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  1. I don't think the question is not if there is 50% female gamers.
    The question is what kind of games do they play.

    If there is 50% of female gamers Greaat!!
    Do they play Guilty Gear?
    Do they play Destiny?
    Do they play Ninja Gaiden?
    Probably some do, but from all my female friends that are gamers, they normally play casuals.

    Games for everyone, right?

    Why this should be a a discussion.
    Let's all play whatever we want and welcome all genders to our games.
    At the end all comes to skill, if you are a female and beat my ass, I will take my hat off as I would do with a male gamer.
    But if you don't play the games that I do and you come to tell me that it is sexist or something, I would politely tell you to GTFO

  2. The thought that so many women who play these games hide themselves because they fear harassment is, as you said, totally reasonable, but still a depressing thought. That said, I think that the video game industry has a moral obligation to portray female characters as people with realistic personalities and bodies(as much as they do with male characters, anyway), and to refrain from confirming the stereotypes that their demographic might hold. I honestly think that it would be harder to believe that women who play video games are all fat, mean, and ugly if a beautiful, kind, independent, and realistically proportioned woman is an important character in the game that they're playing. After all, do you come away from playing Halo with the conclusion that men are smarter than women? Or that black men cannot be effective military commanders? Master Chief, Cortana, and Sgt. Johnson challenge these notions, but games have to go further. Give us a thought-provoking game where women are portrayed well, and I guarantee minds will start to change. However, this also leads to a split among gamers who like thought-provoking games and ones who only like Call of Duty. But then, are people who only play Call of Duty, racing games, and sports games really gamers? Certainly they are, as much as people who only play Candy Crush and whatever their boyfriend and his "bros" play.

  3. There are more males than women on earth period. In roughly equal proportions of population, they play games. But playing games doesn't match most people mean by gamer. If it was done to self identifying as a gamer, most females who play games will not call themselves a "Gamer."

  4. There are games which appeal mostly to women.  No one makes it into a gender issue.
    There are games which appeal mostly to men.  Those games get accused of being sexist, and the 50% of gamers are women gets thrown around to explain why these games need to appeal to women.

    So the culture is sexist when it comes to the threshold for what is considered sexist.

  5. I think the reason people say that they dont see many females in games is because of the 50% of women who play games they may not play shooter multiplayer games designed to simulate a tournament ground. Of all the games that men play online I think men mostly play the ones that allow for more competition between other men. So if they divide up their gaming time between a genre dominated by 2/3 men they are going to say that women make up a lower percent because their exposure is lower. One other fact that I think we should consider is whether or not people are willing to beleive that the person typing stuff on their screen is a female assuming there is no mic involved. We will go through many mental hoops to convince ourselves of any accepted truth regardless of the facts and so our own biases cloud our judgement.

  6. What do you expect when you play online games filled with immature perverted and racist teenage boys?

    Also, online interactions not rated by the ESRB.

  7. Why would you have an actual wallet in VR? Inventory screens are a thing in video games, why would they not be in VR? It'd take an actual hacker to steal from your inventory.

  8. Ok, fine, 48% of "gamers" are female. I want to see what percentage of gamers who play on PS4, Xbox One, PC, 3DS, and Vita are female. I have a feeling that if we take out smartphones, tablets, and android devices the female percentage will go down. Women who play Kim Kardashian's game on their phone don't think of it as a video game because its on their phone, but those women probably won't go near anything that looks like a game controller because they don't want to be associated with us nerds lol.

  9. I figured it had to be referring to the casual space. There are female hardcore gamers out there, but from my personal journey, the men far outweigh the women. Gaming communities I've been apart of were mostly male and there wasn't a single female participant in any fighting game tournaments I used to play in. At college I was curious and asked a few females about games and they told that they weren't into them because it was taught as being un-lady like, so there is some societal influence at play here as well.
    Also being around gamers, I doubt the ones being so damn rude and sexist online to female gamers aren't really even gamers, but the casuals. First-Person shooters are big pullers for the male casual audience.

  10. so if an old woman plays soduku on her pone she's a gamer? Okay then I guess making microwave popcorn makes me a cook

  11. I've noticed a trend personally, that almost all of the female gamers I know tend to gravitate more towards single-player as opposed to multiplayer as well. It seems like most of the male gamers I know go more for mulitplayer. That's purely anecdotal of course, but could be another factor leading to the lack of visibility of female gamers. I've also noticed that the women I know prefer different games than the men (more RPGs, less FPS for example) which could lead to even more invisibility.

