cover I’m going in for treatment experimental long term Devil’s breath he
was developing Devil’s breath for Harry holy crap you are staying here the
antiserum is ready and I’m going to supervise production you will be
completely vulnerable without me I seem to be completely vulnerable with you I’m
going alone end of discussion well no gonna sneak us these guys case we’ve got he’s headed to the lab at
that now can you follow not without alerting him
somebody spiked Sables coffee today her men are set on double-secret probation
alert okay then stay ready I’ve almost got the location okay check that out okay
I don’t want to throw it over here can we get it over there I don’t want to do
this oh crap go over there yeah go check that noise
out okay this half a guy might be a problem around here oh that was close oh can we get through here sir way through
oh go over there man go check that out over there okay I don’t know if we can
get through this door doesn’t look like it does it yeah go and check that out look there’s
another one what’s that noise run your sweep okay let’s go you’re not hearing things stay there okay how are we gonna do this let’s chuck
that over there oh it’s a guy right there crap ah no damn it
hopefully we load back in that room where are we okay it’s not too bad where’s that other guy right so that guy comes around there
does he yeah it looks like it comes from there right let’s check another one you check that one out you check that
one out okay this is really tense I think we
might have done Italy okay d’lai 18 bingo let me in let me in let me in oh
oh that was close super creepy what is this place this is
a Green Goblin stuff it’s all green goblin stuff isn’t it oh is this Kate
the biotech for silly what is this I can’t do anything to this oh here we go
Wow the fancy map contest looks like the Upper West Side VIP I’m
tracking dr. Michaels movements creep fest though Michaels is the lead on
Devil’s breath well that’s true okay Oscorp buildings it shows all of
oscorp’s properties had no idea they owned so much of New York it’s not five
buildings sable control Wyman’s there’s stationed all over the city
I bet I can find The Devil’s breath lab with this
it must be an Oscorp property with a ton of sable protection frequented by dr.
Michaels but I reckon see this one that I’m looking for a heavily guarded Oscorp
building that dr. Michaels visits which one does he visit this one dr. Michaels
went to this Oscorp building but there’s no security detail
this can’t be yet okay it can’t be that one nope that’s just disabled Patrol
Oscorp building but no Michaels are stable that’s not it
this one meant it’s Carly this one do these three categories overlap that must
be the labs location I’m literally picking on the mole I
think I’ve chosen the right categories oh okay
commercial buildings Wow so many records facility lost corpse going on defense
Norman’s not crazy enough to keep the anti Sarah minute a records facility
could be perfect cover for the devil’s birth lab Bravo Bravo Charlie Alpha Team
okay is it here none of these patrols crossed dr.
Michaels path that does got some overlap with dr. Michaels path can it beat that one okay nice I must
have a big stable presence let’s go be this one
gr 27 there is Devil’s breath this is it something Cathedral isn’t what is ten thinkers again Cathedral I knew it Tenten Cathedral oscorp’s
records department Oh perfect place to hide a secret biotech facility law in
Lee incident what they detest so Martin leads mum or is that Martin Lee when
he’s a kid what the hell they did that to him and
that’s why I owe and Norman fell out they started off this they created Lee I
have to get this holy crap why is there a spider there who’s there
oh Oh damnit crapped the spider don’t move
she gonna come like spider-woman okay big good time for spider-man to get
here Pete I’ve got the lab location and a lot
more how far away are you two avenues over stay the word and I’m there
great keep the motor running okay guys I think that’s where we’ll leave it
because we were out of time but yeah wow what a revelation that was so hose Corp
did the tests on Martin Lee when he was a kid and turned him into mr. negative
and that was what caused the fallout between Otto and Norman holy crap I did
not see that coming man this story has just gone up a whole new
level that’s going to do it for this one guys so as always thank you very much
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