AMD RX 5700 XT & RX 5700 Review – Benchmarks Are Finally Here!

so the day that everyone seems to be
waiting for is finally here MD is officially launching their rx 5000
series GPUs and boy has it been an interesting few weeks you see this all
started at e3 when AMD showed off their shiny new Navi GPUs particularly the rx
5000 series and then team green had to respond with their rtx super cards that
sort of set a benchmark as to what these cards are kind of competing with just a
couple days ago before this launch aim D throw an interesting curveball a test
with price cuts on these new GPUs at launch this is just a typical aim the
thing I’m not really surprised but now after more than a year of rumors we can
finally talk about how the RX 5700 XT and the 5700 perform in benchmarks are
they actually worth buying over the Arctic super cards that team green
launched just last week to be honest with you a lot of this video had to be
redone just because of AMD’s new lower prices on these graphics cards so let’s
talk about that right after a quick word from our sponsor looking for a solid
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about it down below alright so if you want a bit more information about these
new GPUs specifically with the architecture you can actually check out
our explain video right over here but in this video I’m gonna be focusing a lot
more on the performance benchmarks and not really get into the other stuff and
also since a lot of you guys have been asking I’ll make sure to leave
timestamps in the description down below so let’s do a quick spec recap on both
of these new GPUs so they’re based off the Navi 10 core and use a seven
nanometer manufacturing process the RX 5700 XT will have 2560 stream
processors eight gigabytes of gddr3 with 448 gigabytes per second of
bandwidth aboard power of 225 watts and now a lower price of $400 u.s. its base
and game frequencies are 1605 megahertz and 1750 5 megahertz respectively the RX
5700 gets cut down to a little over 2,000 stream processors and
frequencies which lowers voice hour to about 180 watts it still gets eight
gigabytes of gddr3 hundred and fifty dollars us now about that new pricing
it’s really made things interesting because after seeing how Nvidia’s RTX video cards perform I think AMD might have come to a
realization that they priced these new GPUs a little too high especially if you
consider when those new RTX super cards come with two free games so this is how
things line up right now the rx 5700 XT is a whole hundred dollars cheaper than
the RTX 2070 super making it the exact same price as the RTX 2060 super
the RX 5700’s price is about the same as the RTX 2060 another
thing a lot of people have brought up is how used gtx 980 ti cards cost around
300-400 dollars these days I’d be a bit worried of getting one that’s been
abused in countless hours of cryptocurrency mining but yeah that’s
another option if you’re willing to take the risk let’s take a look at the cards
to see what you’re getting since at launch there won’t be any custom designs
which is unfortunate those will be available to buy a month or more
afterwards starting with the 5700 XT it’s one good-looking graphics card with
a swooping heatsink shroud that almost looks dented but that design is supposed
to increase internal airflow and lower the amount of noise to flipping the card
around there’s a full-coverage backplate that uses the same cool rib design as
the top shroud but this time it’s broken up by a smooth area along with a red
strip one of our concerns with these blower style cards is that they’re
always fighting for air flow but the RX 5700 XT’s back edge is actually pretty
open which should increase the amount of air it can draw in but personally my
favorite angle of this card is from the edge which has the glowing Radeon logo
it looks clean and really well done and that’s where the eight plus six pen
power connectors are for output AMD has kept it pretty simple with three
DisplayPort 1.4 B connectors and a single HDMI 2.0 B on both cards now by
comparison to the XT the RX 5700 is almost boring basically the entire
shroud is a uniform gray with the red Radeon text and a small amount of silver
around the honestly I think AMD should have added
a back plate here since the rtx 2060 and the rtx 2060 super founders
editions have cool-looking back plates this just looks cheap in my opinion and
another big concern is that aim these designers chose to close the back edge
which kills airflow this is just another opposition since adding a secondary
intake area should have been a no-brainer wrapping things up the power
connectors are identical to the 5700 XT with an 8 plus 6 pin layout now looking
at these cards it’s pretty easy to be concerned about acoustic performance
especially since blowers tell coolers are always louder than downdraft coolers
like these so let’s take a listen to all of these GPUs at load since during idle
scenarios all of them are super quiet so it’s obvious that the RX cards are
lot louder than the rtx super series but this is all fan noise luckily there
wasn’t any coil whine on the AMD GPUs which is certainly good news but I do
want to mention that the coil one on the rtx 2060 super certainly did influence
its results which is just too bad I also want to quickly look at power
consumption because AMD has made a lot of progress with their seven nanometer
manufacturing process but is it enough so this is actually pretty interesting
since it looks like be 5700 series has nearly closed the gap but that isn’t
necessarily good news remember Nvidia is still on 12 nanometer and it took a
super-efficient 790 meter process for AMD to draw even at least this time
anyone who buys a Radeon card won’t have to worry about super high power draw so
I think it’s time to talk about how these cards stack up but I’m gonna start
things a little bit differently this time starting with the overall
performance benchmark list and if you want to know how we acquired those
numbers the individual game performance will follow right afterwards so this is
what things look like after a dozen of games being tested and you can actually
see why AMD reduced their prices you’ll see in the next few minutes that
knobby’s performance is very strong against invidious rtx 2070 and the 2060
but the Super Series is very different in raw numbers the RX 5700 XT loses by
about 12% overall to the rtx 2070 super and the RX 5700 sits right in between
the RTX 2060 and the RTX 2060 super there is really nothing to complain
about here since all of these are really strong numbers but hold on when it comes
to raw value AMD actually leads by a pretty big margin the RX 5700 XT new
$400 price causes it to just dominate the $500 RTX 2070 super even the RX
5700 looks pretty good against the RTX 2060 super I mean it doesn’t offer more
performance but it does cost a whole 50 dollars less while also beating the
vanilla RTX 2060 by about 7% like I said in the RTX super review the
pricing of these two RTX 2060 cards is just way too high right now also guys do
keep in mind that the GTX 1080 TI provides almost similar performance
to the rtx 2080 so if you can find that GPU for $400 or less it would blow any
of these cards right out of the water but as I mentioned earlier be aware of
the mining cards in the used market so where does this leave the rx 5700 XT
and the rx 5700 well other than the average frame rates I already mentioned
during testing we also notice that their lower 1% frame rates were all over the
place in some games like Battlefield 5 they easily beat the Nvidia cars but in
some really popular titles like fortnight pubG and Total War they
really liked pretty far behind so obviously consistency is still an
issue for AMD so the big question is whether or not if you should buy the rx
5700 series over GeForce rtx and the answer to that really depends on what
you think of invidious features like rate racing DL SS and content adaptive
shading you see if you only care about standard game rendering the arcs
57-hundred xt is a better buy than the RTX 2070 super and the same can be said
about the rx 5700 versus the RTX 2060 super but this is important you can’t
just ignore what Nvidia has to offer especially since a lot of these games
are including waitressing elements and performance is improving so that does
count for something so there you guys have it and I certainly think Amy’s on
the right track it’s just that they have a lot of catching up to do but I really
want to know thoughts about all of this do you still think these cards are too
expensive or is there one that you look into are there any other games or tests
that you’d like us to run definitely let us know in the comments down below I’m
you go with hurricane axe thank you so much for watching make sure to check out
certain relevant content over here subscribe for some cool content coming
the pipeline I’m sliding off and I’ll see you guys in the next one

