Are Video Card Prices Finally Starting To Fall? (Mar 2018)

hey guys glad to see you here once again
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actually pretty impressive so be on the lookout for the review now what I want
to talk to you guys today about it’s a couple different things first off if you
guys haven’t seen it video car prices are finally starting to slack off
they’re even starting to sell cards back at their normal price I got an ad from
Newegg today 8 gigabyte 580 for about $399 it’s not all the way down to the
lowest tier that it that it could be but it’s getting there other video card
prices are finally starting to come down well you guys all know that mine
when it comes out it sucks the heck out of the market it’s like opening up a
black hole to miners where they just suck every video card they can get into
their systems the market loses you know all of its stock and prices go crazy
crazy crazy up but like always the mining craze has it’s up and then it has
it’s down and the down is going to hit pretty soon now that doesn’t mean that
mining is going away it just means that the craze for and everything going
around it kind of changes so instead of being the big huge thing like circus
Vargas the first day it comes out it kind of loses its luster and there’s
still people doing it who stick around but the big craze will be over and that
means good news for a lot of people including me a lot of my friends just
come to me before and have me building PCs and stuff lately
I cannot touch these guys the big companies who have their pre built
systems and all of you guys out there who build pcs for your friends you know
what I’m talking about right now you’re like oh cool man I can get this cheap I
can get this cheap I can get this cheap Ram whoa video card holy crap Batman
then you quote from the price there it’s like wow you know Best Buy or whatever
you know whatever because stores by you has his pre-built system with a way
better card in it for like you know six hundred dollars less than that because
you’re having to pay that $600 for that card now that’s just we all know that’s
insane but the ice is broke prices are coming
down so I imagine that probably by the time that summer’s in full roll
hopefully by then there’ll be new cards from both the AMD side of things and the
Nvidia side of things and that’ll help alleviate the market as well but we
shall see but let’s all keep our hopes up because it was really nice when I
could actually buy an affordable video card and pass on my savings from rather
stuff to my friends so with that said though check this out so much want to
talk about the word gaming right gaming every time that that seems to be
attached to anything these days it’s making whatever product there is sell
for more money now I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this lately and the
reason is this gaming is entertainment and it’s a want it’s like drugs food sex
anything else we’ll get addictive to their gaming it
sucks them in they play I used to be told like that my son was into that for
years lots of you are into it right now and when you’re in that phase you’re
just completely like focused on anything to do gaming and helping your gaming
experience but if there wasn’t gaming on a PC how many people would actually even
buy PCs especially with Windows on it I mean well if if the with this the
windows over the years and how much how much people visco I mean oh it has some
good things you know it would be interesting to see if there was no PC
gaming ever so let’s just say that computers came out and they were pieces
you know personal computers they were for doing your business you know other
business people did things on them for CAD and stuff but let’s just say that it
never really took off as a gaming platform that in itself you wouldn’t see
anything that’s going on right now because if you take gaming out of the
computer industry there almost is no computer industry anymore
there’s obviously business a lot people would believe me if there wasn’t this
people would get the most cheapest most inexpensive thing that they can get
their hands on that would fit behind their TV for sure these days for all our
emails surfing the internet and everything else they would never even go
out and spend it and paying like thousands of dollars or hundreds and
hundreds of over price to buy a video card they would never waste their time
at all the PC without gaming I think at this point right now would not be
anything at all like it is without the gaming side of it and people take
advantage of that fact they take advantage of that fact because
they put gaming on it they call it a gaming keyboard they call it a gaming
you know Mouse how many things we’ve talked about this before gaming monitor
you know they call it a gaming monitor even if doesn’t even have any
qualifications for a gaming monitor keeping an IPS panel with no freesync no
g-sync no high refresh rates no nothing but they’ve slapped the tag on it gaming
