Acer Helios 300 2018 Gaming Benchmarks – 15 Games Tested!

The Acer Predator Helios 300 is a well priced
gaming laptop with great specs, so let’s find out how well it performs in 15 different
games at all setting levels. Just quickly before we jump into the benchmark
results I’ll cover off the specs in my unit. There’s an Intel i7-8750H CPU, Nvidia 1060
graphics, and 16GB of memory running at DDR4-2666 in dual channel. It’s also available with
a 144Hz 1080p screen, and although my model actually has a 60Hz screen it will be interesting
to see how many games can actually take advantage of the higher panel. Other than that I was running Windows 10 with
the latest Nvidia drivers, so let’s see how well it runs! Fortnite was running nicely at all setting
levels, even at ultra the 1% lows are above 60 FPS so the dips in performance weren’t
too bad despite being maxed out, and we could improve the average frame rate significantly
by dropping the settings down. Overwatch was tested playing with the bots,
and even better results here, even while maxed out it played extremely smooth, it seems to
be a well optimized game and we’re averaging above 100 FPS at epic settings. PUBG was tested using the replay feature,
and the average frame rates at ultra were acceptable in this test but I’d probably
be looking at playing at around medium settings for a better experience, as shown by the differences
in 1% lows. CS:GO was tested using the Ulletical benchmark,
and even maxed out we’re seeing above 200 frames per second on average. Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the built
in benchmark, and even at ultra settings the 1% lows are still above 100 with averages
that are quite high, so it should play quite nicely regardless of setting level. Far Cry 5 was also tested with the built in
benchmark, and with ultra settings it was still possible to average above 60 FPS here
with 1% lows that weren’t too far below the averages, indicating that there are few
dips in performance. Assassin’s Creed Origins was another that
was tested with the built in benchmark, and yet again pretty good frame rates for this
test, although I don’t personally think you really need that high of a frame rate
to play this one. Dota 2 was tested using a fairly intensive
replay, so this should be a worst case scenario, these results are not the same as playing
the actual game, this benchmark is far more intensive than typical gameplay, and despite
this the frame rates here are quite good for this benchmark. Testing Battlefield 1 in the first campaign
mission ran well at all setting levels, with the 1% lows at ultra still above 60, so even
the dips in performance weren’t too bad here, I thought it played pretty well. Rise of the tomb raider was tested with the
built in benchmark, and at max settings we’re able to average above 60 FPS while the lower
levels get us closer to the 144Hz refresh rate option. Ghost Recon was also tested with the built
in benchmark and is a more demanding game, so not great results at ultra settings but
should be playable at other setting levels. Watchdogs 2 is also somewhat demanding, and
I found it to play well at very high settings or lower as I don’t think it really needs
a high frame rate to play. The Witcher 3 was averaging above 60 FPS even
with ultra settings, although that’s with Hairworks disabled, and we can basically double
this average at low settings. DOOM was tested using Vulkan, and regardless
of setting level used the results were quite nice, at ultra settings it still played smoothly
for me with no problems. Shadow of War was tested with the built in
benchmark, not quite averaging 60 FPS here at max settings but the frame rate increases
quite a bit at the lower levels. I’ve said it before, the Nvidia 1060 graphics
is a great sweet spot for 1080p 60 FPS gaming with good settings, and as we’ve seen in
these gaming benchmarks it’s doing a really nice job. Some games like CSGO and Overwatch
for instance are able to achieve high frame rates to make use of the 144Hz screen option,
but it really depends on the settings and specific game. I haven’t yet tested undervolting or overclocking,
as this will vary between laptops based on the hardware, but I’ll cover those in future
videos along with detailed temperature testing, this is just how the laptop performs out of
the box in a number of different games, as this is likely how most people will probably
end up using it, don’t worry though I’ll definitely cover the more advanced stuff too. So how do you guys think the Acer Helios 300
gaming laptop did in these games? As we’ve seen it’s going really well, all of these
games are running great with good settings. Let me know what you guys thought down in
the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe for the full review of the Acer Predator Helios
300 gaming laptop as well as future tech videos like this one.

97 thoughts on “Acer Helios 300 2018 Gaming Benchmarks – 15 Games Tested!

  1. Hey Jarrod. Love ur reviews. But please add the information about the size of the laptop. Because here i cant understand whether are u using 15.6 or 17.3 helios 300

  2. Nice video Jarrod! I have one question, you can get the MSI GS65, GIGABYTE Aero 15X and Razer Blade 15 of the same specs, 144hz, 8750h, 1070max q. Which one would you choose and why?