100 thoughts on “AMD RX 5700 XT & RX 5700 Review – Benchmarks Are Finally Here!

  1. FIRST! Timestamps below! If you all have questions, we'll do our best to answer them. 🙂

    0:00 – All that teasing

    1:40 – Specs overview

    2:23 – About that price cut….

    3:11 – A closer look at the cards!

    4:52 – Acoustics

    5:53 – Power consumption

    6:22 – Overall perf & perf/$

    8:00 – Individual game benchmarks

    8:28 – Wrapping things up

  2. guess amd didnt like you guys enough to give a mechanical sample. GN tore it apart and the edge " intake" is not connected to the blower fan. its for looks rofl.

  3. 9:09 "AMD has a lot of catching up to do" The video desperately needs SPONSERED BY NVIDIA in the description.
    Seriously guys look at the individual graphs for the games you play. The overall scores across all games are cherry-picked to make Nvidia look better. UE4 games are optimized to straight up punish AMD users. I mean look at 5700 XT Flat out beating the $100 more 2070S in BF5 8:05 . It's a damn shame this wasn't mentioned. Any tech reviewer that doesn't recommend the 5700 XT over the 2060S is an Nvidia shill 100%.

  4. i have a 4k screen and still holding onto my 980ti, does AMD have anything more powerful to come or do i have to buy a 2080ti?

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    This is a trash review…..more of a nvidia super review

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    Other then this good review.

