America’s Ex-Drone Pilot

when I fired my first first shot and killed people that was that was heartbreaking for me because I didn’t think that I would ever be in a position that I would ever have to take someone else’s life Brendan Bryan served for five years as a drone operator in the US Air Force where this joystick he engaged in 1626 killings in the end Brian almost perished himself I felt like it destroyed my soul for the longest time if I say that I have a mental issue if I have a mental problem with with killing people let’s look down upon Mike if you can’t do violence while you’re in the military you’re a weakling like no one wants to be a weakling the predator job is inherently cowardly inherently weak but you have to make yourselves feel better it’s a psychological mess German soldiers could soon be threatened with similar psychological stresses the first battle drones of the Bundeswehr will be combat ready in ten years at the latest the Secretary of Defense has already made her decision for her the advantages of using drones are as clear as day Anna Dorner come from oome and Vytas can do Bashan on confinement on the Bourdon problem I’m good girl from Vienna what a fire garden this is a reason for Thailand should steam viens on so that knock of anxiety while drones may be nice to provide air support for ground troops that is not where it ends how wasn’t aforementioned among the plasterboard myth even comfort on one of America’s so shown us it’s in down in its neon past yet I know that we’ve destroyed we’ve destroyed countless lives it’s it’s manifested in the way that I interact with people if I interact with the rest of the world and it’s it it’s isolated me I stopped sleeping because you know I started dreaming about my job I couldn’t escape it at all I can’t hide it I can’t isolate myself because it’s just gonna end up me be putting a bullet in my brain what were your experiences when you spoke out they call me a traitor I had people with telling me that I should eat a bullet people telling me I should commit suicide a former colleague tell me that if I was ever in an area where they were flying armed drones and they were told not to take a shot he would shoot me anyway like this was someone that I knew for two and a half years someone that I’ve flew with someone that I that I bore my heart too told me this and I feel betrayed I thought our goal was to like rebuild their country rebuild their democracy and stabilize their country but that’s not the actions that were going on the thing that really validated my feelings was when we were hunting Anwar Awlaki and we’re a low block he was an Islamist with an American and a humane e-passport as one of the loudest agitators of al-qaeda he became known as the bin Laden of the Internet so the American people I say your security will continue to be threatened as long as your government continues with its aggression against the Muslim people’s death in 2011 marked the first targeted killing of an American citizen by a US drone we decided to fly armed drones over Yemen and we were gonna kill him and while like we were told pretty much every day that this guy was a traitor to the United States it was brought to my attention while we were doing this that that’s a violation of the Constitution of the United States because under the Constitution every even a traitor it deserves a trial in front of a jury of his peers and we were violating that America’s drone program doesn’t just violate its own constitution but also international law the people that are giving us our orders we have to trust what they’re doing is is right and just we’re really not given as much information as we probably should be given we’re just we’re just glorified cameramen you know America’s drone war wouldn’t be possible without Germany each attack in Pakistan and Yemen is processed through a data center on Ramstein Air Force Base and rhineland-palatinate the federal government in Germany doesn’t want to know anything about their contribution to extralegal killings Washington has reassured them that none of their drones are piloted from Ramstein what role does this airbase play in the international drone war we fly them from the United States via satellite while they’re overseas every time we launched or land an aircraft we have to call them up we have to call them and say is our signal clear there’s a fiber optics line that goes from Ramstein Air Force Base underneath the ocean to the United States to Nevada you know to Creech Air Force Base and so all the data points all the information that comes from the drones go via satellite to Ramstein back to the United States there’s no other hub that I’ve ever called for that like in the entire five years in five days that I was in the drone as a data hub Germany has been supporting the global drone war for a while now Germany wants to acquire their own battle drones what does that mean for the soldiers who will control these drones in the future I was in Nevada in New Mexico it’s a eight foot tall by 8 foot wide by 20 foot long trailer on one side of the crown control station there’s two seats and there’s 14 monitors that’s like where all the light comes from there’s no noise it’s just the hum of a fan keeping the entire system cool and you have to monitor chat on five different screens we’ve got some guy off in some other portion of the world who’s monitoring the signals intelligence then we have another person in another part of the world monitoring the imagery intelligence so they’re gathering this information and saying well this is what’s going on here here here and here and we can make this determine this algorithmic determination of the nefarious activity like this person might have called someone who’s bad and then they may maybe have gone to a location that is known to be like a weapons storehouse and then they went somewhere else and and so they build this kind of picture of who this person is and instead of you know going in and capturing them or responding when they actually did something violent they’re just like oK we’ve determined this person is a bad person let’s take them out even if the human target was calculated by a sensor operator the drone pilot fries the deadly shot that was kind of like how important this is to be responsible with your actions because you know I believe that we made mistakes no one ever got in trouble for killing civilians while I was in but apparently that’s oh that’s kind of what happened with a lot of these strikes and the only time anyone would get punished would be if we crash an aircraft that’s it it’s understandable that they’re upset like we are an invading force in their country we’ve killed people it doesn’t matter if we’ve you know killed some al-qaeda guy that was some dudes brother this guy might have disagreed with his brother’s philosophy but we killed his family and so now he’s got a blood feud against us we invaded their country and now they want us out and anything that involves killing another human being is gonna be dirty because what they don’t realize is oh this person might be on the opposite side of the world a different culture but you you don’t value them as human well then they’re not gonna value you as human as well so that hidden prices we lose our humanity the more that we excuse the ability to kill another human being you