  12. Whether this statistic is true or not, I consider myself (a female) a gamer. I play games like Crossy Road (yes, it's a 'casual game', get over it), Final Fantasy, Oni, Kingdom Hearts, Soul Calibur, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, etc. My definition of a gamer is simply one who plays and enjoys games. I don't see why some people feel the need to question other people's 'gamer' validity. Just because someone enjoys what you perceive as a casual game, does not give you the right to make assumptions about whether or not they are a 'true' gamer. (And this extends to other forms of games as well.) Preferring shoot em ups to Animal Farm does not automatically make you more of a gamer than they are, or make them any less of a gamer. When it boils down to it, really, they just like different games to you.

  13. Unfortunately, this video is sorely lacking in any sort of detailed data.

    To give an example, if we were talking about exercise, we would need to break it down into further categories such as ball games, combat sports, gymnastics, track and field, and perhaps aerobics. By breaking it down "games" into further categories, including, perhaps, devices and genres, we can get a much better look at who does what.

    Without these statistics, your video does a disservice to both you and your audience due to its incomplete nature.

  14. I sorry I'm usually quite calm but you can't cite yourself you blubbering idiot. Neither can you cite an article who's only supporting evidence is a broken link what I can only assume is a video blog because you didn't actually cite anything. You are unbelievable and to think that the American government is paying you.

  15. I have never played a casual game. Since I started gaming at the age of seven, I have owned a N64, a PS1 and PS2, an Xbox 360, and a PS4. I played Goldeneye, Halo, CoD, Mass Effect, etc. All of the people I played against as a kid and a young adult were women. In my experience, it's men who are in the minority in games. We're not casual gamers, we're playing the same games you are. We're just not playing them with you.

  16. what i want to know now is what are the statistics on the major games. go to MMO or multiplier games with over, say 1 million unique players a day, and see how many are female vs male. almost everyone who could be identified as the social definition of gamer defined here would play at least one of these or something like it. im betting those statistics are the ones that are used more often when you think of where the female gamer are. those who would in some way reveal they are girls in these games are usually quite rare. i know in one of my MMO games, its at around 5% of the people i know who are identified as female in the guild, which contains several hundred players, of which i knew about 100 of them at least vaguely.

  17. I'm not really into games that are combat/violence centric (according to some statistics 68% of games contain violence) which I guess mostly cuts me off from the more popular multiplayer genres like FPS, RTS and RPG and makes me less visible.

    Am I less of a gamer because I don't usually play violent games? Are all games outside of those genres 'casual' games? If one guy plays one mainstream game religiously and another guy plays a tonne of different niche games, who is the more hardcore?

    If I get eaten by a grue and it's pitch black, so nobody sees it happen, do I actually die? If a tree falls over in 'Shelter' and there's only a badger around to hear it does it actually make a sound?

  18. I think that women are just as interested in "hardcore games" as guys. There's just the minor sexual harassment detail. It's really only a problem in highly competitive mainstream games, such as LOL, CoD or Halo. I find that most guys in mmo's and mmorpg's are really nice and don't make a big deal out of your gender.

  19. I was really hoping for some break down on who is buying what. Because candy crush is free but call of duty was £40 new or whatever it is in American. If males are spending more on games then it makes sense that industry targets them. But we don't know who is playing what so it can't even be estimated.

    This is very important for understanding why games are designed as they are. Because when products are made the best selling products get restocked, while the others don't. Then more variety of that product is introduced as people try to capitalise on what is selling well.

  20. It's so fun to roleplay as girl! 
    Especially on racing games. When they finally catch up with the speed demon, they see the "girl" then freak out!
    And I played mmorpg for some time. As a male, it was very hard to build a character of any class. But as female, I got so much attention and less assaults that the games became easy with so many free gifts and tranquility

    But harassment is a truth, before showing the bros that I've got a di*k, trolls'd call me "fat and social awkward girl" or a "ready-to-marry woman" These are the common harassments I hear, but they're rare compared to the most gentlemans

  21. I've never seen a girl being harassed. Every single time a girl got into an xbox live party she gets treated almost like a queen.

    If the harassment they're talking about is guys being pissed at you because you killed them, that happens to guys to. My xbox live reputation always goes lower and always gets messages when I spend few weeks playing matches.