  9. No RTX… YES it does has made a HUGE diff in games. it is growing.. but you can wait till AMD's NEXT GEN card comes out that like the CPU's will still be playing catchup.

    Ok.. twice now he talks about "MINING" if the 1080ti was the MINING go to card.. NO!

  10. The shroud at the back does not prevent any extra air flow, that is how blowers work they suck air from the center of fan and are needed to be covered in in a circular shroud (if you open it, you can see it), also AMD offers software that is opensource, and is better on linux. As a student i am willing to trade off frame rates for better simulation and calculation times along with the fact that freesync monitors are cheaper.

  11. Just as I expected the AMD is a better deal than Nvidia in Europe.
    Thr damn 2070 super cost 700$ and the 5700xt 500$

  12. lots of catching up to do lmao you seen the numbers and then you come out with that BS lol this channel has been paid off by nvidia as only a true idiot could say AMD has a lot of catching up to do after seeing those charts and figures what a shill you are!!!

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    ohh and yea AMD is catching up never been a fan of them but going to do a AMD build soon wont be with your GPU either rip offs!

  14. 8:28 – Wrapping things up

    the amd cards has a lot of catching up to do while it lacks 5% less performance and cheaper by 50 bucks haha
    why did you sell your soul to Nvidia tell me

  15. According to Gamers Nexus, these cards DO NOT pull air from that front "opening," as you said. It only pulls air from the single fan.

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  21. No integrity, I can't imagine any good news source saying "a lot of catching up to do" when a card is 400 dollars and matches the 500 dollar 2070 super, and it doesn't matter if the numbers point to the 5700xt getting better frames per dollar CUZ U R MISLEADING CONSUMERS AT THE END OF UR VIDEO. Congrats on loosing a subscriber.

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  24. 99% of the comments are just fanboys arguing with each other. What a raging dumpster fire. Just because someone gives a review with data you don't like doesn't make it PAID or 'fake news'. Why do you care what video card someone else buys anyway?

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    To be honest I never saw a biased review such as this one in my entire life.
    Hopefully, NVIDIA will cover the cost of missing thousands of viewers.

  26. Yeah you can't just ingore what Ngreedia has to offer, like the BF5 chart made by you shows, their card is $300 more expensive (75% more) and provides only several % improvement… Yeah, that offer just can't be ignored, everyone should be grabbing pitchforks, not their wallets…

  27. I am happy enough to buy a 5700xt at current pricing, however, a generation or two ago these cards would have launched at 100 dollars cheaper. the 1060 was a much cheaper card than the 2060.

    The lack of competition from AMD until now has influenced nvidia to margin their cards so much higher that they can effectively just knock off 100 dollars off of the price when AMD decides that they want to compete again.

    I remember buying a GTX 780 for the same price that I have just spent on the 5700xt.

    Side note, where I live it is actually cheaper to buy a new aftermarket Vega 64 than it is to buy the reference RX 5700. The performance is near identical between the two so if you are looking to buy a 5700 (non XT) then consider looking for deals for Vega 64 cards, vendors will want to get rid of them since they aren't hot items anymore. Also consider looking for RTX 2070 (non super) because they are also going cheap right now due to them not being manufactured anymore.

    My GF just bought an ASUS STRIX RTX 2070 for the same price of the RRP 2060 Super FE because of this.

  28. Nothing I say will make you change how you conduct your business. Sadly, you've lost a subscriber. Hope whatever you got from nV – be it $, future cards to review or just goodwill – was worth it.

  29. Do you have any concrete evidence that cards which have been used for mining are at a higher risk for failing or not working properly? I think you are spreading rumours 😉

  30. this is why i stopped watching you dimwits. You dont think before you speak. If only you had the idea to shine some light into the """"intake"""" end of the card you wouldve seen that it's blocked off from the fan! In addition radial fans dont work like that.
    PS it pains me to listen to your bullshit

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    no wonder i seldom visit this channel and site anymore.

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    they should bee inside of some desktop box….so…all about 5 decibels…is out of heareble
    am I wrong?

  39. The value proposition of Navi is difficult to ignore, but the lack of performance consistency and ongoing driver issues are potential deal-breakers

  40. Hired to make RTX cards look better than AMD cards, inadvertently shows 5700XT is a much better choice than 2070S, pisses off the audience with conclusion that is contradicting what he showed trough the video…
    Nvidia: "You f-ed up, we want our money back"

    Great job guys… xD

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