AMD Now Rules The under $200 Video Card Market!

hey everybody for the longest time there has been an ongoing trend and this is the battle between AMD and NVIDIA traditionally nvidia has always had faster stuff at a higher price AMD has always had a little bit of slower stuff and they’ve been at a lower price point obviously it’s sometimes this is flipped a little bit but now we’re seeing the trend actually start to shift for the very first time ever and I think it’s really great news for gamers around the world now you guys all know that last week Nvidia released the GTX 1650 card no one really likes that card and to be quite honest with you and less it is the version that requires no power like the zotac I’m not into it I’ll say it straight up it’s just well there’s other versions that cost more money they’re like almost $200 at $200 you can be getting yourself an RX 590 that’s faster and everything else so today’s video is really about this we did a video the other day comparing one $49 cards – cards priced identically at 149 dollars now some people keep saying that Oh 100 dollars is an entry level entry level video card but I’m just going to tell you this right now if you’re expecting to get 60 frames per second at 1080p and only pay $100 maybe you’re looking about five years in the future that just where it’s at 149 dollars excuse me sometimes a little frog in my throat as I gather my thoughts there what we’re seeing right now though is that AMD actually is ruling at this price point at 149 dollars which I feel right now is pretty much an entry level gaming card AMD gets the crown you guys have seen from the tests that we have shown you that the RX 570 this particular card and we tested the 8 gigabyte card and yes I know some people out there gonna go dude they have some of these cards that are a hundred and thirty dollars these are the 4 gigabyte version cards the 4 gigabyte version cards in the test are barely at all faster in most cases then the 1650 that’s just how it is it’ll it’ll beat in some cases by a wee bit but the 8 gigabyte version that particular card does better across the board so at this time point right now for anything under $200 AMD is ruling in this price range they really are I mean you can get all the way up until an rx 580 and pay less than under $200 and if you want to spend a little bit more and get yourself a 590 all I could just spend about 219 bucks you might be able to find some of these unsay Lauren being possibly even mildly used for even much cheaper than that so in this current time frame AMD has finally succeeded and they’re doing this well at beating AMD in both price and performance that’s just how it is I mean cuz like you said even if the 570 even if the 4 gigabyte version is still beating it’s still beating it period that’s really all that matters with us by an inch a mile whatever it still wins at the exact same price point so now AMD is ruling in this area and it’s something that rarely is ever seen and with NVIDIA having their prices of their high-end cars like in the $1400 range I mean honestly that puts that card out of reach for so many people out there in the world now there’s probably a lot of price market margin which people have always get mad at as well because they you know they make the crazy comments about Nvidia kind of an ingredient all kinds of crazy stuff like that but honestly those cards are priced so high there probably is a shit ton of profit margin in there with all that you know I’m saying so I don’t know just making only really SuperDuper expensive cards make people more money I don’t know because it seems like to me the entry-level and mid-level areas of computing are where people are going to be spending the most amount of money because face it most people want to have a computer at home and if you’re not a serious gamer but you still want to be able to game you want a decent card and now we’ve proven to you guys that we can put a system together and probably we can even went we could have tightened our belts a little bit more we could have got this system down to about $600 so for $600 you can get yourself an AMD based system that’s gonna play all of your games it’ll do halfway decent editing as well you can do everything online everything you need to do and pay $600 now obviously they’re going to be the snobby people out there going to want the absolute best of the best these the people at play a whole lot of games and are really in the gaming I mean that’s kind of how I started my career doing this stuff I started out just being a gamer and loving to play games I loved playing games so much I started to want to write about it I was like oh man well what can this computer do and what computer can that do how does this play these games you know who my god is like really exciting stuff and this was back like pretty much in the dinosaur area of the PC industry and back then this same type of thing was going on you prayed a really high premium for the best stuff and then the other stuff was cheaper but really AMD now has successfully checkmated Nvidia at the sub $200 price range so anything that’s going to be under $200 right now Nvidia is pretty much ruling that market I’m sure Nvidia is gonna have their take on this and everything else because everybody has their opinion let’s just face it but we’ve done the testing and for me if I had less than $200 in my pocket and I was gonna build a system and get a video card I would definitely be going the AMD route at this time plate if I’m gonna be an uber snob and I really gonna play a lot of games sure I might get a 280 yeah I mean excuse me a 20 80 and I might go for that direction if I really want or one of the other cards but for anybody who is please games but games don’t completely rule their life you can build a system for under six hundred bucks using AMD parts and an rx 570 and you’re in like Flynn and other people out there said hey man I’d really upgrade and get myself but 580 well you know what if you want to kick in a few more bucks 40 more bucks guess what you can do that but you’re still under that 200 dollar price range so this particular video I’m all have links down below to just a whole bunch of different cards you know that you guys same kind of choices too in this particular price range so if you’re looking to get yourself an RX 570 we’ll have some down there to look at we’ll also have some 580 s to recommend for you folks so just know if you’re tight on cash and you want some that’s gonna deliver and you’ve only got a limited budget then hey AMD right now is the clear winner under $200 they’re gonna take home the tech of tomorrow product of the year for the budget category and video cards for the rx 570 peace hey if you’re not sub you can sub and you can try turning on notifications because sometimes will to notify you also we’d love for you to follow us on Twitter we’ll have a link down below if you want to check us out on Twitter we make our announcements there we have all 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100 thoughts on “AMD Now Rules The under $200 Video Card Market!

