All The Ways To Hack Your Phone: Phreaked Out (Episode 3)

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  1. What to do? Where to go? Which to buy? How to thwart. Please inform effectively. That's what we will listen to. Fn with human consciousness It's maddening.

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  4. None of this matters.
    You could tell people their phones give them Cancer and they would still use them.
    Oh wait your phone DOES give you cancer…

  5. How about when they have your cellphone tagged or hacked into and a group on stand by to stalk you as well? So in other words they do it on your cell phone and real world. In other words they stalk you from your cellphone and also in real world time. A clever group of robbers. And have mostly told big fat lies in order to have been able to gotten away it? Or while these things were being preformed so no one could catch on exactly just what was happening to the victim's?

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  7. oh shit that means you can get the password of networks in like 3 seconds + decryption time (how much is decryption time?)

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  14. I remember back in the day I had AOL punters, Chat room scrollers, and AOL password stealers. I thought I was the shit. I remember the days on a 56k dial up modem that used to take about 30 minutes to download 1 song off of the NAPSTER. damn!!! look how far it's gone, with no return!

  15. You're a Socialooser if you need to spy on people with A life. U wanna look up my ass? What do you expect? They're Nerds. The original peep hole perv in the year 2000.

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  17. Sadly this video is more meant to scare than to inform and doesn't even give tips for prevention. Things are not that simple. A phone will not switch networks if the password is different.
    1.If you don't watch for the green padlock (https) you deserve to be hacked.
    2. If you can't hear a drone whirling like crazy above your head, you deserve to be hacked!
    3. If you access all free and open networks, same!
    4. A drone just falls if hijacked, because of the firmware.

  18. All of the hand-wavy man-in-the-middle sniffing scenarios in the video assume no TLS/SSL with CA verification is used. Change my mind

  19. Wow! I am pretty sure 85% Of Internet user got no clue how vulnerable they are when surfing on the internet or connecting devices wherever they getting a free wiFi. And that's why you get hundred of thousands credit card/account details and all the personal information in dark web and there are lots of people out there buying those compromised information and misusing it.
    All the device manufacturer not saying a shit to their consumer because of the bloody greed and these blood-suckers not taking steps to prevent consumer's privacy. In this time we all need to educate ourselves in every possible thing we are connected to. Government don't care, these companies don't care one cares about us… People put their trust/life on the government by voting and choosing as their guardian, thinking they will take care of us stand by us in our need, support us, aware us when needed but all they doing is flipping lying and making money. Thats all they care… Politics is the most profitable business….

  20. Good looking out thank you this is a good video nobody put it out there like that maybe we get mine something about cell phones kind of clue do it operating systems are supposed to look like for devices such a boot loaders for each device so people can see what it's supposed to look like Looking forward finding out some of it myself

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  22. fucking lucking I've always been pisted or on drugs when my phone is on, and can pull my battery out still.. I have an excuse by law for saying stupid shit and my facebook, insta, etc.. But I've deleted it all well over 3 months ago yes permanent delete, not the other optsion, fuck the matrix.. I have never put my real date of birth or really personal shit like a lot of crew… thank god or who ever.. only thing is my picture yes I have put that and regretted it the day or week after and then it change from hotmail to gmail so I lost that account as it's still active. I wish I could delete but fogot passsword and mobile number. good thing these guy's are sharing this info… Don't put personal stuff online full stop unless out of ya head and have a good legal excuse.. Fucking computers and phones are your weakness .. cover ya cameras and blue tac ya mic's.. any other info people could give me on being safe would be grat as I stil know fuk all in the big matrix skeme of thing's.

  23. This was really AMAZING…Except it really wasn't…

    The iPhone was NEVER actually hacked. All credentials we saw obtained were done via MITM attacks external to the actual iPhone itself. The device was never breached and no data taken directly from it. And it's shows how shitty the Motherboard "journalistic" standards are if they allow their stories to contain and propagate blatant misinformation.

