Acer Aspire E15 574G SSD and Ram Upgrade Tutorial Super fast upgrade

hey everybody I’m back again with another
video this is an upgrade of an aspire E 15 5 7 4g so here’s what you need an SSD
hard drive i chose a samsung 500 gigabyte you’re also going to need some
more am I got eight gigs of crucial ram and external cd-rom or DVD drive if you
don’t want to download the software from the internet a small screwdriver and an
external USB 3 SSD hard drive connector that’s just for doing the cloning you
you can get those connectors pretty cheap at any electronics store so first let’s install the software
Samsung’s migration software and just go through the standard steps of installing
it afterwards it will give you the option to do an update to that software
I just do the update that I want to get the latest and greatest but if you just
installed it from the CD it’s fine yeah so I launched it is going to say you
want to update i will say go ahead and update once again if you don’t want to
update can skip that step and it will just run off of the original install
software tech to so whenever you’re doing a cloning of hard drive you want
to select the source and a target and the source must be smaller than the
target i had a 300 gig written to the hard drive already so it took six hours
to complete once that’s completed you can go about
taking it apart and getting to the hard drive and the ram locations you are
going to want to have a small can or cup something to put all of these screws in
there very small easy to lose and there are a lot of them i counted over 20
screws I definitely had to speed up this video
because it took a little while to get this thing off doesn’t have to get the
20 screws off then you have to proceed on cracking the shell and by the battery
is the easiest start . that I found you have had to spin it around and just kind
of do it in a circular motion taking my time not break the enclosure because the
plastic is quite prevalent and then once you get all the screws off and all of it
cracked open and release the jumper there’s only one jumper holding the back
plate on now that you have the motherboard exposed you can click in the
Ram it’s an easy process just sliding in an angle and pressing down and now we can move on
to installing the new hard drive so the old hard drive is just sitting in their
little connector holding it in and you just have to tilt it up and just wiggle
it out we’ll set that aside it is a western
digital one terabyte drive so I’m going to save that for later and with that in
my harddrive caddy which i also purchased for this upgrade i will leave
the links in the descriptions on everything I used in this video is easy
it is to install the hard drive just wiggle it right in and we can now proceed
on installing the hard drive caddy now to install the hard drive into the Caddy
is pretty simple you just have to angle the hard drive once you’ve removed its little
rubberized I guess shock protection and you said to put it in at a slight angle
and then we go that in and drop it down into the caddy it is and it’s all done now
don’t forget that there’s a small little uh clip where the screw is going to go
in to after you get your rear cover on so you just have to take that off of the
old insert and replace it onto the new caddy and be sure to check orientation
to make sure that it’s based in the same direction as the old insert ok now just replug in the jumper from
the back plate and do a quick once-over making sure that everything is plugged
in and seated including the ram and the hard drive everything looks good so you can cover now i am not going to replace all the
screws just set or even snap it together because i want to do a check and make
sure that the hard drive is recognized and the ram is recognized before I decide
to close the enclosure so after I hit the power button it comes
to this warning that basically said that the boot drive has changed and what I
like to proceed and I was going to enter and then i have to select the drive and
it does show my SSD so I select that my boot manager as my primary boot drive so
now it’s booting up into windows and that was pretty fast for first boot on a
new hard drive so now that I’m in Windows i’m going to double check and
make sure that my ram is being recognized ok so looking at the system information
i do you see that there is 16 gigs of ram installed shut down and
install the hard drive caddy I wanted to use this extra hard drive for all of the
data storage this is actually my son’s laptop and he uses it for creating music
creating videos so he uses a lot of storage that one terabyte is definitely
going to be utilized and everything went really good so far in the upgrade until
this point because i really did have a lot of instructions with the HDD caddy I
assumed it was like a server hot-swappable drive would be and that
the tracks with guide connector and make good contact this was a wrong assumption because it
actually did not line up perfect and even though I tried to press it in there
it was just binding and not slide in correctly and when I push it even
harder it felt like something moved and so I
thought maybe it went in the actual slot but this was a wrong assumption so I decided unfortunately that i would put some of
the screws back in and go ahead and give it a final test and that was a bad idea
again because the touchpad was not working correctly and it was a slight
bow and cable I then took it apart and realized that it was not
plugged into the connector just move the connector back so i decided to take it
all apart and plug it in the right way and once you’ve plugged it in you have
to make sure they have end cap is off with the end cap off the cover can now
be placed over it and it actually goes on really easy so you just have to plug
in your wire once again from your back plate and once that’s in there you can
receive to close it Oh once you get that little connector
back on which is a bugger but you just got to be gentle with it then you can
snap it together and give it another go of a test ok as you can see i still have the end cap
off and that is where the last three screws i’m going to put in go let’s proceed to do the test plug it in
and powered up and let’s see how fast foods it took about six seconds to food into
the windows login screen everything looks good still the touchpad is still
working and now am booting windows and booted
another about six seconds and touchpad is still working great i’m going to
switch to a mouse just to make a little bit quicker for the video ok so now that everything is tested up
12 finally at the end cap after replacing all of those screws and it
goes right in and it looks perfect ok so now it’s time for the final test there goes should be booting right about now and now log into windows one last time okay that booted really fast let’s see if my ram still shows up
system information yes i have 16 gigs of ram installed now I did install the hard drive caddy and it does recognize that i
installed the hard drive but the hard drive has to be reinitialized and I have
to reformat the drive now I could have used this drive as backup drive in case
my SSD ever went bad but ssds last a long time and I’m not really worried
about it so now i’m going to try a game that my
son has on this laptop just to see if it moves fluid there’s any kind of lagging
involved now I know that video cards determine how well gameplays but you
know just to see if the hard drive and the ram effective gameplay at all and it seems to be running pretty good
now this is a budget laptop you can do some gaming on it you know I wouldn’t be
putting crysis 3 full blast on it but it’s a really good budget laptop that
can do some you know pretty decent gaming and is perfect for anybody who needs a lightweight good laptop for school or to edit videos it works great for that it’s got a 940 a
minute anyway i would recommend this to a friend in a drop of a hat it’s a great
laptop or anybody who doesn’t want to spend more than like five or 600 bucks
and it’s really easy to upgrade once you figure it out so thanks for watching my
video you liked it subscribe or leave a comment and thanks for watching yeah ok

24 thoughts on “Acer Aspire E15 574G SSD and Ram Upgrade Tutorial Super fast upgrade

  1. can u edit 4k videos on it? I have the same laptop without the upgrades and is getting lagging at 1080p 60fps on GoPro videos.

  2. Thank for this video. Is it necessary to upgrade the hard drive when upgrading the ram? Does it make a big difference?

  3. I have the same, I think, Laptop. but mine's motherboard is laid out a little different. the blacl thing for the caddy (sorry if I butchered that) is the whole thing, and I do not have the gold piece by my fan, is there different configurations for that laptop?

  4. Good Day!I am planning to change my laptop (same as this model) with a samsung 850 evo ssd…But my laptop has an actual cd rom in it and when I try to take it apart (took all the screws off) Im afraid I'd break the cd rom..Is there a separate screw for the cd rom or I just have to eject it before i remove all the screws and take it apart?What should I do..Very helpful vid btw..Keep it up!

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  7. Very true, I also ground myself on metal to make sure I am also not charged or you can wear a static guard. Thanks for the comment.

  8. Great tips and vid…thank you so much but just wanna ask how much is the total cost the upgrade?…cuz Im thinking of doing the same thing with my aspire E5 too….

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