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  1. Instead of handing the job to some Air Force pussy, give it to troops who have been infantry on the ground. The modern Air Force is run by what we call "shoe clerks" and it shows. Bonus of handing the Army and perhaps Marines the program is they know much more about ground ops and are less likely to smoke friendlies.

  2. Always talking about what they do on tv to get famous, fool can't just keep his mouth shut another traitor😠

  3. If he sits there crying about his job, and says "YOU WERENT THERE MANNN" at least you can say "yeh! Well neither were you" 🖕

  4. Haha just wait til he works out America are the real terrorists invading countries for the petrodollar. Too late to repent no chump!

  5. This guy joined the United States military and did not think he would be put in a position to take someone else's life….is he an idiot or a pos liberal

  6. There will always be a wuss in our ranks who would prefer to be dropping the soap intentionally in the shower, rather than being a real man and fighting against our enemies. Psych screening and evaluation should root these wusses out. They are a disgrace to mankind.

  7. It’s fucking war, this fairy should’ve never joined up and should’ve went out and hugged trees w lgbt and the blm

  8. Drone pilots definitely suffer less phsycoligical problems than basic infantry. It’s just there is less support for drone pilots and they have much less screening for being weak phsycologically

  9. We need more like Brandon who have the determination and courage to come forward and tell the world the truth about what is going on in the US drone program and just how many innocent men, women and children are being murdered by drone strikes. As for terrorists I honestly believe that drone strikes will only create more and more terrorists !

  10. If he didn't enjoy doing it, he could have easily transferred out of that job…… Motherboard= another left wing rag looking to create news…..

  11. killing the bad guys is easy and patriotic to me but its the collateral folks that die trying to kill one person. Take a look at the HTTP paste it into your browser…..the general public has no idea how many innocent we kill during these drone sorties…..every time we killed kids that saying was ' we just killed terrorist in training"….i started to wonder who was the sick one us or them

  12. #1 – He took on the job, what did he expect to do?
    #2 – He killed terrorists, correct? Was there collateral damage that killed civilians?
    #3 – How many lives did he save by killing the terrorists?

    He's got PTSD. How many other soldiers that are on the ground faced worse atrocities suffer from PTSD?
    Brandon Bryant…..consider yourself lucky.
    He also did a TED Talks, maybe he's just striving for notoriety.

  13. To the people saying "you knew what you signed up for", that's simply false, especially when considering the position he had required a security clearance and is shrouded in secrecy. I should know, because I was one of those "other guys all over the world" that he referred to in the interview. I joined the Air Force as an enlisted Geospatial Intelligence Analyst, commonly known as an Imagery Analyst. I should have been exploiting satellite imagery, or staring at incomprehensible still radar images taken from aircraft as per my job description, but instead I was assigned to an AFSOC unit exploiting full-motion video in real-time for weaponized remotely piloted aircraft (those abominations you call drones). Every single thing he said was spot on, and you really have no idea how soul crushing it is until you've gone beyond the green door.

  14. Ok!! Get off our ass, we're killing those terrorists that are killing our civilians and we're not going stop till they're dead or they stop killing ours.So what would you do? Just set there and let them kill your people. Remember 911 !!!! and Paris, London, and other citys where they've killed civilians. You have to have guts & grit or your just a wimp that'll let em kill your own people. We won't let them get away with it, the USA will fight back, till their all dead.

  15. But didnt he take an oath to protect and to defend the constitution also? Not saying an oath is bigger and more important than the constitution, but, he did what he swore to do against an awful man with a skewed vision of peace. He wanted Americans to die and be killed, he wanted to. Yeah he was an American citizen yet he was also a a domestic/foreign enemy. Sorta caught in a pickle.

  16. Thats how goverment and military works.
    You cannot stop it. They will stop when they have no enemy left for them to fight.
    Even when they stop, they would probably just gonna do what they want with the country and probably the world.
    The soldiers connot disobey their commander. Even if they did, they would get beaten up or get killed.