so you’re automatically going and you’re looking at that you’re going hey wow wow
what’s a gaming monitor Elric it says gaming on it I wanted a gaming monitor
but is it a gaming monitor I think the criteria for what qualifies
as being a gaming product really needs to be more narrowed down what truly
qualifies for a Gaming Mouse a gaming keyboard a gaming anything what
qualifies it that it’s just strictly for gaming and you guys know that you know
that GeForce Partner Program thing that’s what early what’s all about as I
look to you more about it’s basically the branding of gaming anything that
says Nvidia gaming on it then Nvidia would own that gaming platform on it you
know so I’m from from I guess bhisma spective that’s totally smart idea
because it locks are there others out but there are once again you see the
word gaming being used to manipulate the market and get more of your money you
know you hear people all the time saying oh I meant I just use a standard
keyboard a standard Mouse you know what you’re fine bro
those gaming things half the time I admit it a lot of them are gimmicky
unless you can program the buttons it’s got you know really great features on it
that’s really super comfortable pretty much a mouse unless it’s just got two
buttons nothing else it’s a mouse only the programmability and being able to
take that and bring it into your games makes it any different than any product
out there so now that I’m talking about the very last thing in this video now
consoles why can’t consoles have a normal OS on them and be upgradable so
that you could buy them I mean picture this I like sitting in my living room
and so I just bought I’ll admit it I just bought an Xbox 360 I mean not an
expected Xbox 1s I bought the slim one that got one terabyte with the game
fours in it for 150 bucks I couldn’t turn that shit down so I bought it and
playing fours on my TV is awesome I mean it really is fun so I started thinking
about it but I could just sit in the living room now especially with all this
wireless stuff that I got I got a bunch of Wireless stuff from Corsair I’ll be
showing you guys that stuff as well as I do my wireless living room but it’s
really cool so if I could have a console that could do all those things I could
surf the net stream do everything right from my console perfectly and still play
my games aren’t the way that I’m doing now and not have to get broke I think I
could survive that yes obviously PC graphics you know they are they are
better but why couldn’t they do something with a console where you could
put a different type of video card and there’s something and upgrade it and
keep it going so at least for like a few years you know three to five years your
same console could be upgradeable and you could use it I mean I think if that
happened it would be great because there really for me the big thing that always
separated a PC game from a console game was the controller when it comes to
first-person shooter games man you’re trying to get that controller my old
fingers man and I am just like whoa this is Jabberwocky I cannot do this but you
give me a mouse in my hand at keyboard WASD I mean I’m fine I can play that all
day long you know I’m saying and get down so if I could totally have that
with my console my keyboard my mouse all that and have it up and running I think
I would be pretty happy with that and I think a lot of you folks would as well
and if that happened all these PC industry guys that keep using the word
gaming gaming gaming to suck all your cash would have to suck on you not
buying their products anymore you know honestly if we stopped buying their
stuff just because they’re throwing the tagname gaming on it and consoles
actually improved the entire market could change I actually plan to try to
talk to some people at Microsoft that I used to work with years ago I just got
away from the console stuff as I went PC but I actually have some ideas myself
about the perfect console and I’m actually gonna bring you guys a video
about that where I’ll tell you about my concept and how I think that a console
in reality could totally wipe out the PC industry almost completely own those
people who use it for work for just pleasure a console can definitely do the
job with a little modification so thanks for watching like I said video car
prices are dropping dropping dropping dropping dropping be careful what you
buy when it has the word gaming attached to because most the time they’re just
trying to do this to you and and take money from your wallet and that’s the
truth and think about it if you had a console that could do everything your PC
could do and still be upgradeable and still be in that nice cost factor of
being a few hundred bucks why the heck wouldn’t you buy that thing and you know
what it could be easily done so let me hear your guys thoughts and opinions
down below I appreciate it very much and I’ll see you guys back here on teka
tomorrow for obviously more tech and more news