    Or maybe English people are evil while french people aren't? Now we'd be getting racist instead of sexist ;p

  22. Well, as a female gamer I would say that games where women are not good characters are just not fun to play and FPSs are boring. If a lot of female gamers are like me, then I could see why a lot of guys think that there aren't many female gamers out there.
    I prefer MMOs because you design your own character and the social aspect is fun 🙂

  23. Yes, so basically, (on average) women play Candy crush saga (etc) and guys are the actual gamers who have a passion for the medium and play hardcore games, we know this already, so please can you and your social justice brigade stop trying to use the 50% figure as justification for complaining about the lack of female protagonists in triple A/hardcore games. What you people are doing is is the equivalent of saying, "hey, 50% of clothes are worn by men, so we need to stop selling bras", sounds stupid, right? but that's exactly what you guys do…

  24. I'm sorry but at 6:13 I have seen that footage and he is the only one talking sexually and there is other players telling him to shut up

  25. Only if you want to count people who play candy crush every week or so and don't call themselves gamers -_-

  26. For me, a Gamer is not someone who plays games to kill time, but to actually celebrate the creation of the developers to some extend. A Gamer is to games what a Cinephile is to movies. Now, the difference between Casual Gamers and Hardcore Gamers is basically just the kind of games they play, I don't say that somebody playing "Candy Crush Saga" can't be a Gamer, I just say that somebody who plays it not for love of the game but because he wants to kill time is not one.

    If somebody himself/herself identifies as a Gamer and got to this conclusion because of passion for games, I think those who harass those do play because of the wrong reasons. While those can still be gamers, there are also Cinephiles who think their opinion is superior. There are black sheep in every community. But, as you might have glimpsed, for me, those only playing to feel superior are NOT Gamers.

  27. Wow, he doesn't actually prove his side.  People aren't disputing that women play video games.  By his admission, most of them are casual gamers only in the technical sense.  Those kinds of gamers aren't going to go to forums to talk about them, go to game shows, or watch YT videos about them.  No wonder he's confused as to why his audience is mostly male.  They don't really matter.  Gamer as an identity is obviously the more relevant definition.

    Because of this, his video and argument for becoming a feminist gamer falls apart.  If being against guys grabbing women's asses at gaming events makes you a feminist, then heck, I'm a feminist.

  28. by that logic my mother is a gamer because she plays Majong and Solitair on your laptop in the afternoon for hours.

    Sure they are games but she doesn't associate herself at all with what I've been doing for the last 20years.

  29. I just want to point out that even though the survey found that 48% of the time the most frequent gamer was a woman, 98% of the time the head of the household…was also a woman :p

  30. I think a lot more women would be playing "hardcore" videogames if they and their audiences weren't so hostile. I'm a tans dude, and having the options of playing as either meat brick or a blow-up doll are both incredibly unappealing, as is the constant fear of harassment or transphobic comments from both players and game content.

  31. I have never met a women in a game, and I play a lot of games. Even people on steam forums never seem to be women.

  32. The point to argue that casual mobile games aren't games is that

    – They usually aren't on any console or PC
    – They're almost always single-player (Which kinda make the statistic pointless)
    – 5 year old's can play casual mobile games
    – Temple run is not what people mean when they say gamer. Anyone who has a phone can get bored and jump on temple run. Not because they are a gamer but because it's there and they're bored.

  33. Yes. The female gamer usually plays on smartphone, and it's favorite games are "who types quicker on Whatzapp", or "who posts the best selfie on Instagram". These girls today are so adicted in those smartphone apps as a professional MMO gamer is on these games.

  34. Are 50% of Gamers Women?


    You don't need to watch the video now guys, I summed up 11 minutes of what would have been wasted time for everyone. Spend those 11 minutes doing something productive with your lives.

  35. Calling someone who plays phone games a gamer is like calling someone who occasionally watches movies a film buff.

  36. Is there a survey that would show demographics per specific titles. Candy Crush, Assetto Corsa, Angry Birds, Call of Duty (SP vs Multi), WoW, Mario Something, Bioshock Infinite, Papers Please, Halo, Final Fantasy MCXII… etc.?

  37. In my experience, this is pretty accurate. In the last 10 years my time and money in gaming has shifted almost exclusively to MMO titles. I enjoy the social and community aspects of these games and have typically leaned more toward guilds that put their internal community first before content. I played WoW for several years, GW2 for a while after that, Wildstar for a time, and am now in FFXIV with some other MMOs sprinkled in between that didn't hold my attention for long. I have found the majority of players I encounter are male, but easily 1/3 or more are women. Probably not quite half, but still way more than some have suggested.

    Interestingly enough I also found that many of these women (particularly in my time with WoW) played male characters or the 'ugly' females like Dwarves or Orcs in an attempt to fly under the radar of the boys like the one in the video making the archeologist joke.

