A Thank You Video Card to the BEME PANELS Team!

Oh just about to be live now hey it’s Sara
from Close to the Earth IT services and I have some friends with me big fans of
beam panels so I’m gonna turn around turn my camera around and introduce you
to a couple of really cool people that I met through beam panels alright so here
with me I have Heather and Adrian and we’re all big fans of the beam app and
so sad that it has like gone off the air what do you guys think about that Heather please so kind of upsets me and
disappoints me the most is that I see the technology behind beam as far as
depositing one precise question and putting it out on the web available for
everybody who has the app on their phone to answer in a very succinct way as such
an incredibly important communication tool and it cuts across time zones it
cuts across languages it cuts it well technically doesn’t put everyone has to
speak English but as long as you are an English speaker you can you can
participate and then the other thing is is that it cuts across you know
political ideologies it cuts across national never shit nationality race everything
and then we’re having this conversation about an idea and people who would talk
too much I mean like you said it’s gonna like that’s it via the internet coming
together people from all over the world sharing thoughts on or serene ideas on
one topic for example why I remember when they put a question about I think
it was the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump being president some people
were in favor of him being a president and I like 80% of laws were not like the
rest of the world and some from United States we’re not but I mean that’s the
idea of being that was the idea like you know there’s people have different
opinions than yours yeah I agree with you two is like I know
there’s it’s just been such a divisive time where people aren’t getting along
and just I know what getting in huge fights on social media with people that
I really care about or wouldn’t fight with in person and argue with in person
but when it comes to politics everything was becoming an argument and I got to
the point where I felt like we so if we’re arguing so much maybe there is a
point to what other people believe and I’m not hearing that because all we’re
getting is conflict so I felt like beam gave such a good opportunity for us all
to think about things differently and care about the people who had the
opinions even if they were different or something I wouldn’t have thought of yeah definitely I mean another thing
that I really loved was not even new qualities we were talking about
different updates like for example Bitcoin Bitcoin was one of the topics
that we talked a lot in the panels and even though that someone already asked
it there was at least one question week about cryptocurrency but that’s what
that was also good because that topic is kind of new for everybody and you have
some IT experts one economy is some people studying for that some people
that I’ve already working for some I don’t know in wall street or something
and they can talk to you about take you step by step on what is happening so you
actually get the ideas from people that say experts kind of in that kind of
topics for example when I’m a posted about your favorite superhero that’s
something that I really I love superheroes I love all day but cults are
all the eat stuff so when someone ask that kind of questions I was like kind
of I felt like kind of an expert talking to other group of people that that
that’s what I really love that you can share your thoughts feel like you were
making making kind of a talk like TED talk twenty ten seconds really really
great also the opportunity that you have to pose your own questions like when
they may be open call for the week to posted that’s kind of like a challenge
because you have to come with a really great question because if you ask
something kind of BAE or something that they already asked your question was
never gonna be published for example that that panel
or every single week had my thirty answers between all the panels that had
only ten answers twenty answers and the open we told was forty answers fifty
answers because everyone wanted to be in the panel’s everyone would want it to be
shallow their questions how did that happen for you heather when
you asked the question for the I had asked so I think I’m trying to
remember the first time I got I was on beam because I was on like well over a
year ago like I’ve been on for a long time like even when it was they didn’t
ant like asks just to take questions but you could just upload 15 seconds of your
life by holding it to your chest so this was like the very first iteration I’ve
just been really intrigued by the idea of video so then when we came to asking
questions of course a teacher I’m theoretically you know accustomed to
this and particularly as a writing teacher in the way that I do my teaching
is the Socratic method so I’m constantly asking kind of open but probing
questions and so the first question that they chose for me to have is the
question of the week or the question of the day was if you’re gonna go swimming
