AMD Ryzen X570 Motherboards Look AMAZING!

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everybody said they suits with a thousand people we decided to come over
to MSI HQ and check out what is cooking with the X570 motherboard rollout so
today we’re gonna talk about their entire lineup of motherboards from
budget side all the way to premium side this is MSI X570 explained of course
one of the perks of coming over to the HQ is that we get hooked up with some
bubble tea some water and some suits some swag gaming tumbler yeah this is
this is gonna be interesting she is this guy but first huge thanks to
our sponsors fantex and SteelSeries from making Computex
possible I know who knew SteelSeries right all right no one distractions guys
and so the third generation Rison announcement was made today and we want
to highlight some cool features about the whole X570 platform so let’s begin
with msi so the first thing you’ll notice on every single motherboard are
these heatsink fans and every motherboard vendored we’ve spoken with
has these and there is a lot of concern about noise produced by these small and
noisy fans and that’s because the new X570 chipset consumes 11 watts of power
whereas the older x470 only hits 6 maximum along with corresponding
increases in heat and a lot of that heat is produced by having the availability
of all that ultra high-speed lanes provided with a new X570 chipset now
msi hopes to remove almost all noise by using technology from their Twin Frozr
GPUs so fans completely stop during idle situations and uses msi propeller blades
for better airflow and it slightly quieter operation okay so now to some
cool features and the entire X570 platform runs on PCIe jan 4 use have it
or need it at the moment but it’s pretty cool to have this future-proofing built
in at the start and even lower priced motherboards like the msi X570 gaming
plus has a lot of bandwidth for GPUs for the future nice so 16 lanes is dedicated
from the chipsets for the graphics so either X 16 or x8 by x8 and it boards
like the gaming plus gaming edge and the
gaming Pro carbon AC don’t actually support SLI officially but the higher
ends do and that is okay since SLI on the lower end tiers probably is not
going to be something you’re going to pursue any way and some GPUs don’t even
support it but the higher end motherboards like the mag x570s and the
X570 godlike have full SLI support though and they use multiplier to offer
full x16 by x16 speeds and there’s complete crossfire support across the
entire range of motherboards from low end to high end of course
and while the PCI agent for won’t be as important for GPUs as it is for storage
right now eventually GPUs will catch up but currently storage availability is
still pretty limited but we’ve seen some SSD that run at five gigabytes per
second speed transfer rights and that bandwidth is certainly going to be
helpful with PCIe gen3 but they will run superhot and of course
they will be expensive to and do to enhance signaling rates because of all
this bandwidth MSI needed to drastically upgrade their motherboard PCBs to
include reinforced traces between the CPU the chipset and the PCIe slots so
every motherboard in their lineup uses server grade components for the
motherboards to reduce any bandwidth loss so what else do you need to know
about X570 features and its effect with the third gen Ryzen
so MSI tells us that overclocking capability has improved drastically
especially on the memory side and given the sort of disappointing history with
overclocking on the first and second gen rising platforms this is really good
news to hear and this is especially useful for higher capacity kits and
higher clock kits as well MSI has told us they’ve done some tests
with 40 400 megahertz kids on air on their lower end motherboards without any
issue so that sounds really promising and they’ve improved the internal memory
timings on their higher-end motherboards so that all comes into the equation of
better stability and compatibility with third row third gen Rison and I’m just
really happy to hear that they also use upgraded memory VRMs to achieve 46
hundred megahertz on air as well and 5 gigahertz for memory or
clocking on liquid nitrogen and as for CPU overclocking with third gen risin
we’re told is going to be better but not significantly better on traditional
