Actually Worth The Hype? Acer Helios 300 Review

it’s time it’s time to finally take a
look at the most hyped up gaming laptop that you guys have any requesting us to
take a look at that’s none other than the Acer Predator Helios 300 you see
everyone’s been talking about this laptop every time we post a notebook
review and when I exfol through the comments Helios 300 Helios 300 you
guys should definitely check it out it’s finally here and what’s even cool is
that I can now compare it to some welts or about similarly priced notebooks and
kind of check out what the performance is like and how well it actually cools a
hardware now speaking of hardware that’s one of
the main selling factors of the Helios 300 because what are we talking about in
terms of specs well it’s got an i7 9750 h6 core to alternate processor 16
gigabytes of RAM in dual channel mode a 256 gigabyte nvme SSD a gtx 60 and 60 TI
non-mexican graphics card and a 1080p IPS 144 hertz display all of which will
cost you $1,200 that is a deal that that’s just an insane deal in fact you
can actually pick it up for a little less on Amazon right now I’ll make sure
to leave links in the description down below just in case if you’re interested
in picking one up so is the predator Helios 300 be best bang for the buck
gaming laptop that you can buy right now let’s find out but first a quick message
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out the low alright so first things first the design and there’s nothing
really special going on over here at first lines anyone would just classify
this as a gaming laptop just because of the way how it looks if you’re looking
for something a little bit more real or profile and stealth this just wouldn’t
fit that criteria because you’ve got the predator logo at the front that’s LED
lit in teal which is really cool and refreshing to see compared to these two
black and red color schemes that we’re seeing on a lot of notebooks these days
honestly I feel like red and black is just too overrated at this point you’ve
also got a few other teal accents throughout the body including the
trackpad the wast and arrow keys have a bit of teal accent as well so does the
back lining it’s nice and consistent I think Dave 2d will certainly improve the
chassis is mostly made out of hard plastic materials but it’s put together
really well there’s barely any flex on the keyboard
and the screen which is really good the hinge is nice and sturdy there’s no
wobble whatsoever seriously this laptop for the price it
just blew me away I mean it does better than some really expensive laptops out
there you know you’re good by looking at you right now the webcam is located
exactly where I need it to be I mean while this notebook doesn’t have these
slimmest bezels compared to the competition I actually don’t mind having
a little bit of bezel even at the top and the bottom because just it just from
a function knowledge standpoint it does a job really well opening of the
notebook you’re greeted with a full-size keyboard and the keys are excellent they
don’t feel mushy but rather they sport a good amount of travel distance honestly
this is one of the best out there even up against the legion laptops from
lenovo the trackpad isn’t the best that i’ve tried so far it’s partly because it
is a plastic surface and not a glass trackpad that you’d find in a lot more
expensive premium gaming laptops however the good thing is that they do
eventually smoothen out with the help of your pay increase which is a little bit
gross but it works out eventually and they do support Windows position drivers
so windows gestures work flawlessly on the Helios 300 the speakers are well as
we expected located at the bottom which means do not expect the best sound
quality coming out of this laptop there’s just no bass and there’s just no
body to the sound when you’re listening to music or watching videos so I’d
highly recommend pairing it with a good set of headphones for a good comfortable
content consuming experience port selection is really good so on the left
hand side you have Kensington lock power an rj45 2 USB 3.1 gen2 ports that’s
right gen 2 so you can take advantage of the
10 gigabits per second protocol you also get a headphone / mic jack
switching over to the right there’s an HDMI port mini DisplayPort and extra
USB 3.1 type a and type C ports unfortunately type C isn’t Thunderbolt 3
moving on to the display it’s a 1080p 144 Hertz IPS panel and honestly it was
a fantastic experience gaming on it I really enjoyed my time and I think I
said this in the past if you’re looking for a gaming laptop in 2019 just go for
a panel with a fast refresh rate if it has IPs that’s even better because the
colors in the contrary she was really good on this display my only gripe is
that it doesn’t get bright outdoors so out of your visibility is just a little
bit challenging and also on my sample I noticed a little bit of clouding at the
top when I did my black screen test so if you’re watching movies especially
with that crop during low-light scenarios that could be a little
distracting upgrade ability is very straight forward on the Helios 300 so
you have instant access to the memory and storage I’m actually really
surprised by these storage expansion options you get with this laptop so
there’s an MT m2 slot that can be populated with an nvme SSD which is nice
the 256 gigabyte primary nvme SSD is from hynek’s and it doesn’t have the
fastest to read or write speeds so keep that in mind and on top of all of this
expansion Acer has implemented a two-and-a-half-inch dry salon and they
do provide a hard drive installation kit within the box so you can really load
this notebook up with some high capacity drives this laptop has a 50 cent one
hour battery and unfortunately it’s not the greatest especially when compared to