100 thoughts on “Are Video Card Prices Finally Starting To Fall? (Mar 2018)

  1. While I do agree with most of your points, gaming is what is pushing R&D (research and development) of new technologies.

    I doubt, we would have the poweful components we enjoy today without gaming.

  2. Console manufacturers wouldn't make upgradable consoles because it would most likely confuse the less tech savvy gamers out there,
    i think the most we will ever see is a 2 tier system, where you have the base console and then a premium console (like we have now with PS4/Pro and Xbox one/X).
    It would be nice though if the next consoles had swappable GPU modules, where it was super simple to just unscrew or pop out the old GPU and slot in a new one, but i doubt it will happen, as add-ons in the past weren't that successful to my knowledge (N64 rumble pak?) and the consoles using APU's would mean you would need to swap both the CPU and GPU, which may drive up the price to the point where it would turn people off, it would also mean that someone couldn't trade in or sell their old console for the more premium one.

  3. I almost screamed "YES" cuz I wanna get a GTX 1080ti but it costs about as much if not more than my pretty decent gaming PC with a GTX1070

  4. If i could use mouse and keyboard easily with my PS4 , i would never lan to build a new gaming PC which will cost me 2500 CAD.
    and i would survive if the texture quality and graphic was not as crazy as a high end VGA . The only thing that i needed , was a IPS 1080P monitor , that's pretty much of it.

  5. Consol and keyboard has been talked about for 15+ years already. I wouldn't call it new ideas to improve consols. They wouldn't allow it then because of competetive gaming. Everybody knows mouse+keybaord owns a gamepad.

  6. Nvidia and AMD are going to lose a lot of fucking money in the end for not nipping this in the bud early on instead of being short sighted and I'm glad. Eventually when the Cryptocurrency bubble bursts all the dumbasses who sold their homes to invest will be putting these cards online for pennies on the dollar. Be prepared to see "gently used" 1080s for 300 bucks on ebay and Amazon Marketplace.

  7. I love PC but I like more sitting at the TV and playing …………. which is why I build my own small custom Menu PC consoles for the TV that just uses an Xbox 360 controller ( I even have the promo trailers for every PC game in the Menu ) and then there`s all the emu`s I`ve set up too. I`m fine with 360 controller for FPS, you just have too be good at strafing in FPS games to get by but granted still a bit of a disadvantage for online but ………… for those of us older folks that are done with online gaming these days then that`s still ok ( plus u can always add a keyboard n mouse if u have too anyways )

  8. About console paired with keyboard and mouse…. Just check on XIM module. Now as you said you got a XBOX One S, why don't you make a review for that XIM?

  9. i like GAMING but i don't want something that looks like a bouncy castle sat in the corner of my room i would much rather a bit of class that looks slick and blends in with the rest of the house just want the performance

  10. Nvidia said in an article in Feb Forbes that the prices will continue to skyrocket for all of 2018 due to the new Apple and Samsung phones using the same memory and the miners.

  11. "Why can't my console be like a PC?" what you are describing in the living room is just a small form factor PC, that's literally what a console is except unlike PC's they are closed environment. You can take a gaming PC to your living room, hell you can beam your PC from your bedroom to your living room.

  12. Its crazy, last year in july i paid 750 euro's for my MSI Gtx 1080Ti FE now i see it being sold for over 1200 euro's….

  13. An upgradable console heh? Like a box containing upgradable software and hardware which allows you to use any kind of input and can be plugged to TV, I don't know, never heard of that kind of machine…

  14. First comment for a youtube video in a loooong time, but i just can't wait to say I absolutely agree with you, specially about those thoughts on the "console" future for gaming. Maybe it's because you and me dude, we are senior gamers! (not because the skill, but the age) :DD

  15. Wait Wait Wait – In your other graphic card cost video you said mining was a small percentage of the reason card prices are so high, and blamed the high prices of production control from both AMD and NVidia. Which is it?

  16. While gaming mouses do make a real difference with stuff like input lag and sensitivity, more buttons and etc, gaming keyboards are one of the biggest scams in gaming ever. I have been saying this for years to my friends who buy ridiculously expensive mechanical gaming keyboards and it couldn't be more true. They literally do nothing functionally better than a 10 dollar membrane keyboard, the keys may feel nicer to press i guess but that is it really. still people buy them like crazy just because it says they are made for gaming i guess, i honestly don't get it. It's like apple products in a way, under powered and outdated specs, an overall inferior product to anything else out there and extremely overpriced. People keep buying apple phones and pcs like crazy for some absurd reason…

  17. I grew up PC gaming, I have played on console but I don't think I would switch to console even if it was upgradable considering computers can do everything a console can with better graphics.