cooling methods and I’m guessing that is what we can all expect now due to power
needed by 12 cores and 24 threads msi really has gone down town to their
vrm designs with IR sensors for ultra quick response times so on some other
boards there’s a huge heat pipe that links together various heat sinks and
that is supposed to drastically increase cooling capacity and also every one of
these MSI motherboards have either an 8 plus 4 pin layout or an 8 plus 8 pin
layout for the CPU and even though third gen Rison is using the 7 enemy process
which is efficient but aim do you want to maximize the power envelope for more
cores in higher clock speeds like the Ryzen 9 3900X which is a 12 core 24
thread CPU with base clock of 3.8 goes up to 4.6 on boost and that is a hundred
5 watt TDP part and moving on to the i/o there’s a lot going on from the chipset
16 PCIe Gen 4 lanes that are broken up between our secondary PCIe devices and
vme storage and other accessories there’s native USB 3.2 gen 2 ports which
were natively USB 3.1 gen2 and there’s no Thunderbolt support on the X570
because it drives up the cost and the difficulties surrounding the
certification process with Intel because they require access to the microcode on
the CPU so yeah and let’s quickly go over the motherboard line them from MSI
starting with the MPG X570 gaming plus just remember there’s no pricing yet but
this is the least expensive motherboard it’s got this cool red and black design
but not over-the-top a single x16 slot and 2 X 8 slots when running till GPUs 1
Gen 4 X 4 and the 2 slot and 2 USB 3.0 Gen 2 one for the front panel connector
next up is the gaming edge Wi-Fi still a more affordable motherboard
similar to the gaming plus but adds Wi-Fi support pre-installed IO shield
and goes with 4x USB 3.0 gen 2 ports 3 type a and 1 type C and now we’re gonna
start with a slightly higher end boards like the gaming Pro carbon Wi-Fi and
this one incorporates more our Yeomans with the mystic light
integration adds upgraded vrm and larger heat sinks and Wi-Fi six compatibility
now the flagship board starting with the Meg X570 this one extends the heat pipe
for better cooling it’s got this really cool infinity mystic light on the vrm
heatsink beside the CPU it’s got Wi-Fi six pre-installed i/o shield three Gen 4
m dot two slots and note that technically x570 can support raid with
nvme and not to SSDs that are connected to the CPU lanes driver support will be
officially available after launch and this board also supports double x16 slot
since it has an internal Lane multiplier and now let’s finish off with the Meg x570 god-like and this motherboard this kind of nuts includes every feature
anyone could want and really represents the flagship status on this new X570
from MSI it is an e ATX motherboard that includes all the same features as the
ACE but we have an OLED panel that shows the off status of the motherboard kill a
networking snag with Wi-Fi six and a dial to control overclocking preset with
the maximum of 11 because that is one higher than 10 and nice little reference
if you get it it also includes this 10 gigabit card if you want extreme wired
LAN speeds and a secondary card that runs on PCIe gen3
interface includes a massive heat sink and a fan because underneath are two
nvme and the two slots operating each with 4x PCIe jen’s four lanes and once
amy gets raid working on multiple and the two slots this thing is going to be
absolutely insane for storage speeds some it’s kind of cool to see but you
know it’s all it’s all about the the show off factor and so that is the
overview of x5 70 from msi not too many motherboards so you don’t get super
confused on what lower end to your motherboard to choose or something in
the mid section or the higher end I’m excited to see how overclocking will
react on the lower SKUs versus the higher end stuff this is something that
will definitely push me towards the new third gen Ryzen and X570 sounds very
competitive and exciting and if you’re been contemplating of getting an AMD
system perhaps this will push away from the blue side and I’m probably
going to be one of those people as well but thanks much for watching let us know
what you think of this whole rollout make sure to check out this other
relevant content I’ll talk to you guys next