  1. If you are on a budget and still need a performance gaming card AMD now rules in the sub $200 price range in both price and performance. Go AMD!!!

  2. The Gayforce 1650 Ti doesnt even make a sense.. its a crap card even my old AMD r290 from 2013 kicks that card !.

  3. Cheapest RX 580's are the same price as the first price 1650 here in Switzerland (since last year we don't have the exact US pricing anymore +25% in average) and there's no comparaison possible between both cards. The 1650 is just an overpriced 2030, they won't even be able to sell them at half the price if Navi is even remotely close to the rumors we hear. It's going to be a complicated year for fanboism, Intel's going to get the biggest slap in its face for the 3 last decades and Nvidia will learn what it means to suffer from the drought they've created themselves. There are still 10 Series owners here (1080ti's) ready to switch to Navi especially if one model offers performance close to the 2080ti (we'll see what AMD has to offer, for me it sounds too good to be true), these will come on the second hand market and will be in direct competition in pricing with the mid range GPUS from Nvidia like the 2060 and the 2070, the 2060, the model that gives Nvidia its largest margin. Something tells me that as soon as Navi is about to be released we'll hear from Nvidia either through price drop (they'll invent a marketing BS to explain why they now sell the 20 series at half the price when the previous days they were telling us it wasn't possible costwise) or we'll hear rumors of the next GPU generation from Nvidia. The next 3 months will be brutal

  4. This is nowhere near the first time AMD has a lot better value cards, ok it has been a mess for the last 5 years, but the thing is people weren't buying AMD when their GPUs were quite a bit better, and well AMD only now has somewhat recovered from that and shows that in sub 200$ market and well now when it is hard for companies like intel to make black deals like back in 2004 it will be hard for novideo to do what they did in 2009…

  5. "Turn on notification cause' sometimes they notify you" – Elric, Tech of Tomorrow

    That is actually quite true… sometimes it really DOES notify you. ✌👽

  6. To be honest with all the issues I am having with my RTX 2060. Like BSOD's and Crashing all time makes playing my games almost pointless. I switched to the vega 56 which you can get now for $299.99 which I thought was a steal. It really outperforms my RTX 2060 on it's best day.

  7. Amd didn't really do anything new, these are old cards, but nvidia hasn't done anything to truly compete at that price range either. I guess they just don't care about the entry level category.