    Video cards going down YAY!

  18. The argument you made with console and pc as a platform pc wins out all day but gpu prices and memory prices are garbage.

  19. Amd vega is suppose to be the cheaper option but their outrageous in price. I dont stream or do video editing but I would love to support amd but with a price difference of 100-200$ all go with intel for gaming. Very sad to see this happening.

  20. I remember i got my GPU just as the mining started and ended up having to pay 549 Euro for my gtx 1070…. Now where i am they're still charging 620 euro

  21. Before:
    Pc master race: get a pc consoles suck
    Console peasants: damn ugh
    Pc master race: hey what are you doing with these graphics cards they’re for gaming not crypto mining…STOP it the prices are skyrocketing
    Console peasants: hahahahahaha hey who wants a Nintendo switch for 300$… can run doom and outlast

  22. You're not incorrect in this assumption of computers are mostly dead outside of gaming/business/mining. I work for apple and every time someone has to do something with their phone that requires a computer, probably 30-40% of the time they don't have one.

  23. Prices in Australia still have not dropped… I was gonna upgrade to a 1060, then the prices shot up, so i have been stuck with a 750ti 4gb

  24. I have more then one card to buy, one for my living room. I'm buying a RX 560 in a couple weeks and then wait until BF and cyber Monday.

  25. I just have my pc hooked up to my living room tv and I can play with a wireless xbone controller or keyboard with the best graphics… I don't know what you are talking about because everything u say can be done with a pc. You can make a pc extremely small too if you really wanted to. I bought a ps4 when it came out and only use it as a bluray/netflix player nowadays.

  26. i loved listening to you, talk talk talk, I wish there were a more technical video somewhere, to explain why the hardware we buy does not fit our need, but continue, good luck great sellsm

  27. Gaming adjective these days just means more bling.

    Motherboards nowadays are about more and more bling as well. It's kind of sad but how many times do you actually LOOK at the insides of your PC? How many of you keep the case under the desk, like myself?

    You're basically talking about merging a console and a PC? Maybe that's the future. Like the PDA merged with mobile phone and we got the smart phone. Sure, it's possible but will it happen?

  28. I don't really get what's going on I'm 13 trying to build my first PC, can someone explain to me please?

  29. Finally happening. Just got Sapphire Radeon RX 580 NITRO+ Special Edition 8 GB direct from Amazon for £299.50. RRP in U.K. was £280 so not too bad at all. Wanted AMD as for 3 freesync monitors. Everywhere else still selling for £420+ !

  30. I much prefer an iMac for work and console for gaming. Sure, none of these are upgradable, but at least they work out of the box and are extremely stable and optimized for what they do. Windows is trying to be good at everything and ends up being mediocre in all aspects.
    Also this might be an unpopular opinion but I think that upgradability is overrated. I had an i5-6500 skylake build with an Asus Z170 that I was hoping I will upgrade to a beefy i7 down the line. Guess what – Intel broke the upgrade path with Coffee lake, despite maintaining the same socket. So much for my upgrades, unless I want an underwhelming i7-7700K when 6 cores became the norm.

  31. Happy I paid 100$ for my evga 1050ti sc before the crypto craze , honestly blows me away that they are 200 plus $

  32. you are right.console can hawe upgradeble slot for card cable for ssd and upgadable procesor slot.they dont hawe to change socket..just to sell boards..and also they can doo mouse on console and controler when you need one you pick it.i really dont need to hawe pc..

  33. Really disagree with the point about a console that could wipe out the pc gaming market, its just too implausible to do so

  34. pricing is not going down until the end of the year. thats what nvidia said themselves. they are announcing gddr6 memory for the next cards but they are not out yet and it might not lower the pricing so much. see the ryzen 2 came out and the other ryzen cpus did not go down much at all. also , why you talk about gaming products , consoles and such when it has nothing to do with video cards…

  35. There is no words to describe this video and the owner, except, Excellent or Brilliant. Just keep it on. You are the BEST !!!

