Advantage Playing Games Online

Hello everyone my name is M. Faisal Rahmatullah I am 2nd semester on Polytechnic of banjarmasin majoring in informatics engineering this video is the final test assignment for english 2 course Online games are swiftly evolving into the most engaging form of entertainment today. The advancement of technology and the increasing usage of internet have allowed conventional games to become virtually accessible significantly enhancing their reach and the joy of gaming enthusiasts. and nowadays in this world various games online have became extremely popular the mix of strategy, skills, and luck make them compelling for millions of online users Studies have revealed that one of five people visits the gaming websites and the observers are sure in the next year the number is going to increase when the game is be more advanced and …. few of people things playing games online is not good but let me tell you they are wrong because … Online games do have certain benefits They are as follows Improves social interaction Boost cognitive development and memory Gateway to health and recovery Educative games altogether for the conclusion of my video playing games online help players to develop complex problem-solving skills leadership skills, and to develope the ability to deal unexpected consequences and also improving the players observation skills and ….. hone their alertness and concentration and playing games online could be a welcome and relaxing experience in this modern life offering stress relief while developing social skills. and maybe that’s all from me thank you for watching this video wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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