Ace Combat 7 – DLC 6 Ten Million Relief Plan Mission | PS4

The Erusean military finally sent
part of the Alicorn specs. What’s interesting is… …this over here. Our mission is to cooperate with
the patrol aircraft to find the Alicorn. According to calculations,
just one needs to fly to locate it. Those aren’t the sort of calculations we like. They will launch the nuke on September 19th. Can we make it? They predicted our moves. Then we’ll go beyond their expectations. Data linking. Activating the MAD. The Alicorn will use the recover and
head out at full speed. There’s no means of retreat. If you wish to live, then you must let go of your life. Ready for launch. Don’t you see, Three Strikes… Ten million lives will be saved
at the cost of a mere million lives. Liar!
You just want to kill people. Alicorn spotted.
It’s surfacing. Prepare for naval gunfire. Target is the Osean capital of Oured.

70 thoughts on “Ace Combat 7 – DLC 6 Ten Million Relief Plan Mission | PS4

  1. I wish they'd put an ace combat game on PS Plus. It's a type of game I want to play but don't want to pay more for than 10 bucks.

  2. Holding off on buying this game until more VR is added. With the current VR content, I would pay 10 bucks. If more missions were added I would pay 20-30

  3. Ребят, вы все идеи из пятой части воровать будете? Реально, лучше бы чистый римейк "Невоспетых войн" сделали, чем такое городить

  4. How do you sum up all three missions? In a word: they are interesting. Although it is a bit unsatisfied with the inability to fly EA-18G, MIG-29K or receive new skins for Rafale M and Su-47.

    Time will show how Project Aces will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Ace Combat series and sustain interest in AC7. You can add CFA-44 or XFA-27, but fighters from our world or Tornado, F-16F, F-16 Block 70/72, Su-27, Su-24, Su-25, the whole family of MiG-29 fighters, Rafale (C/B/R/F4), Gripen, Typhoon, F-15SE, F-35A, F-35B as well as unrealized projects in the form of F-15N, FB-22, F-22B and F-22N are the best for the AC world.

  5. More VR missions please! Also very confusing on the PlayStation store announcing this contains PSVR content. From what I have seen it does not?

  6. So many people complaining about no additional VR. The game is amazing as it is. I own it on Xbox so VR will never be a thing for me and I don't have the finances to buy a ps4 for VR either. Not everyone with a job gets big money.
    You want more VR. Ok that is understandable.
    The game doesn't have more VR? Deal with it. Jeez, people now-a-days.

  7. ffs guys the traditional Ace Combat formula does not permit VR.. there might be a full-VR Ace Combat game one day but it will probably be just a spin-off.

  8. People in here asking for VR. Everyone please understand the developers, during the interview with a fan, they say making the VR is hard and will not make them current DLC, come on just enjoy the game itself, i see you all comes to AC7 just for the VR and you also a new fans but please understand the developers! This game has been delayed since 2016 because of development problem. I'm sure they'll make VR DLC, but after one year of AC7's release date, because that day, VR mode will be available for Xbox One and PC

  9. Kinda bizarre that in the main game, Osean didn't mention anything about massive submarine..

    Btw, DLC looks dope.. Matias vs. Trigger, both seen as symbol of hope by their peers, very interesting.

  10. Bought this mission thinking it was a Vr add on since Sony had it listed in there store as a psvr item complete bait and switch.

  11. Why is this deceptively being sold under the vr section of the PlayStation Store? I purchased it for vr content and there was NONE to be found. Lame.

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