the rise in notebook from Asus that we checked out recently the G a 502 D U as
well as the lenovo Elysian Wi-Fi 45 so if you’re planning on
lugging this thing around to school or whatnot you’re really not gonna be
impressed with a battery life honestly this could have been addressed a vase or
offered a different SKU where they didn’t have that to a half inch hard
drive bracket but then equipped it with a larger battery because honestly 2 m
dot 2 slots that’s good enough and SSDs especially nvme SSDs are getting cheaper
as well and you can pick them up for a really good deal moving on to
performance the core i7 97 50 H performs extremely well as you can see compared
to these similarly priced Zephyrs rise in notebook that I looked at a while
back the Helios just destroys it even comparing it to the Legion Wi-Fi 45
featuring the same i7 CPU the takes the edge by a little bit because
it’s cooling solution and the ability to sustain those higher clock speeds is
just remarkable and I’ll get to that in just a bit taking a look at our standard
13 minute Premiere Pro render test we took a 4k video exported it to the
YouTube h.264 preset and the system took 10 minutes and 43 seconds to complete
that task which is of course things to Intel Quick Sync so this is a fantastic
option if you plan on creating content and since this is a gaming laptop it
does that job really really well as you can see you can comfortably play at
1080p set to the highest settings above 100 frames per second in most titles and
when you pair that with the 144 Hertz refresh rate display this thing is an
all-rounder in terms of CPU clock speeds during idle I was easily able to notice
clock speeds above 4 gigahertz and during load during my render test the
CPU was comfortably able to sustain those speeds around 4 gigahertz but what
really surprised me where those temperatures you see it does speak a bit
over 90 but on average it was around 76 to 77 degrees Celsius but with the help
of this magical button called turbo which I accidentally mistake and as the
power button it dramatically reduces those temperatures but the catch is as
I’m going to show it to you live right now I’m gonna hit that turbo button
right over there and you know can you even hear me let’s just turn it off so
through that live demonstration you probably just heard how loud a fans get
when you enable turbo mode which does do the trick it does bring those
temperatures down but realistically you don’t have to enable it because the
laptop does a really good job cooling the CPU in the first place unless if you
decide to run I don’t know prime95 for like 24 hours
but I mean come on that’s just not realistic now fan noise in general by
itself is really good even during low situations it doesn’t get extremely loud
especially compared to those thin and light gaming laptops so we’re seeing
lately the gtx 660ti ran really cool as well as I was monitoring temps I only
noticed it peak at 72 C which is really amazing and the clock speeds were
between 1680 and 1710 megahertz so to conclude I am really impressed with the
patter to Helios 300 but that was I’m surprised because I was expecting
that considering that this laptop has been and currently is really popular
among a lot of gamers you see for 1200 dollars this is the best bang for the
buck gaming laptop that you can buy right now because the performance is
amazing you can do all sorts of stuff with it not just gaming but if you want
to create content on it or if you want to do a little bit of streaming on it
the hardware by itself is a fantastic combo because the 60 SEC Ti is a non
max-q variant so that means you’re gonna get the best gaming performance at 1080p
the core i7 9250 H is a great CPU for editing videos and photos so if you want
to get a little bit creative as well this is a great option not to mention it
actually cools the hardware really well compared to the Legion Wi-Fi 45 from
Lenovo that’s priced a little bit more compared to the Helios 300 but it
features the same specs so that’s a bonus and these storage expansion
options are also fantastic on the Helios 300 but that being said I know that some
of you may not be really into the way how this laptop looks perhaps you guys
would have preferred a more stealth low profile looking laptop and I hope Acer
would bring up something like that in the future the trap that isn’t the
greatest as well as the speakers they don’t sound that great and the battery
life is pretty terrible so I would highly recommend lugging around your AC
adapter which isn’t that heavy at all so that is a little bit of a downside and I
do want to mention this really quickly the killer 1500 Wi-Fi card that’s on
this notebook is technically from Intel it’s just running killer software you
know I did experience a few dropdowns a couple of times and then after a restart
everything seems to be working just fine so I thought that that was worth
bringing up but if you’re willing to dodge those bullets the predator Helios
300 for Acer is the best gaming laptop that money can buy right now in fact I
want to know your thoughts about this laptop do you think there are any of the
alternatives that might give this notebook a run for its money
now 1200 ollars is still pretty expensive perhaps there is a sub $1000
notebook that you might want us to check out definitely let us know the comments
down below I will keep an eye out for this laptop for Black Friday or special
sales events because it does sell it really fast so yeah that’s pretty much
it thank you so much for watching make sure to check out some relevant content
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video that we publish I need one with hundred connects thank you so much for
watching and I’ll talk to you guys in the next one

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