Acer predator helios 300 2019-Indian variant|Best gaming laptop?|Unboxing[HINDI]

friends new acer predator helios 300 2019 version is here today i will tell you why it is the best gaming laptop , and why you should buy it so lets get started *intro plays* so lets do the unboxing its heavy *silence* this is how the box looks from the outside *again silence* the specifications are given on this side of the box and the components and on the other side they have given the description of the product and its company address and in the front is its price,specs again and its manufacturing date now lets see whats inside inside is the laptop box and a small box,lets bring it out the main laptop box *box inside box* predator logo *magnificent* the box has 2 seals on its both sides the branding is cool its the card, you know the regular heres the small box this big box is now empty *jam drops in* its the user manual the quick guide now lets put it back there now lets open the main box here is the main piece-the laptop,lets take it out lets put the box aside the laptop looks beautiful with the matte black aluminium finish and its predator logo the backside and both its sides its a bit heavy laptop now lets see whats inside the small box its the adapter and its cable cord the adapter is heavy,but compared to other gaming laptops its not that much heavy,its a 180 watt adapter its the cable cord so we have unboxed its whole components,now lets talk about its specifications it comes with the new intel i7 9th generetion 9750h cpu,and the graphic card is nvidea’s new gtx 1660ti 6gb vram 80 watts the memory is 16gb ddr4 ram,which is a single slot ram,you can add one more too talking about storage,it has 256gb nvme m.2 ssd and 1tb 5400RPM hdd taking about the screen,it is 15.6” inches full HD 1080p with 144 hertz,which means its an flawless screen acer predator has a new wifi card which is KILLER WIRELESS-AC 1550i[802.11AC wifi] it has bluetooth 5 and it has the new GIGABIT ETHERNET [KILLER E2500] now lets talk about its build quality,it is made up of metal aluminium it has its predator logo with blue finish which is backlit,talking about the keyboard,the keys are given a black matte finish with white borders which are RGB backlit mouse trackpad is nice with no buttons with border of blue-silver finish! the underneath of the laptop is made of plastic, with lot of space for air vents talking about the left side of the laptop,it has an keystone lock port,a air vent, charging port,2 LEDs,lan port,2 usb port 3.0rd gen and a audio jack port and on the right side of the laptop are a air vent, a HDMI port,a mini display port,a 3.0 usb port and a type-C usb port i will tell why is this laptop of acer considered the best gaming laptop on my next video which will be coming soon along with its full detailed review and performance stats with me here i have the nvidea 1660ti version laptop,but you all can buy a rtx 2060 version or an i5 version of this laptop from acer’s official website or from the link down in the description thats all for today’s video,sasriyakaal,goodnight,shaberkher, MIDBENCHERS OUT…….. OUTRO PLAYS…. what are you doing here till now……the music is dope right? subtitles by ME MYSELF goodnight go to sleep

8 thoughts on “Acer predator helios 300 2019-Indian variant|Best gaming laptop?|Unboxing[HINDI]

  1. Brother in 1 lack 20 Thousand You can get a BEAST GAMING PC. Why go for a laptop ?
    Sorry to say bro but you like most others are robbed from your hard earned money.

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