AMD Radeon™ R7 360 Graphics: Product Overview

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  1. Qual a média de quadros em 1080p? será que vale a pena em meio as lutas? ou terei que reduzir para 720p60 igual a minha 460SE?

  2. "One of the exciting features he mentioned was Frame Rate Target Control(FRTC or dynamic frame rate control). But one wonders whether this feature is specific to the newer gcn cards only or the whole gcn card owner community is going to benefit from this". Lets hope for the latter…

  3. I am a hard core gamer who likes to play all the new titles. I have a small budget and always make sure my rig is the best I can afford. I only allow AMD, MSI, and Kingston in my PC. Why? Well now, those 3 companies are the 3 best companies I have ever had the pleasure of buying from, and even though my card isn't the most expensive, I know for a fact that I got the most out of my money, and can take on the competition!

  4. This card is REALLY good, it can max out the latest games at 768 res, at 1080p too but no 60 fps but yes BF4, mid settings, 1080p = 60+ fps.
    GG AMD.

  5. Wait. LoL, Dota 2 and csgo? Why would you need a dedicated graphics card for these. Just get the Intel Core i5-5675C, or something even cheaper. I would only get the 360 for higher end stuff.

  6. hey folks can you please help me with something? i am currently using an R7 250 and want to upgrade to a better graphics card such as a 650 ti. but the problem is, i don't know whether it'll fit into my computer or not ? so do you think if an R7 250 can fit into the motherboard an Nvidia 650 ti can too? Thank you so much for your help guys.

  7. i have this graphic card the 4gb version but i dont know what power supply should i need for this gpu or motherboard either i need some help 🙁

  8. I actually have a r7 360 and i can play skyrim and borderlands 2 with high quality adn high resolution. Can this card run gta5?

  9. >Streaming 
    Steam has that built-in. 
    And I really wish proper wattage/amperage was listed by AMD and other partners. 
    (Oh and by nvidia). 
    Only targets I see online claim 100w spec which is the spec on AMD's site (which would be 8.3amps less than a 7900GTX or X1950 from ages past). 
    However nobodies actually benched it to show exactly how much it draws.

  10. Can my Amd A8-3850 APU processor can handle this kind of graphics card ? Please someone help , I was about to buy now

  11. Windows 7 64bit AMD Catalyst ™ 15.7 includes an extension for the following games NFS Rivals2013?

  12. Hi, anybody know's who can I understand the amd cpu clock speed ?
    I have a amd cpu with this information: AMQL6DDAM22GG, OBALB BA 0834MFM 
    2007 AMD Athlon TM
    , how to can read this number or what is mean that? i can't find it on google, why its not simply write the clock speed on it?
    , i know this video is not about cpu but i'm sure this a amd page, thanks  
    photo's on the drop box here:

  13. Useless to me if it's not Kaveri compatible…. What's the point of the A10 7850K if it's GPU is compatible to only one type of graphics card? Looks to me AMD is dragging their ass with offerings for Kaveri fans… Would be nice if AMD thought about us from time to time.

  14. They had to dig up an asian guy to do the presentation 🙂 He seems like a nice fella though 🙂 Have a good day!

  15. Hi. Can anyone say that with the R7 m 360 and a quad core amd 8 7410 processor, with 8 gb of ram…will it be possible to run the Witcher 3??? If so, at what settings and average fps??? Thanks in advance. I really need to know this because I'm planning on buying this card. Thanks again.

  16. great card ive had no problems and runs all the games i play fallout4 GTA5 and more at solid 1080p 60fps give or take a little bottlenecking from my CPU ive had mine for awhile so i felt safe overclocking it a little and didnt get much gain in heat gaming on a budget or just looking for a good mid range card that will beat any new gen consoles this card works great

    pc specs
    i5 2500k
    asus r7 360
    8gb 1866 gskill ram
    480gb kingston ssd
    plus 2tb hd crap thing lol
    not the best but it was all done on the cheap

  17. I have an i3 4th generation 4170 processor with 8 gbs of ddr3 memory and this gpu, can someone please tell me if I will I be able to run gta 5 at a good frame rate with good settings, Thank you!

  18. your fucking garbage gpu!! i had nvidia gt630 and it was playing all games perfectly..then i upgraded to this shit and i have lags in EVERY GAME. even in NBA2k14 a 3 years old game and this gpu lags on it!! My previous gpu had 96 cuda cores and i could run witcher 3 without any lags..this shit has 768 shader cores and it lags and freezes everywhere..i even formated my computer and installed the drivers again but it's still lagging in every game!!! I AM VERY ANGRY I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

  19. Holy shit. I just want to buy games and be able to play them at a good fps without having to lower the graphic quality. I dont know about all this. Ima just go buy an alienware.

  20. Who would buy it for league of fucking legends i would get it for like skyrim or fallout 4 or bo3 or gt5

  21. Am I the only one who definitely does not get the performance out of this card that this video portrays? I run CS:GO at like 30 fps what the hell? Am I just stupid and I don't understand the true specs of this card?

  22. I am sorry for my mistakes, I do not speak English Please help me I have this card . but I was in the computer settings do not write me AMD Radeon™ R7 360 but he write AMD Radeon™ r7 300 series please help me 🙂

  23. I just bought a lap top with this graphic card, I played dota2 and I have 50fps on low graphics. Am I doing something wrong cause I believe it can do a lot better? pls help <3

  24. I play fallout 4 on high 50-70 fps and far cry 4 on high 60-100 fps with this card, also DAI at ultra 50-60 fps and LOL at 115-160 fps on highest. so I'd say it's very good, I also only have 8 GB of RAM on an MSI MB, and the AMD phenom II

  25. i have sapphire R7 360 nitro 2gb oc ddr5 is good this card test games: league of legends ,dota 2, Lineage 2, skyforge,skyrim, rider of icarus, WARFACE, CS, blade and soul, TERA , can run all games good if you have one good cpu, i have cpu AMD x4 880k (4core) 4,0ghz 16gb ram ,ssd : ocz trion 150 , motherboard : MSI A78M-E45 V2

  26. I don't know much about PC's I have over 3k hours on Rust was wondering if this card is the right move for high performance like rust?

  27. hi i have a question ..i waiting for laptop and the GC what he have is R7m440 4G i would like to run Thief,Dying light,dead island on high is it posible oh and cpu is A109600 quadcore pls respond thx

  28. This is a weird question, how does it perform for heavy video editing paired with intel Skylake QUAD Core i7-6700T Processor (2.8-3.6GHz)? Asking this since I plan to purchase an HP all in one pc as a main editing machine for documentary and other multimedia related projects. Thanks in advanced!

  29. Been a fan of AMD since 2004. I remember buying a ATI Radeon 9200 128mb graphics card for WoW thinking I was the biggest badass on earth. How fast things have gotten…brings a tear.

  30. Amd PLEASE HELP ME! I bought a power color r7 370 4gb of of eBay and when I searched up the drivers for it…there was nothing! So far from what I searched, Newegg has the only info about the card, but it still doesn't help
    This is the link

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