  36. Yeah I ended up having to buy a alienware aurora r5 the other year to get a gtx 1070 I bought the system refurbished , and I opened it up and the plastic wrap was still on the 1070 in the system, Dell stated they put a new gpu in the system as the customer before had a faulty gpu and had it replaced but then refunded the system. I only paid $800 for a i7 6700 8gb ram ddr4 and a great case with superior cooling for next to nothing. I wanted to build my pc but the cost of the 1070 was $550-800 at the time before the 1080ti even came out.

    Just last week found a gtx 1070 for $450, and I bought that on ebay for a sli set up
    , even though I was interested in amd vega 64, but the price was that of a gtx 1080ti when it should be the cost of a gtx 1070ti.

    You can't really blame the miners here, as the reason the prices are so high is because the common scalper who wants to make money buys out all the cards and sells it above market price, dirty crap but everyone gotta make there money some how and one day some of the scalpers will be in a loss so its a very tricky business if not done right.

    Very good point you put across though, I suspect volta to come out early fall or early next year with the new NVidia 4k hdr GSYNC monitors being delayed countless times released + the Big format 65 INCH PC GAMING Displays that will allow everything to do sit back on your couch and play on a big screen with a implemented NVidia shield would that not be the same thing you want? + 144HZ AND 4k AND HDR AND GSYNC TAKE MY 4 GRAND PLEASE

  37. Hello friends!
    start minning Bitcoin from your laptop or PC follow these steps..
    1) click on this from your PC or laptop.
    2) it will open crypto tab website scroll down and click on button "ADD TO CHROME AND GET BITCOIN"
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    4) sign in is important because it save your minning information Thanks..

  38. ill beg to differ on the gaming mouse thought you have, higher dpi does nothing for regular pc use, higher dpi is almost needed to play games if you play at high sensitivity

  39. Now you need to play at 244 FPS @ 4k resolution . These company sure do know how suck dry the money of those kids.
    And when I try to explain I had fun playing game on a 15 inch screen @ 800X600 resolution they don't believe me.

    Anyway. Like Im going to spend 1 .5 G on a two years old GPU. They can shove it where the sun never shine.

  40. the fist "home" pc the, Ibm 610 came out back in 57…Shortly after being set up, the fist thing the consumer said was "Yeah thats cool….. but can it play crysis"????

  41. Honestly I am not so much concern about the gpu because I have my old gtx 980ti and that was still freaking awesome in most modern titles.What I'm really concern is the too much monopoly overpricing of DRAM which continues even at this moment going up as much as 4x of its original price.

  42. The reason you wouldn't be able to upgrade a gpu in consoles is because generally they have quite poor hardware which is why they are so cheap. The reason games run at 60fps on console is because games are optimised for that exact hardware so if you were to upgrade it that would mean that the game wojld have to be optimised like a pc game meaning that frankly they would not run on the standard hardware that comes in the console. For example the ps4 instead of a cpu and gpu it has 2 apu's and another youtube i can't recall nis name put that hardware into a pc build and simply could not achieve the frame rates that the ps4 achieves

  43. great Idea, our consoles should come stock with an os suited for a mouse and keyboard. Most games are programmed around the hardware of the machine your playing them on. In the case of the pc master race we all have different gpu's so some titles play better on amd or nvidia with high settings. Now if your idea was real and gamer's all gamed on the same machines this gpu fiasco would not be a real problem. I just really hope we don't get to the point where popular games only work on one graphics card or another it would be the console wars all over again. I will say though one good thing that has come out of the gpu shortage would have to be the fact that no one is allowed to be brand loyal anymore if they want to get a good price on a card.

  44. If you make a console upgradable and add a keyboard and mouse to it then what would be the difference between that and a PC? You're literally saying that a console would be better than a PC if it was a PC. :/

  45. Go to Bestbuy, check…
    Buy a PC, check…
    Remove video card, check…
    Place card in gaming pc… Saved money.

  46. fuck consoles
    let the pc gaming rise
    just do it for us
    that special community with few members
    the left handed gamers

  47. China is about to bury Elon Musk in batteries. This new factory in China will suck up all minerals that are used in RAM and Video cards cell phones. Ram and video cards will be non existent.

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