are you gonna go to a freshwater pond or the ocean and so I mean in Maine we can
go to both on the same day several times I mean it’s just we have so much of an
opportunity and I forget that sometimes and then Kurt was so hilarious of course
hilarious and he talked about some sort of like a wave pool beach that they have
in the middle of Oklahoma City and you know even it sucked for someone who’s
like aware of geography driven across the United States that yeah that would
be kind of weird yeah you know what I’m saying
and then I can’t even remember I think I’ve had like three or four I don’t know
but one of them was what do you think you’re gonna look back on in your life
because I’m almost 50 and so I was talking about dancing
past midnight in a West Berlin disco – Pet Shop Boys West Side girls West End
girls I mean and you know like just thinking about that like oh wow
at the time I just like go to school and now I’m like wow that was Beulah and we
never know when we’re in how fabulous remember he’s gonna be and sounds kinda
like I wonder if young people younger than I have any sense of what they’re
experiencing right now and how that’s gonna age and then the most recent one
was because I tend to be like I get into analysis paralysis and perfectionism I’m
not careful and that was they get over nervousness so that you can push through
and do something and I wanted to put in for a conference and I did and so it’s
basically like okay what what do I have his experiences that others could relate
to make sense mm-hmm totally I actually answered that more
the one that where are you gonna live back when you are older yeah for me it
would be for real for real it would be either going for the first time with my
friends because I’ve been a lot of times with my family but with my friends for
the first time to Disneyland well at least the world it was maybe not
completely because it was a completely different experience going with my
family that going with my friends and the other one is kind of the same as you
like dancing to something I mean I for me was in Normandy in France yeah we
were like we were like an hour like an hour treatment big for Omaha Beach but
we were near there and was dancing to three three different songs September
movie Wonderland and let’s let’s groove tonight by Arab women fire in a concert
fair I cannot believe a concert concert in
Paris yeah sweet it’s pretty awesome I’m trying to think
of like my favorite dancing moment there was this when I lived in New York City
in the 90s services like really awesome club called life it’s kind of like a
punk rock rock and roll Club and I just remember it stay just dancing until like
the place closed at 4:00 in the morning every Thursday night Thursday night it
was like my dancing night and it would just be like totally punk rock like The
Ramones there were like the configuration of the Ramones that still
was like a live play there and like this band called the toilet boys they had
like fire and they were basically like kiss but just totally punk rock and glam
and like amazing so and just like I don’t know just being carefree in New
York City as a kid just looking like yeah well not a kid kid like 21 so the I
was in Paris so I have this bad car accident when I was interesting but what
is interesting is that right after hospital I was like I’m gonna go have
some fun not like ridiculous reckless fun but like really you know sucking the
marrow out of life you know thinking of Dead Poets Society reference there and
just you know I’m alive today what am I gonna do today to live because I am
Alive it’s awesome I mean you’re up dude and so I went to Paris and I ended up the Eiffel Tower
thing never to cool thing for chucking around Paris and I look and there’s this
flyer for a poster that’s on like a postal box for ready for this Paul Simon
ladysmith black mambazo Miriam Makeba and Hugh Masekela and so I went one no I
didn’t I actually took this subway but I got to the place I got to the venue and
I was like I don’t care how much the tickets are I threw down my credit card
and I’m not enriched I’m not a rich kid I’ve never been a rich kid but I was
like if I don’t do this I’m going to hate myself forever so I did that got to
see that liner in Paris and I also got to see the celebration of the 100th
anniversary of the Eiffel Tower like fireworks and this and that and it
was all random so thinking like in case Jackie gets to see this Jacqueline
thinking about her instinct dude always fall and anyone younger than me always
follow the instinct as long as you’re not gonna end up in like jail or
something and so how did you how did you guys discover panels discover game like
how what brought you to beam for me it was totally totally totally totally
about watching Casey Neistat I follow his blog slide
from three years ago three years ago I don’t know how many time I have really
follow his boss and out of nowhere he was like hey we’re doing these it’s
called beam well when he first started being like when he was the green icon
but that one that we know right now when he was a green one I actually tried to
enter because I really loved the idea of sharing your story but without watching