  3. For some reason it is pretty satisfying to watch an actual machine run stuff. Tech-porn I guess. Thanks for the vid. Oh, and by the way, would be nice to see how well a machine performs under an actual 2-3 hours gaming session with all those average/min/max fps and temps. Aaand another idea for a video: BFV beta-test gameplay on laptops with 10xx – would be interesting to see that since BFV supports newer 20xx GPUs

  4. While playing AC origins the lap is getting really hot and the game crashes a lot and exits the game…. Can u help me with the fix…

  5. Can you please do the comparison between Helios 300 (144Hz, GTX 1060) and HP Omen (144Hz, GTX 1060)?
    I really appreciate it.

  6. Nice video Jarrod. I would also love if u can compare it side by side with 2017 predator helios 300. Let's see how much of a performance gain we getting from the 2018 version when gaming

  7. Nice review as always. Acer predator is best price gaming laptop in India, I'm talking about 1050ti version…1060 as usual….. is way Overpriced here.
    Waiting for your review of Asus Rog Strix GL503GE with 1050ti 😚

  8. I know you get a lot of requests, but I’d love to see you cover the HP Omen 15 with 1070 max-q. There aren’t many reviews of it and none have the 1070 max-q variant. It’s cheaper than the likes of the Razer Blade 15 and gs65 and goes on sale a lot. I think anyone that likes something along the lines of the Helios 300 would be interested in it.
    Keep up the good work man.

  9. Hi there, Jarrod. Great video!
    This machine is an excellent choice in the mid+ tier, imo. And you are right: 1060 is simply perfect to run games at 60 FPS; I don't see the 144HZ panel as an advantage here.
    I think I said it before: Acer is doing a damn fine job with Predator line, offering solid machines. And with the upcoming Triton 900 and its unique screen design, it will give the competition a run for their money.
    Have a good one, mate.

  10. Yes please do the temperatures testing and no undervolting vs undervolting vs overclocking & undervolting!

    Waiting for this 😀

  11. i also found an acer predator helios 300 ph315-51-59e7 in a mall with an i5 8300h + gtx 1060 6gb also it's cheap af! is it also a new version? just like that one

  12. Hey Jarrod can you give me the full model number of ur model and part number cos I can't find info about it in my country

  13. Hey Jarrod, before I buy my gaming latptop, how is it possible that this is getting better performance than the zephyrus m that has a full 1070?

  14. Hey Jarrod I don't expect you to read this but I'm going to ask anyway. I recently bought a laptop with a 1080p 60hz display. I also have a monitor with those same specs. If I were to connect my laptop to my monitor would I see a dip In performance? The internet is very confusing on this. I'm not really a genius about this stuff unlike you. Sorry for taking your time!

  15. Jarrod!! please let me know when you'll review the Metabox pa70 with the new processor, I swear I'm waiting for your review with temperatures and performance before buying it! I need also to know if they fixed the throttling issues it had because of the clevo control center bug. thanks a lot mate, keep up posting, your reviews are the best!! cheers

  16. I am considering buying this soon, if possible could you please test VR on this so I know overall how it may run. Also, for a simmilar price is there anything better? TBH I don't really care that it's thick. Obviously thinner is better but thicc boi is worth it when you getting such good performance.

  17. Doesn't it feel euphoric when you find the search results for a very specific query? Thanks Jarrod!! I wanted to know how Rainbow Six performs on this beast of a machine as I am eagerly waiting for it to arrive!!

  18. But. Does it need gsync? I have a 1080ti pc and when I do benchmarking I turn off gsync. The couple times I forgot to turn it back on I noticed almost immediately. Am I spoiled forever now? Can I even be bothered with a display that doesn’t use gsync? My hardware will always have a nvidia gpu for the foreseeable future.

  19. mine has the same config ,except it came with a 16gb 2400mhz single channel ram, getting low gpu use n low minimums in cpu heavy games , will adding another 16 gb @2400 for dual channel give better results like ur benchmarks?