  24. My school gives everyone a UserID, and these are sequentially assigned, our passwords are are birthdays, so they are yyyymmdd.
    So for example, a login could look like UserID: 9736321 Password: 20191404
    But here's the kicker: Your birthday used to be publicly available through Google+ (which shut down for consumers, BUT NOT ENTERPRISE OR EDUCATION ACCOUNTS) so all you need to do is take a name and type it into Google Docs sharing screen, you get the User ID, then search the email on Google+ and you get their birthday, so now you know their login. (I've never told anyone this. XD)

  25. Hey, anyone knows what of the small computer used in the drone? 7:41 I thought it was a raspberry pi, but, it doesn't. Anyone knows? Thanks!

  26. I've been in the industry for over 35 years and have held a basic premise about technology since early in my career.
    Anything that can be done with technology, can be undone with technology. Anything you can make with technology, you can break with technology.
    When I first told this to the government people using tech that they thought was secure, they laughed at me. They aren't laughing now.

  27. I call that a COVERT NARC . Someone who was bullied as a kid and now feeling power from fu^^ing people. SLEEP WELL PERP.🐖

  28. Oh wow someone already had the same ideas like years ago…. Is it patched? Can you hack mobile services base stations wirelessly?

  29. Well it's time to get rid of the cell phone. It's just a simple as that.the world progressed just fine before these stupid fucking handheld brainwashing , cancer-causing, weaponized surveillance system devices were even thought of.

  30. Great vid. Real eye-opener, thank you for the research and to your interviewees for their candor. For me personally, however, no matter how thorough exposure films are, I'm always left wanting for irl ways to deal with any or all of the events described herein, in irl ways with irl means, and more specifically, instructables for no0bs (me) who have no clue – whom to trust, where to turn, or even ways to unequivocally know/find out if, when, how and by whom (if possible) I've been 'hacked', and of equal importance, how does a no clue dude like me STOP this nefarious activity without having to devote yet another half life to study of specific skills. I don't see any white hats offering free skills courses for anti-hacking (TSCM) or any of them building phones like GSMK produces that do it 'all' for the user (in the basest of the sense) for the price of a new Google Pixel (insert latest model number here) versus the $5K+ price tag of the hardened O/S of the aforementioned mfr. I've been trying to watch as many legit (that a know-nothing could even discern) videos on this subject as possible and if there IS any form of TSCM given, it's usually outdated or completely inapplicable due to vast differences in OEM specs. Waaaahhhh, poor me, tears flowing, blah, blah, blah. TL:DR: where does a no0b turn for SOUND advice from (for the most part) HONEST TSCM practitioners? Thanks and Cheers!

    Edit: just saw the publish date of this vid…… holy crap, I'll never be able to keep up, let alone find timely advice or know how. Thanks just the same.

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  32. "…alot of people don't know that"
    I disagree, people DO know that and they just DO NOT care. We have to have the latest update on Supreme clothing to know when we need to overspend on something that is completely meaningless to us on twitter or when a kardashian likes something utterly worthless on instagram, or when grandpa is on one of his pro-trump ramblings again while sharing a poorly russian-made propaganda meme. They know….they just do not care and if they did, then their fucks that they gave died out a long time ago. We are slowly becoming the CCTV state that competes against china itself.

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  34. guys I need help becouse me don't have idea how can people sms thrue my mobile phone and sim card to another person

  35. 2014 was a big Holy Fuck in terms of how everything was so insecure and most mortals had no clue about it. Finally we're noticing a decline in the amount of WEP APs, but still, people should start realizing the new paradigm of property security.

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  40. Good thing I have unlimited data. I never use WiFi I keep it off and run vpn. Hopefully that helps. At home I use lan cables for all my stuff. I have WiFi but that’s primarily for guests. I dont use WiFi for my phone. My iPad is the only device of mine that I use on WiFi. Great video.

  41. I know…I don't use normal phones anymore. Not that it would help much but it makes others lives more difficult. Things get even worse when you buy an encrypted phone ($ 800 plus x) and the company decrypts the code to give access to the "enemy". Makes you feel nude and vulnerable. And can even put you off for good if it's done on behalf of organizations like the NATO, German Army or the NSA while they are collaborating with people who have already rape and child abuse charges in three different countries, for business purposes. Especially when you find out that police or law enforcement don't even are going to help you when those Nazis2.0 take pictures of your kids or track other female family members for their racist and pervert entertainment.


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