  8. Hey Elric! Very well said. I am not a fan of AMD or Nvidia, in fact, I am having an Nvidia card on my system because the truth is, Nvidia charges a premium for their cards but these cards are top notch in terms of technology and stability in the system and overall satisfaction index with Nvidia cards are better than AMD! BUT, below 200 dollar price segment, AMD is the GPU king!

  9. Now buyers have to realise that and AMD would probably start earning real money with their GPUs 😀

  10. RX580 is < $200, heck you can get RX590 for $219. RTX with its price is just useless for 98% of the people.

  11. A few weeks ago, I got an 8GB RX580 used for $130. It works really well for what I use it for. I've been a console gamer my whole life, so this card with my Ryzen 5 1600 and 16GB of DDR4, blows away any console I've ever had.

  12. AMD tactic: Release decent GPUs and hold the price for years until nvidia releases their next gen GPUs. Lower the price on your older mid range cards when nvidia releases their new low end cards so you completely destroy them in value. Well played AMD, well played.

  13. Yes, GTX1650 should have had more punch to it, beating clearly the much older RX570. Good example is the older GTX1050 and GTX1050Ti, while the first was beating then previous generation mid GPU the GTX760, the Ti model was offering performance on a level of GTX770 with significant power consumption benefits. If AMD has made a few well-though Navi cards then the real battle is only just begun.

  14. Just purchased a Gigabyte rx 570 gaming GPU for 139.99 off Newegg with a 20 dollar rebate and also includes world war z and the division 2. Both games I've been looking into recently. Amazing deal and I'm glad AMD is back. Longtime AMD fan since the single core athlon xp days.

  15. AMD is Beating AMD? LOL that was a good joke to see how many people are paying attention. But I have a Sapphire Nitro* RX 480. It games 1080p up to my FreeSync monitor's max 144hz max w/o issue. I put it on H2O a year after I got it at release. It came OC'd from the factory but I now run it @1410Mhz and 2100Mhz ram (50c max). I get 120fps on The Division 2 medium settings and 77 fps on high (uses 7.4Gb of vram!) .

    Wow can you believe it I'm almost 60 and still PC gaming! I agree the minimum Vram for gpu's is now 8Gb if you want 60fps on high settings. But I also take advantage of Radeon Chill. It saves me 50W while gaming and the frame rate is a buttery smooth 60fps with no stuttering! All this on a Ryzen 1600X with a bclk set to 100.6. XFR does wonders still on 1st gen, 4,124 Mhz single core boosts and 3799 Mhz all core. This is my primary "Gaming PC" It has a 144hz 1080p 1ms gaming monitor.

    Talk about a budget build! I paid $500 for CPU, X370 MB, and 16Gb 3200 DDR4 ram in 2017. I was able to duplicate this purchase a couple of weeks later and upgraded my HTPC TOO! The HTPC now has a Vega 64, and a 2700X pushing my 4K monitor in the living room. Your suggestions for "Budget" builds really turn out to be good "Mid-Range" PC's and the value over the years shows. Thanks for all the years of good advice and products Elric.

  16. Even going up to higher price range and performance, vega 56 and vega 64 is a superior buy compared to nvidia now. Everybody remembers the big dissatpointment when they came out, and dismiss them, but with time and price drops, they are a very competitive buy, if you want smilair performance from nvidia you have to pay almost double.
    I was wanting a nvidia card for my next upgrade, but as things look, its just not going to happen. Unless you are going for the absolute max performance and money is no concern, it has to be AMD at the moment.

  17. Not sure how this can be good for AMD, they are selling their sub-$200 cards at very little margin if not at break even point. Great for consumers, but maybe not so great for the companys bottom line. Of course they must do this to.. 1. remain relevant and stop their shrinking market share. 2. cut down inventory to make way for Navi.

  18. The saying, "you get what you pay for", reigns supreme with this brand always, thats why im with team green and only nees upgrade in 4 yrs while i wait for team red to play catch up.