  17. He thought he was gonna rebuild the country and bring democracy for real man this guy has been oblivious to history

  18. This is absurd – this guy happily takes the pay over a protracted period of time to become a trained military drone pilot in a combat area and has the gall to proclaim that he never thought that he would have to target a threat? Loathsome hypocrite.

  19. I never realized " the American" killed by done was a pos terrorist. I wouldn't take a chance with that either. He was clearly determined to murder civilians.

  20. "Never thought i'd be in a position to take someone elses life"
    You joined the military you fucking idiot.
    Fuck off you baby cunt.

  21. He obviously wasnt a uas operator in the uav community we domt call them drones they are far from it if you called them drones your looked down on like an idiot 😂 newb

  22. Whenever I'm told "thank you for your service" I really don't know what to say. I didn't protect them from anything.

  23. Consider Drone/RPA pilots as Snipers, consider Drone as Sniper Rifle and Hellfire Missiles as Bullets, that's it!
    It may not be 'Just War' to a soldier it's 'Just' War!

  24. I think American love war and messed up others countries….that make me so sick because they are very hipócritycal….all my respect for you but that’s the true

  25. its a tricky situation. on one hand these terrorists must be exterminated but collateral damage must be eliminated.

    you will see smaller and smaller weapons and even the drones themselves put into service.
    more pinpoint attacks with less collateral damage but will that itself ease tensions caused by aerial drones?
    probably not.

    the people of these nations that harbor and in fact breed terrorism will always use these attacks as reason for and justification of their negative views of America and support for the terrorism.

    and i dont believe for one moment that if we, the US, left all muslim lands to their own devices that we would be any safer and any less of a target for the extremists and terrorists.
    anyone who does believe that is delusional.

  26. Im sorry but if someone is threatning america and telling us we wont be safe, we got to take them out. This guy sounds like hes very full of doubt. I would not hesitate to take someone out whos saying those kinda things. This guy needs to use more logic.

  27. heres a thought. For those who are upset that their family was killed by a drone strike, how about you guys STOP associating with family members who do evil things (like conspire with extremist groups), so that when the government comes to destroy them you dont get destroyed also. Theres a saying about this that goes… "Tell me who you hang out with and I will tell you who you are." and it is speaking on how bad company can ruin your life, or in this case how bad company can cause you to LOSE your life.

  28. The people who engage in these actions are like crimminals and their family should distance themselves from them. When a family member is a thief, most of the families in america stay away from him or her. This applies to other crimes too. If my aunt goes to jail a lot, I will distance myself from her. If she does drugs the same thing.

  29. Wars are full with accident's,you need to be a fool not to know it in advance,but how many life's will the el quida guy will take if you wouldn't take him down?

  30. The United States have made more terrorists in these countries killing their families kidnapping them torturing them then then they actually turn into terrorist and then we say see we told you they they were terrorist… cycle of hate will never end so basically what they're doing with suicide bombs we're doing with drones

  31. Nobody's crying about soldiers killing people. Or fast jet pilots. Why is this any different? Is he against drones, or is he against killing and war. If it's the former, he shouldn't have applied to be a drone pilot and if its the latter, then he shouldn't have joined the airforce.

  32. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! He was bestest President ever! He helped destroy Libya and Syria, lied to the American people 38 times to get ObamaCare passed, Sharon George W bush about out-of-control spending and then spent 10 trillion dollars, had half of his cabinet handpicked by members of Citibank and ordered more drone strikes then the entire Iraq war combined.! Not to mention that he use the Espionage Act to prosecute more whistleblowers than all presidents combined in history after claiming repeatedly that he was going to have the most transparent organization we've ever seen!

  33. What a bitch, they're brown people from the stone age not real humans ffs what the fuck did you enlist for fuck off ya whiney cunt

  34. LOLOLOLOL joined the military where your job is to kill people, became a drone pilot, never thought he would ever have to kill people, that's some bad logic right there, what did he think he was signing up for, drone races?

  35. im not a warmonger but why would you spell out the hard data links from base to base to base. yeah we have too many bases but you dont spell out the connectivity .

  36. Dog and pony show…Pussy boy who thought the military was about playing fair with people who don't, never have, and never will play fair….And some Middle Eastern bitch scolding him because he admitted he was somewhat responsible for harming her interests (spreading Islam)… Fucking pathetic.