your camera I would not feel like putting your phone like this I’m talking
and showing what is around you great idea like really really great idea
and then can’t be the next iteration of of me where they actually ask questions
and you’ll answer them and you try to have that communication with other
people I said okay this is also good because now you can talk with people
from all around the world globe you can see their faces you can see their
opinions stead of just showing what’s around
that’s an also great idea so the first moment I saw it I was like I have to
join I send a email or for being on the beta version it was kind of a beta like
he was inviting you know you have to be invited to be on beam so I actually I
did it and I know like one week two weeks before after I send it they answer
hey Willa we love you we want to see you they sent me the invite I enter
everything and there it was because I really loved the idea of making a video
and at the end of the video they make like this open question and only people
from the app answer their questions if it makes you more like you are part of
video instead of going and onto a YouTube channel and you answer dirt in
the comments because there are gonna be a thousand comments 10,000 comments
100,000 comments probably they will never see your comment unless you’re one
of the first ones made it maybe but having that opportunity to be on one of
the videos of a big platform light beam or a casey neistat for example it’s huge
it was huge like your opinion can be hearing it even need to suggest five
seconds ten seconds but it could be heard that’s what really drives me to
getting me to be him how are you Heather telling you yeah Andy goes on so for me
it was I touch with Jack pretty much ASAP as soon
as I started following Casey’s content because I knew I wanted to integrate it
into that classroom each has a lot of what he was doing in his blogs but also
some of his you know future length or not future length but the longer movies
I knew that they would really inspire kids but also that there would be some
currency with the literature that we need and so I didn’t want to just
randomly do that and so I put like I just sent a DM to Jack I was like hey
this is who I am that’s what I do and then we started chatting and we’ve been
chatting ever since which is really cool and so that’s how I ended up getting to
be part of E or the peen panelists and beta testers because they knew that I
was in it because of you know how how Casey uses the phrase story is king yeah
it’s kind of credos as it were and you know I teach creative writing and
writing is my specialty within the reading writing speaking listening
critical thinking I was work within the whole English spectrum writing is what
I’m about and so as soon as I saw that I was like yes he is doing for this
generation what I do want to page kind of thing and it’s interesting cuz you
know Lou from knew the news channel Lou folia I just asked him recently I’m like
hey is it okay with you if I use the flu episode to teach how to do a research
essay and like two days later I’m not even kidding
two days later out comes this article from like one of the cutting-edge
education writing magazines we should use YouTube assists
each the research apparently well we just have like 10 minutes left because
I’m using the free version of zoom Thank You zoom thanks to meeting the free
version of the software and but yeah I wasn’t feeling well one weekend and I
just started walking watching Casey nice dad and I I work in IT so I only use
YouTube or have to this point only for learning how to fix things like how to
take an iPhone apart and put it back together again
YouTube but um somehow I stumbled on at YouTube is entertainment which I was
like I didn’t even know this existed um and just the tech behind beam it’s like
really interesting to me I like how do they make this hey somebody come in hey
hey Oh awesome see Dean you did it do you
man is here how you doing man yeah this is epic we just have a few
minutes left because we didn’t pay for this meeting so Saudi man tell us about
your hit how you found beam like how did you get on beam I think three most
people through Casey no stats I subscribe to his channel years ago
through the bike lanes historian Thomas commuting cyclist and that resonated
with me was a crazy insane video so some of the frustration and then one day all
these videos just started appearing my subscription list and he’d started daily
vlogging I couldn’t remember who he was I ignored it for maybe a week as a kid
clogging up my subscription thinking watching and it was it was amazing he
wasn’t really weird daily vloggers was pretty following some skateboarding
vloggers at their time but he was doing something that was quite different and I
feel a bit old to to be like a fanboy of things between now and then I that
chontal personality and I was not a really a doctor of things I’ve got an
iPhone but normally I’d get off casts from friends there they would really get
into the technology and stuff first and the sky Casey Neistat was on a whole
bunch of different platforms and I was really interested in what he was doing
so by extension I started joining all these other social media platforms that