100 thoughts on “AMD Ryzen X570 Motherboards Look AMAZING!

  1. I'm getting 3200mhz @ CL 14, 14, 14, 14, 28 on a first gen Ryzen chip and mobo (R7 1700, X370). B-die and latest bios. It's a very early production 1700 too, as I bought it at launch, so I've been very happy to have achieved the memory speeds I have.

  2. I'm excited to hear more about Navi. Zen 2 looks fantastic, but I'm very happy with my Ryzen 7 1700 for now.

  3. Also the specs of the motherboards makes you wonder just how well previous gen motherboards will handle the next gen chips. They wouldn't of needed that beefed up of motherboards if so.

  4. Intel are not winning any friends with their Thunderbolt. I bet Apple wishes it was not tied to that couch as Intel mutates…

  5. MSi here in Australia RIPPED ME OFF when they didnt RMA my X-Power A$550 board so no matter what you say about them I WILL NEVER SUPPORT THESE SCUM AGAIN and Im extremely disappointed you even did this segment for them !!

  6. What are you talking about? The new Navi GPU's are PCI 4.0, so the new AMD GPU's are gonna blow Nvidia out of the water. AMD have literally decided to be entire system builders at this point. I'm waiting for them to release AMD RAM so that we have insanely optimised super computers for gaming.

  7. Still waiting to see Asus Motherboards!! Nobody is showing anything, do they even have a booth????

  8. No thunder bolt WHAT? Also any savings for using lower cost AMD will be lost in your power bill in cooling and chip wattage?

  9. So only 570 on ryzen 3000s? I thought there will be 550 on mainboard, was planning on mid range price like msi 450 mortar just to get slight overclock for daily.

  10. Hmm that's one of the uglier X570's I've seen, but entry level. M.2 just sitting out there all naked. NOPE, Can do better.

  11. First pc I ever built had an msi motherboard….doa right out of the box, replaced it with an asus, did the same exact thing and it booted up instantly. Still using ASUS.

  12. Thanks for the MSI MB view for the AMD brand , I'm planning my next build around the Amd, I have been happy with my old build which I still use, it is all AMD, this pc ,I'm on now, is an Intel system I built a few months ago and am using a z370 MSI gaming M5 powered by the i7-8700k Zotak GTX 1080ti .

  13. Technically it would make SLI relevant again as a PCIe 4.0 lane equals 2 PCIe 3.0 lanes. That would mean only 8 lanes would be needed for current GPUs.

    And considering most of them hardly use more than 8 of those 16 lanes, it would leave plenty more room for other stuff like nvme SSD using gen4 of course (double the speed and still bottlnecked !!)

  14. Looking at these boards … makes me concern about my current x470 that does not have a fan… will it be able to take the R9 3900x able to OC to maybe 4.8Ghz (if lucky).

  15. Wait can you use the new 3rd-gen AMD CPU with X470 motherboards? Or do you need the newer x570 for more power. I don't mind having the slower pcie because only use a GPU

  16. (Don't be a jerk) I have a 7 year old desktop PC that has electrical damages and I can't even able to save up. Because I don't get paid that much at my job. I wish I could get a new desktop PC that has this motherboard in it.😿🦄🐱🐲😞

  17. Im really worried when i saw the x570s motherboard,it all has that tiny fan on top chipset
    It located near gpu basicly it will suck whatever ur gpu temp produce automaticly it will make it run hotter

    Still the new lineup ryzen seems promising in term speeds and future prof but bcos that tiny fan cooling down that chipset that suck 11 watt makes me wonder if i should just build 2700x instead

    For me longevity is a dead price i always build a pc that i expect to run more than 5 years since i dont have that much budget to refresh my system every 3 years

    Im really worried,i really do lol

  18. Probably push you away from blue team, don’t act like it’s even a hard decision, intel has no answer to Ryzen 2 lol…not for some time! Ryzen 9 going to own!

  19. I dont trust frozr fans. 3 Gpus (one now) and all have scraping sound on lowest RPMs, tested without any other fans with MSI afterburner by manually cheking all rpms.

  20. I've been building PC's since 1992. I've never ever considered AMD, it was considered the poor man's PC. Boy has that changed with Ryzen 3 and Threadrippers from last release. My next PC this summer is definitely going to be a Ryzen 3900x based system.

  21. No, not chipset fans, again! They suck! They fail, but well before they fail they make a hell of a racket! This was, what, 20 years ago; then they went to heat sink/heat pipe arrangements that eliminated the troublesome fan. Now, what? "Just too hot"? Eh, I'm thinking they think they can cool the M.2…because chipset fans SUCK!

  22. Does storage speed really matter? At normal use you don't feel any difference really above 500mb/s. 😛

  23. All this heat that needs to be dicipated. The last thing I will be worried about is how to overclock this shit.

    Come on guys. Keep it cool.

  24. They won't be truly "amazing" until it takes only one simple plug to connect the front I/O. 😛

  25. There will be micro-ATX x570 form factor motherboard ? I just hope so, I already bought all the other stuff for my next build and the case only supports mini-ATX and micro-ATX.