  37. to what the guy in the begining said.. sorry mate, heartbreaking story ok but exactly what the fuck went trough your head when you signed up for the military? whe went trough your head when you decided to be a drone operator? you didnt think youd be in that position? damn fucking right you didnt think, at all.
    Seriously do people sign up for this thinking they will just play a complicated flight simulator and get paid???? its not like you we're held there against your will up until the point you were told to make isis pate, you could have quit at anytime during training and flying, but you didnt think until it was too late, now you can only live with it and teach your offspring to not make the same mistakes.

    its a shame really… seems like an okay lad. jsut too bad he took the wrong path

  38. This soyboy shouldn't have joined the military in the first place. If he can't handle taking an enemie's life then pick a new career.

  39. This fucking idiot talks Wayyyyy too much. We should move his ass to Yemen. I think he’d change his mind real quick, or in someone else’s opinion, maybe he could just eat a bullet. How can you divulge information like that. Espionage much?!? Goodness

  40. You’re in the airforce pussy, grow up, no shit you’ll kill people

    Because guess what

    You signed up for this

    Air force pilots do this too

  41. When did my country start becoming such pussys , vox should be banned off YouTube for sand in their vagina especially when they have gifted carlos gay leprechaun 100 million. In jewish coins.
    Vox news is conspiracy theories and hate speech!

  42. when I joined the military I knew I would have to kill…but no one warned me I would have to go weeks between showers and real food..dammit

  43. PTSD from operating drones from an air-conditioned control room back in the US is like… " OH DEAR GAWD WE ARE OUT OF MOUNTAIN DEW AND DORITOS …GAME OVER MAN>>>>GAME OVER"
    (and by the way in the US an active traitor who is still doing harm to the US is an active combat target…you don't have to wait for a trial for your military to stop him)

  44. Then you claim "conscience observer". If you cant do your job, get out. Stop your belly aching, your hesitation to push a button may cost American lives. Just shut your mouth and do your job, like the rest of us did. You live with the nightmares later. To this day when I close my eyes at night I still see the images nobody should have to see. There's thousands of us that have to deal with it.

  45. drone and war both are bad,imagine you sitting in your home,feeding your babay and a drone kills your baby and cripples you just becaue they thought you were hiding some one

  46. i will really like to see what US will do or say if China or India did start to fly Drones over US and kill people theye did not like, just like US do in other contry's around the world, ups it was the wrong House 20 dead people, sorry it was a mistake, we will be more carefull next time,, NEXT time,, US will never stand up to that or aloud that, but they don't ask them self, i can easy understand US have so many enimy, if a Drone did kill my famely i will also become a terroist against US, you keep make enimy around the world you fucking idiot's. you are just to stuppid to see it you self..just ask you self, if you nabo did rape and kill you wife or doughter will you still be friends with him..???

  47. Did he kill 1000 people this man here without a trail or cord, 1000 people, did you say massmurder in 5 years who is the terroist.

  48. Lmfao do not depend on this guy to defend your nation… this guy is a moron…. you're looking through a fucking video game… grab a rifle tighten your boots and pull that tampon out of your ass. Lemme show you eyes comming out of their sockets from a ied let me shove your face in your friends guts that way u never forget the feeling of human steam in your face…. at the same time being surrounded every second that passes by with sweat rolling down your face u wipe then realize it's someone elses blood …and force you to make a decision…. now go back sit in your fuckin ac driven chair with your flight simulator joystick and cry about it. U dumb shit….

  49. The funny thing is man,everybody looks from the "US perspective" that these people are terrorist and all that,but I haven't seen a single person looking from the point of view of people living in these places that they're bombing and shit.put yourself on the shoes of those people who are getting bombed from the sky everyday.what do you expect them to do,fucking shut up and blow themselves,they are obviously going to carry guns,bombs and shit to fight or avenge their own people with whatever they got.So,the assault never ends on these people and rebellion of these people also isn't going to stop anytime soon.So,This shit is endless man.It'll go until america describes every individual living on these arabian countries as terrorist and blow the whole fucking shit down until she is happy and satisfied of the greed that feeds the whole country……yeah

  50. Not the first time in history Americans would bomb villages. Civilians in the targeted areas live in fear at any moment. A form of Terror

  51. USA flies these in N. California and beams radioactive ion beams onto civilians. check it out. the USA is one cult terrorist state. I think gentiles are not considered human.

  52. actually, the police need to be called on the drones that are stalking the poor farming community. I don't live in USA anymore, but, I hear the
    stories. I see the drone terrorism on innocent poor USA farmers. they stalk the sky in redding california, yreka area etc. people know, they are
    shooting beams. there is a rumor, mOOsad, is flying them and having fun playing the video game… zap gentiles. It's serious. we have emf, rf, and
    radioactive ion beams.

  53. This is the us Americans your son in Military will be Bullied,Trash,even shot in head if he doesn't pull that Trigger ..

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