I’ve never done before and of course the reason why he was daily vlogging is he
was building up an audience so that he could could promote mean this thing that
he was developing which I actually just posted a video to YouTube it’s kind of
long but it kind of sums up a lot of this but I was a little bit disappointed
at first I wasn’t expecting like a snapchat type experience I thought maybe
a phone video editing at that there might have been a perfect fit with
videographer I mean it was something else and actually as long journey there
but so I guess it was in the first community of just really passionate be
mistake daily daily vloggers basically and there’s a lot of emotion tied up
annette because because you know obviously when something shuts down and
you know it we assume it’s them but i I wanted to give him another go and I
still liked some of the that the team he was the Aerojet Jack especially and so I
wanted to get it on the beta testing side of things that actually applied
formally a bit earlier and and and I got in and started testing in the air but as
you guys would be aware there there were some some fights with who with the
because in every user I just in some of the comments of carrying my youtube
remind is a corporate that are actually to
Android users and things are so much harder for them any of the technology
sector because Android is a bit complicated they they get the least
loved so I think just obviously beings just shut down panels yesterday but they
were getting to a better place it was getting a bit easier to use as long as
you didn’t try and scroll back too far to talk to past stories and so on and I
felt like if I got a background in journalism so I felt that they they had
a potential thing here I don’t think it got leveraged as well I mean obviously
it is a disconnect between YouTube and at the beem beem you sort of things and
this is some dissertation the scene inside of things as well so that’s
that’s unfortunate but I just thought a tie and a nap and YouTube which is I
mean it’s no one’s beating that platform at the moment that they they would have
been onto a winner especially for someone like seeing in its spread as far
as they are and disparate for youth market um I gotta say one thing I did
notice about the original app was while everyone’s trying to target chase the
youth the youth audience it was quite a significant my age that we’re too near
in the end their twenties basically and it just seemed like a marketer’s dream
that no one’s actually targeting that that market and you know we are the ones
with experience and so on and and I guess a bit of thirds being there as
well I can’t hands up so I guess I I turn up
get up to insulted about with and they talk about their marketing plans and
stuff and it’s always it’s always about the snapchat culture and so on they
actually think this is something sorely lacking in there and also that the thing
that made the book the being family in the first place was which we don’t have
with beam panels the ability to talk to each other especially what we’re doing
now we’re having a video conversation as others tap down and everyone can see
what’s going on with the original be map you could leave it at the end phase
video reactions but anyone else going interview their video you could see all
those video reactions and it just today it’s so different from Twitter comments
or YouTube comments or whatever which can get too stupidly nasty it just
builds up people are respectful applied him because of that you’re developing
friendships with people that are a complete opposite end of the political
spectrum and whatever they’re but don’t have the same core beliefs as you but
you actually find out that you can you can be friends with someone like that
you’ve never imagined before and I kind of felt that be panels was just starting
to tap into that you know this is an area where you could put up something
about Trump we’re gonna get cut off any minute okay but yeah thank you being
team does anybody else want to say any words of thanks your folio cut up we’re
probably gonna get cut off in just a few seconds but yeah I have one you’ve made
a good choice it’s the national rugby team right there yes so we’re gonna get
cut off in like second okay so that was it that was our thank
you message from the beam panelists to the beam team and beam is just so
incredible it was yeah I hate to say was incredible because it just I don’t know
I guess I’m in a little bit of denial that it’s over but you all did just such
an epic job creating this community of people who genuinely can have a
conversation now no matter where they’re from in the world and uh that’s really
epic so thank you being team thank you so much for the hard work the dedication
for what you’ve done for world peace because you have done something to make
the world a better place and we love you for it
thank you Oh

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  1. I can never think of “best moments” straight out. I need to launch off a prompt, normally what someone else has said. Dance moments, for example has now brought forth a bunch of memories.

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