Apple – Designed by Apple in California

Music playing ♪ ♪ Jony Ive: We’re
a small design team. We’ve worked together
for 20, 25 years. One of the things
that we’ve learned is the importance of listening,
because, as we all know, the very best ideas
can very often come from the quietest voice. Ideas are extremely fragile. Ideas are not predictable in
terms of when you’ll have them and how many
you’re going to have. And so over the years,
we’ve really created a team and an environment
that I think really increases the probability of good ideas, and when they actually arrive,
I think nurtures them. The design studio
really is a workshop. We design
three-dimensional objects, and we make lots and lots
of models and prototypes. Designing and making
really should be inseparable. For every finished product
that you see, tools had to be designed, process had to be created
and experimented with. We’ve worked very hard
to create a singular studio that has all of these
different facets. The hallmark of the group
has been to be inquisitive and ask an awful lot
of questions. We have really made it
a practice to just have our heads down
and work and ignore, in some senses, all the reasons why
something shouldn’t be possible. This book captures
a point in time of incredible transitions
and quite shocking change. You understand the nature
of an object so much more when you understand
how it came to be. The book tells dozens
and dozens of stories. You see momentum;
you see learning. Of course, as designers,
you live in the future. It’s not that we are
not interested in the work we’ve done before; it’s just we are so consumed
by what we haven’t done yet. ♪

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