    Also, since I got married and play MMOs with my wife now, I've found many more women in these games

  38. I don't care what you say, I will never consider mobile gaming part of gaming, so no they aren't gamers. Mobile gaming is something you choose when you are sitting in the doctors office or taking a dump and have nothing better to do. Gaming is something you choose to take time out of your day to do and get immersed in. That's why that I feel confident that most of those "girl gamers" playing phone games probably aren't doing it as a primary thing, its usually a secondary thought (at dinner or something) to keep someone occupied till life gets done being boring. Calling mobile games a game is like calling surfing the web a game. Some mobile games aren't even as difficult as surfing the web, one game I found my brother playing was labeled as an RPG and he showed me how its played, all you do is press "complete quest" to complete quests then get loot/gold, then to fight a boss you press "fight boss" then it tells you if you beat him. Wow, that challenge…

  39. I've never had that problem, I'm female, I'm a gamer, and when I play I don't generally get harassed despite using voice chat because it's easier than typing, then again I tend to be of a sarcastic nature and may simply have either not noticed or not given a damn.

  40. In all my time of playing online games, it seems like the more "hard core" or competitive a game is, the better women get treated. Of course this is just from my personal experience. My thought is that the more competitive/addicting a game is then the more likely the (male) players are to be more devoted to it. If this is true, then (still just from my own experience), when a male player runs into a woman playing that game, he might be more inclined to please her by giving items/perks/friendship in game.

  41. I think you are going with the correct definition of the word "gamer" in the overall context of the discussion of what percentage of gamers are female.

    A lot of the time that this particular statistic is brought up is in discussions about whether or not more games should include women in their target audience or if they should continue to exclusively service men.  Well, the companies that make games exist to make money, that's just the way the world works.  If 50% of people who play games are women, then designing a game to appeal to women will not automatically make it a failure when it comes to sales.

    With the alternate use of the word "gamer" we are talking about a social system rather than an economic system.  If gaming culture becomes more inclusive then we aren't seeing the sources of the games it is based on going out of business, simply the reduction of a structure of privilege and bias.  People aren't generally going to say (out loud) that they don't want gaming to be more inclusive because they want to continue to be privileged; hence, they express concern for the well being of the companies that produce the games.

  42. In nearly 1000hrs of CS:GO I've herad about 5 females that actually use a mic and are really female players… more than I've seen in other games… this doesn't leave me with the ignorance of believing there is only 1 female player for every 1000 male players.

  43. Well, if only a SMALL percentage of games are being played by young men, why not just let those games exist without interference from the social justice set?

  44. This made sense. Thanks for taking the time to really dig into this. I agree that women are at least half of the total market and there would be even more if they were the targeted audience instead of an after-thought…

  45. The stat HONESTLY is more like 15% to 30% at most. You don't have to camp out and go to events to be a "gamer". You DO at least need to play actual video games not gaming APPS, and keep up with the latest videos games, and have a collection of video games.
    Almost NONE of the girls I know do anything more than play candy crush on their phone. This 48% stat needs to be locked away forever, it's so BS.
    YES, to be a #GAMER you should have a GAMING collection. Hardcore gamers are the ones who camp out and go to events. Sitting on a toilet while playing a smartphone app doesn't make you a gamer at all, lol.

  46. To comment on the percentage of males in your audience: Google assumes a user's gender (unless otherwise specified by the user) depending on what categories their search history fall into, so a search history filled with video game-related activity can convince Google that the searcher is male. So, it's not always correct. In fact, when I discovered this fact not too long ago, I found that Google had assumed I was male for years. At the time you showed the stats for you audience, Google still thought I was a guy!

  47. This is a great article exploring the power of marketing during the early years of games and into the present that make games seem like a primarily male activity. Great read, if you have the time and are still interested in/confused about this topic:

  48. hmm I think what you say is very interesting. people who watch movies or listen to music don't have a particular name because every one watch's movies and listens to music. video games are a medium, in my opinion on the same level as film but is not always viewed as such. by putting ourselves into the box of "gamer" it limits the medium to being its full potential. maybe that's why some people are finding it difficult to label just what does it mean to be a gamer. after all people watch different films but one genre can't really be compared to another, art house, horror and chic flicks are different, films can be one or all at once and the same goes for games. "casual games" are not any less than first person shooters and you can have a casual first person shooter.

  49. This stat is of limited use though. Say I am a FPS developer and you tell me 48 % of gamers are female. I say ok but then ask how many are playing FPS, because as a FPS developer thats the number I am most interested in. Not saying FPS is the true form of gaming though or that you can't recruit from other genres. You just have to look at these numbers at the subcategory.

    As for FPS, personally don't like them all that much and only really play them with friends. Instead I stick more to strategy and RPG and love the odd indie game :).