  20. Can you do a comparison of this with asus rog gu501gm. It has the same specs but with TB3. I saw that even if it has the same 1060 6gb nonMQ, rog is still underperforming but cant quite trust that because of lack reviews of gu501gm , its being overshadowed by the zephyrus m. Thanks

  21. Just ordered the i7 8750h 16gb of ram model with the 144hz and 1060. Was the best deal for the specs i wanted almost went with a dell g7 and hp envy. But both models in my price range had 60hz panels and after playing on a 1080p 120hz and 1440p 144hz im not going back to 60. Would love to have g-sync but the cheapest laptop i could find with that was around 1400-1500. Picked the acer up for 1100 seems great for a 6 core i7 16gb’s of ram and a 1060. It only came with a 256 ssd but i have a 2tb sshd laying around I’m gonna throw in. Not sure if i have one 16 or 2 8gb ram sticks. If i have one guess I’m upgrading to 32 because i want dual channel.

  22. as fortnite is probaly the easiest to deal with, i get bottlenecked at 40 fps -100 fps every game, usually under 60 fps constantly, is there anyway to fix this?

  23. i just got this laptop but i'm getting verly low fps compared to the benchmarks. in fortnite i get around 80 to 120 regardless of the quality level. its the same in other games as well(dota 2 ~80-10fps low to ultra, csgo ~ 100 – 140 fps). i updated the nvidia as well as intel drivers, but no change. please help.

  24. Can you please help me. Which one with i should go.
    Asus Rog zephyrus GM501?
    Dell G7?
    Hp omen 1070?
    Acer helios 500?
    MSI G65?
    I want to purchase a good gaming laptop. But confused and havent enough info about them.

  25. Does this laptop have a displayport? I tried plugging one in and it wouldn't fit, I'm wondering if it uses a mini displayport cable.

  26. So I literally just got this laptop today and I put Overwatch at max settings and it ran just fine the first time. But now it's only running at 10 fps at the same settings. Anyone know what the hell is going on? Also every other game runs just fine

  27. No one maxes out fortnite they turn a bunch of stuff on low I will be looking forward to unboxing my acer Helios mine is 144hz screen 2018 version I’m excited

  28. I'm about to buy this but im afraid about the over heating. Which methods were you using to keep it cool and have good performance ?

  29. Does the helios 300 has the same thermal design or better than acer nitro 5 ? If yes are the changes appreciable ?

  30. Why my acer predator helios 300 PH315-51(without ssd and only 8gb ram) can't even run the far cry 5 smoothly on lowest settings, 1600 x 900 resolution, 0.8 resolution scale and still can't maintain a 40 fps. How can I optimized it to achieve the result's you got? Thanks!!

  31. U guys willl regret after 1 year that uve spent $1200 (1500for asian fellows) for that shitty overheating laptops

  32. I want to buy an laptop. This, or ASUS TUF FX505 with gtx 1060 + i7 8750h 8GB. FPS in CS GO will perform better or same if I add more 8GB? (144hz)

  33. personally looking into another laptop for only gaming, as i have one for school and work. many of my friends play on pc so this seems like a good option so i can join them in pc gaming.

  34. I've watch your video for Helios 300 & Asus fx505 for multiple times.

    Fx505 look to have better cooling design, but your test Helios 300 is much cooler than fx505. And the fps look higher on helios 300.

    I've two 3choice now.

    Fx505 i5-8300h 1060 60hz panel (MYR3750)
    Helios 300 same spec 60hz panel (MYR3600)
    Or Aftershock forge 15 pro I7-9750 RtX2060 144hz panel (RM5499)

    I believe 144hz panel doesn't give much value for me because the fps not even reach 144fps right? 🤔

    Looking for your advice please. My room temperature around 27-30 😂🤣
    Budget and best value please.
    Cause I might be able to build Ryzen 2600 B450m + Galax gtx1660 + 16gb 3200mhz ram with RM2600 but ofc laptop can bring it everywhere.

  35. Great video !! May I ask if I were to remove the battery and charge and play. Would it hurts the laptop more than charging and playing with the battery on? Thank you!

  36. Great video 👍 ,But I am having some issue with my model ,while playing farcry 5 my cpu temps. reaches 95+ most of the time ,its been only 3 weeks since i purchased my helios 300 and it has got exact same specs as your review unit .Can you give me some advice to lower the temperature ? I would really appreciate it !

  37. Im scared to get it now cause my main game is fortnite and it updates a lot now so im not sure if the benchmark would still be accurate can someone please help me out on that?

  38. Hi everyone! I just bought this laptop the other day and I am having issues! I am only getting 80 fps on LOW settings in Rainbow Six Siege! I don't know how you're getting that much fps. In BF5 I only got 50 fps on LOW!!! What is my issue? My cpu has reached 98c and gpu 75c…PLEASE HELP!!!

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