  19. low and mid range cards amd rules
    but high level or entry high level starting from 1660ti 1070 1070ti rtx 2060 nvidia is way better especially in rtx area rtx 2060 is like a gtx 1080 and way cheaper

  20. I got a XFX RX580 8gb black edition on for $187 cpl weeks ago….can overclock to get 590 performance. its a win for money and win for FPS

  21. Amd has way better software for overclocking and undervolting. I cant stand nvidias bullcrap, even msi is limited.

  22. …people stop talking about used cards prices! I've been using AMD Radeons since aeons ago. Always found it stupid to spend $50-$70 over a little fps advantage. My 380 does still wonders…

  23. I don't think you realized what you just did in not so many words you just stated that AMD are going to make a massive marketplace killing this year. Intel vs AMD whos winning there and now on the video card market. this year see's the release of Zen 2 and Navi and everyone is hoping the Navi cards will be worth something, I think the writing is on the wall and I've predicted this, lets see what happens.

  24. i got one for $60 from a local miner. With warranty just exchange it until his supplies last.. what a strong card.

  25. Nice video.
    Totally agree AMD is the best choice for GPU's below $200 no question about it.

    There's just one thing that really annoys me and basically every tech channel keeps repeating it… it's that serious gamers require high end PC… it's literally the opposite. Serious gamers tend to play competitive titles which in most cases can run on potatoes. Now true some prefer to play them on high refresh rate monitors, so they go with more expensive PC's(shooters/fps gamers), but generally you can build a $250-$300 PC and play almost all the competitive titles on high settings.
    A $600-$800 PC can probably run about any game there is, true some on lower graphic settings, but people acting like they can actually see a massive difference between for example WoW's 7/10 or 10/10 settings(WoW have 10 levels of settings to choose) are just being ridiculous.

    Just a little rant, but couldn't help myself 🙂

  26. AMD "rules" on value, but in reality almost no one is using AMD GPUs. Look on Steam hardware survey. 1050 Ti is used almost 30 times as much as RX 570.

  27. I am rocking an RX-580, my gaming friends all have RX-580s and a few have the RX-590. They are perfect for 1080p gaming

  28. Just buy a use rx 570 for 70-80$ or rx 580 100$ used (usa) if u have an Optiplex u can afford a better PSU with money you saved.n u will still pay less than the gtx 1650 n u get better performance

  29. rx570 4gb is only competitive card from amd, you can gtx1660 for same money as rx590, hopefully amd will back back in the midrange gpu market with navi.

  30. Tech of tomorrow I have a request? If the Ryzen 3000 or Navi kicks ass can you play the AMd fanboy song during the benchmarks 😀

  31. Amd completely beats Nvidia in price and performance under $250. Unless you're wantinf 1070+ performance just go AMD. I wont recommend Vega bc those shitty coolers in budget PCs don't end well. Also Vegas garbage

  32. Once Navi launches it is going to get even better for the AMD side of things. Then they will probably start ruling the sub $500 market as well. Sure Nvida has the RayTracing stuff but considering how weak that function is at the moment, that is not much of a incentive to buy into that. Top of the line Navi first gen will offer RTX2070 performance at under $350 I am sure of that.

  33. Great news, especially for an AMD fan. I’ve been using AMD GPUS, for a while now and will stick to em for my workflow.
    Glad you’re better Elric.

  34. But I was getting 60 FPS on my 750 ti in 2014 at medium settings for most games. Why is this different now on say a 1050 ti?

  35. i got 2 580s a couple months ago and its going to last me about 2 years it seems. I can buy a 2080ti if i wanted but i dont see a need right now and waiting for ampere or whatever

  36. 🙄 it is not AMD but Nvidia. Nvidia has no plans of lowering their margins and consider the brand alone can beat AMD in this price range

  37. In France with 2 free games
    Rx 570 msi armor 8go 150 euros
    Rx 580 msi armor 8go 200 euros
    vega 56 gigabite oc 295 euros
    Vega 64 sapphire nitro 419 euros
    Vega VII 699 euros