  50. «Male Gamers are playing a select "few" titles.»
    You mean "many" not "few" and you mean "genres" not "titles"…

    FPS, TPS, RTS, Plateform, Stealth, Action, Adventure, Fighting, Sh'm'up…
    At the contrary of Mobile, Patience, Puzzle, Card games and such.

  51. The problem with the study aside, its a big deal it was misrepresented because people are trying to justify games (mostly Pc/console) be less appealing to males and more to females. Tracers butts pose comes to mind.

  52. its all because of u dude
    I know quite a lot of fellow female who play game that is not just casual game but most dont show it to other
    heck my guild master is also female and she is being blunt about it but I rarely see someone like that

  53. its so cringy and pathetic how people glorify the term 'gamer' as if playing video games is some sort of a prominent achievement, its one of the reasons i'm starting to hate that term and the other cringeworthy related terms such as: gamer girl, hardcore gamer. just because you play certain types of games on a certain gaming platforms doesn't give the you the validity to determine and analyse who's a true gamer and who's not because in the end it's just a simple equation a gamer is just someone who plays video games regardless of the: platform/genre/gender/professionalism, there's no true or fake gamers

  54. isnt the very thing about VR that u are meant to be playing as if the game is through your eyes (first person)??? how would u do a VR game that isn't first person, the whole point of it is so u are seeing what your character is doing

  55. So my mom is a bigger gamer than me because she plays that friggin dragon city (or whatever) game ALL. DAY. LONG. while i can only play on the weekend? They should have done a study for people who self identify as a gamer. Because while my mom "games" for dozens of hours a week, she would never call herself a gamer.

  56. I know that this is an old video now, but I'm a female gamer and Let's Player, and my audience is 80% male and 20% female. Now, that could depend on my game choice, but it would seem that less girls play video games (not including mobile) than I previously thought.

  57. A Gamer is a person who's main hobby is playing video games and often uses their TV more for that than watching a broadcasted program. Gamers are interested in the Gaming Industry, the Development Status of games, and the Community. By this very definition, Casuals are not Gamers. And in my and many other people's experiences, female Gamers are extremely rare and make up nowhere near 50%.

  58. If playing Candy Crush or Farmville makes you a gamer, then I'm a well-read bibliophile because I read part of The Great Gatsby while waiting at the dentist.

  59. 50 percent of gamers are not female. Just because you play Words with Friends, it doesn't mean you're a gamer . The logic that says they are is the same logic that says that if you say you like a movie, that makes you a movie critic. Or if you sold something at a garage sale, that makes you a salesman. It does not. Gamers are people who go to conventions, watch E3, stay up to date on game development. People who only play Candy Crush don't count.

  60. Yeah sorry but cellphone games are 99% of the time aimed at casuals. so yes when taking that into account it's easy to see that casual games have a higher female playerbase, however most large budget AAA games are not casual and don't have a sizable female player base, and that's where most of the conversation about gaming culture is taking place, and that's the problem when people use this statistic of "48% of gamers are female" it's entirely misleading, the proper statistic is that "48% of the mobile games playerbase is female" but mobile games are entire beast of there own.

    TLDR: this statistic is misleading, since the mobile market and the console market tend to appeal to different demographics

  61. Because that figure is being used to justify attempts to prohibit "violence" in video games, "sexualised" depictions of women and introduce the politics of gender into the privacy of the home and even your own mind. I don't appreciate being called evil and mysoginist because I play a femshep in Mass Effect. I don't think anyone actually has a problem with women who like games. The issue is the people who are putting the male power fantasy into a Stalinist show trial.

  62. No, they're not.

    This ridiculous claim comes from a study that claims people who have ever touched a game, or play Bejewelled for five minutes in the toilet, are gamers.

    Christina Hoff Sommers found herself cited as a "female gamer" in said study simply because she once mentioned to have played Pac-Man once in a bar during her college years.

    When accounting for who actually buys dedicated gaming hardware and software, men are over 95% of gamers.

    In 2015 Nintendo released the stats of their eShop sales, 97% of users identified as male, and this is family-friendly Nintendo, so it is safe to assume the Sony and Microsoft numbers are even more skewed in favor of men.

    The industry, thus, has no obligation to change to cater to this dismal percentage of genuine female gamers, just like you wouldn't expect a primarily female-oriented industry, such as romantic novelism, to be changed for the dismal percentage of men that read pink novels.

    Those who choose to enter a space that is heavily built around another culture have no right to demand it is changed to suit their personal tastes and sensibilities, their options are simple: Get with the program or get out.

  63. Man I don't speak in multiplayer games because I'm a young kid so I'm afraid that I will be made fun of because of my voice. So I understand why female gamers keep quiet.

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