  26. 1:46 Are there actually any Gen4 M.2 SSD's out yet? or will there be any out in time for the new Ryzen 3000 release? I wonder if MSI will have any Mini ITX Ryzen 3000 motherboard offerings.

  27. Yeah.. and I'm sitting here like.. why does my fucking 500€ MSI CREATION NOT HAVE LEDRGB SCREENS ON IT!?!?!??!!?

  28. Supposed to be really expensive though. :/ It's not just the noise of the fans.. it's the fact that the fans have a very limited lifetime and people would probably need to look into user repair after a year or so, people REALLY don't want the fans because they simply aren't reliable over time.

  29. i hope u guys will help me out,

    so i recently build a pc about a week ago, i used the b450 pro wifi .to be informed u guys this was my first time i am using a gigabyte product, so the problem is i have 4gb *2 gb skill ddr4 2666 mhz ram and my motherboard is b450 aorous pro wifi which has 4 ram slot…

    now when i insert my two 4gb ram in slot no 1 and slot 2 its works fine,but when i put any of the two ram in slot 3 or slot 4 my pc doesnt turn on, i even tried with single ram stick in slot 3 and slot 4 it simple didnt turn on,but all works fine with slot 1 and 2 even with single 4gb sticks ram slot 1 and 2

    i visit the shop where i build it they are saying bullshit things like b450 aorous pro wifi needs to first enter ram in slo t1 and slot 2 ,and i have to buy another 2 ram and put in the slot 3 and slot 4 to use my 4 ram slot….. is it true????

  30. they are just giving amd the intel treatment, which amd should have been getting the whole time. amd should tell them fuck you at this point because they never got this type of shit before which has nothing to do with chipset. then hype up some newer companies. but meh, i am bitter over intel sandbagging for half a decade. but intel is paying the price for that, they weren't ready for the jab from amd with ryzen, let alone the straight right of ryzen 2. even though back around 2010 or 2012 (somewhere in there) amd was talking about massive multiple cores. even my mom had read an article about it back then, and she is 70 now. intel deserves every smack they get from amd right now because they didn't even TRY to keep up with moore's law, they had to know that amd would come after them at the end. moore's law is dead, it is at a physical limit, amd saw that and decided that they needed to increase the space. it worked.

  31. Price gap between Intel and AMD is closing… Just got a look at a (can't name) X570 Mobo and for the price it's not all that impressive but will handle most of the new Ryzens.

  32. Im definitely switching to amd… once the cpu's release. Its the first time im actually excited and waiting for the release of a cpu line up XD

  33. That godlike board looks awesome…but uhm…not even close to enough USB ports on the rear panel for such a costly board IMO.

  34. Sweet. I miss using my Athlon to heat my entire house. Glad AMD is bringing this feature back just in time for summer.

  35. for $1000 Budget for video editing in after fx
    What Cpus and Gpus Do you guys recommend for a
    with Ryzen 7 2700-2700x or the new 3rd gen.

  36. Shoud i buy ryzen 5 2600x and msi b450
    Or wait for this bad boys to come out
    (i have a 1300€ buget

  37. so which of the boards would be good for UE's raytracing capabilities? ALso, what's the maximum gb of memory that can be expanded to?

  38. no value for amd motherboards anymore! hella expensive! cheapest 200 us dollars/euros you get entry level basic amd motherboard! lol amd! i do not buy any amd motherboards at the moment

  39. Hotter, more power, noisier, more expensive..and only advantage is if you plan to buy a more expensive m.2 ssd otherwise no speed difference than even the b450. Think I'll just get a b450. By the time much comes out that is pci e 4 will be time for a new pc build anyway.

  40. Who needs a x570 when a MSI B350 TOMAHAWK with the new bios (beta) and 3700x. it runs my 3700x at 4.2ghz 1.35v and my 3000mhz Foza ram at 3600mhz 18 20 20 . Cinebench 15 scores 2192 to 2211. The B350 is not dead! Amazing with this kind of performance. Ruining an rx580.

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