    Vega frontier edition liquid 1200 euros lol 😅🤔
    Lucky i got this one for free. Thank you to my best friend who owns a computer company

  38. Dude… I just bought an RX 580, but its adorable that you think this is a show of atrength on AMDs part. Nvidia could have easily made the 1650 more powerful, sell it at the same time as the 570 and call it a day, but THEY DON'T HAVE TO, because this cut down Turing card will still sell well even if it's slower and more expensive. That's not AMD 'ruling'… it's AMD being Nvidia's bitch and having to sell their products at ridiculous prices to be able to compete.u

  39. I have bought the vega 64 for 400€ and i already want the radeon 7. Because 16gb of ram and its a great card for workstations

  40. if good cards will be available under 200 dollar game market will increase manifold. especially in developing countries.

  41. the 4gb 570's are slower out of the box. I noticed generally they are clocked at boost about 1225 mh. They will catch up a lot with tweaking.

  42. The 1660 ti for $30 more than a $220 card is the best option. Don’t get a 1650, 570 or 580 and save up another $100 it’s the most performance you can gain for so little money.

  43. When you say that the 4gb is slower, what games are you testing? It must be verry texture hungry games, at 1080p you dont need 8gb textures in for example Apex ledgends. I have done som testing with the 570 4gb and 570 8gb, (did not see much difference) Right now you dont need more than 4gb for most new games in 1080p.

  44. A rx 480 8gb is also still a good choice. I bought my used for 80€ and I can play anything I want without any problems.

  45. It always ruled it, since a lot of years ago, the difference is that a lot of people were brainwashed by the amount of Nvidia marketing (really good marketing i must say, cause it totally worked)

  46. I know far more people than I should that buy Nvidia because they make the fastest cards, and yet they're snatching up the X050 and X060 cards. Somehow the reasoning is that uberness trickles down to the mid-range lineup and they blindly buy them each generation.

  47. AMD might rarely have the fastest product on the market but to claim they rarely have the best price:performance in a variety of ranges, now and historically, is as blatantly false as it gets.

  48. Preach! The RX570 is a budget beast! Currently running a Sapphire 4GB version I picked up for 129 earlier this year when I upgraded my Mini ITX HTPC. Paired with a Ryzen 2400g, 16GB DDR4 Ram and this card I'm running Resident Evil 2 Remake 1080p High Settings at over 70fps. Gears of War 4 High Settings 70+ fps, Devil May Cry 5 a solid 60 with everything cranked up. Sure my 1070 can still deliver more as it's paired to my Ryzen 1700, but honestly you'll be amazed at what you can do with this card. Shocked.

    And if you are on even a tighter budget the 2400G on it's own offers some really good gaming performance 720p high / 1080p Low in most titles. Especially for a kid who wants to get into gaming the 2200/2400G's are awesome in their own right. The 1650 is just a bad deal any way you cut it. Go buy a RX570.. you won't be disappointed. Unless you pair it with an Atom… then… you might be disappointed LOL

  49. I had to choke and say Intel and Nvidia was better than AMD 4 years, in a couple months, I can say that AMD competes and beats both Nvidia and Intel on price to performance and raw performance with less power draw

  50. AMD has ruled the under $200 video card market in price and performance for a couple years now. This is not new, it's just that more people are noticing now.

  51. Rx570 is a nice card but terrible opengl support. Performance is so bad that it has similiar or worse performance to the intelHD

  52. i have a 15 3570 and i wants decent vga i have 130$ budget which card is better rx570 4gb or gtx960

  53. Just sold my GTX 1070 for a RX 590, pretty much same Performance in the games I play (144fps+) But its so much smoother, I do use freesync but even without it it is. I dont know if something was wrong with my gtx card but im never buying another one. Will keep my eyes open for Intel cards in the future though

  54. I got an RX 570 8gb used on ebay for $120, couldn't be happier with it , Sure I understand I could have got a better card but….My favorite game is Dirt 3 , I run it on three 24 inch monitors and it constantly runs 130 FPS for averages.

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