Assassin’s Creed Ezio Collection Trailer Reaction & Impressions

Assassin’s Creed Ezio Collection Trailer Reaction & Impressions well we’re look I know you’re mad but not why you’re here renowned pastor and mentor it’s your auditory the LA it is a good like really rather than never change your father was an assassin I’m here fine sand pits game kilbourne dying impressing all that remains is the deal this life it’s chose me you blow its your your flow you are the leader now Unitas lesson this year Victoria and take a chroma you i want I intend to write a book about you one day you do Machiavelli make it short welcome to Constantinian it’s yours fights with me what it means to cross the Atlantic like we’re scouting party shale so I’m just going to run through watch the trailer again and kind of break it down i guess in terms of differences because obviously it’s three games with played for assassins creed two brothers revelations in a collection now I am so shocked that this has been announced two months before it’s coming out right but when you think to yourself the games coming out in two months and they’re going to answer i say it’s obviously not a big jump in look and for the most part it’s not it’s not like a you know everyone same remasters going to be really different it’s not really at all assassin’s creed two does assassin going to is very notably different the color palettes a lot better lighting is a lot better textures are a lot better especially on the characters facial features and things like that the AC to as soon as I saw it I was like okay this looks like you’ve really touched it up and make it look awesome Brotherhood I literally couldn’t tell thing revelations I could see some I guess differences are nominal I want to watch it again just so I get a bit of an idea some not not really sure I mean a couple of times rather looks maybe like the facial characters have been touched up but it’s ac2 really looks different so like it as the roof top seed like some great stuff going on in this trailer but yea ac2 looks really i just texture touched up on on the NPC’s at all its characters just in general because it was very out like almost like dim like Venice is very dim lit the skies always liked clouded whereas it looks like it’s a lot sunnier broader and a lot more of a broader feeling we’re looking at brother going yeah it looks like I’m playing on pc iguess not like a massive difference and then obviously evil revelations on there which is a yeah I mean it doesn’t look like it’s been your brother revelation from the vineyard little dust it off I guess but yeah that the dlcs on there and yeah but not ya later this feels like a c2 looked remastered i would say if someone like what’s a story to this gunshots and that’s the assassins creed two remaster huge one no three monsters yet definitely brother revelations no definitely not definitely not i mean it’s your collection it’s all the two games on next-gen will i get it you know i mean yeah because of the AC to game because I mean what I’ve said this time and time again I’ve got the games about another hand length away from me that I can grab and play right now and winters rather revelations I’m not like looking at like I need to get it on next-gen assassin’s creed 2i see that I’m like okay that looks really different you know that’s very noticeably different played that game through 15 tops down I you know know what it looks like back-to-front all those get look like back to front and two they all look different yeah sure just revelation about the tiny bit too looks great and that’s really cool and I want to play assassin’s creed two but it looks like that is it gonna be a new experience I data purely from the standpoint of i played them so many times can I feel the nostalgia again you know I don’t I don’t I don’t see it but I hope maybe playing to again and it looking different could bring back some money but look I just feel like it’s gonna be the I feel like it’s gonna be I don’t know just the port of the games applied before nothing really special of don’t which is a shame because it’s my favorite character in video game history and their ported all those games over to the newest generation i guess it’s just because the other games are still there and haven’t stopped existing or anything I’m just checking out the collectors edition James video about the collectors edition I’m just gonna follow your link Jones because it’s a smaller screen I want to actually see it so what do we get in the sco collection collector’s edition that might make me want to get it so of God sexy as the it’s your collection exclusive collector’s box chest of SEO in his black master assassin outfit so it’s like a little figurine thing i don’t i don’t care about any less of a grown-ass man and I don’t want to fucking statue or action figure lithographs staged Shh know the best of it co collection soundtrack featuring 40 tracks onto discs again I’ve got all the sand tracks look how did I want to know how to describe the interior collection right so correct decision $119 Australian which is pretty normal for a collector’s edition like a big big one big bundle which it looks like it’s you know the big main collector’s edition obviously coming at november so okay let’s check this and so let’s at have a listen to what they say these new features are so obviously the features leave it seems complete life story pleasure to the most celebrated on iconic assassin in the assassins creed franchise obviously end of course you want to make this collection in that sense marketing was it sexier enhance from for the new generation experienced these three classics with greater hardware capabilities and processing power bringing the stories and immersion to life with enhanced graphics and post-processing ok I mean maybe when i play Brotherhood revelations i’ll feel like I’m playing in a more powerful device but you know frame rate increase just a smoothness to it and maybe some textures and just a lot better who knows on and i’ll have to play it well Sloan from learn from learn more about ideas life with the complete assassin’s creed lineage and assassins creed and the short films so lineage accept for assassins creed two and then in the set after revelations so if you want a chronological order if you don’t know you want to watch the assassins creed lineage movie before you start and you play assassin’s creed two and still sees play Brotherhood of Steel sees play revelations and then you can watch Assassin’s Creed members and old does not include multiplayer content what a shock not we have think it’s pretty obvious that there’s no multiplayer content going into this that would have been cool but you know I didn’t add all think that were reporting that over now I want to see some screenshots here of the game so i can see start straightaway assassins creed two it looks different like it looks well done well put-together Brotherhood you know like it looks maybe better i don’t know i got really tell like you i guess a little I guess sure revelations I think I do think revelations has been touched up because I always almost thought in a way Brotherhood looked better than revelations texture-wise around the landscape revelations look better but I always felt like character was revelations looked a bit weaker overall I really know you know I get this is what I expected you know the end of the day this entire collection two months out is what i expected to be actually surprised at how good assassins creed two looks like I guess that’s the one they spent the most time on because it looked the worst by far look the worse compared to the other two so i can see that so much like the updated as asked me to look like Brotherhood revelations in that sense and then they just kind of touch on the other two and we’re getting pc quality onto a next-gen you know our that’s what I expected I’ll get it am i hyped maybe i will later but i don’t know at this point it’s just get the three games i love and I’ve played before and I have just over there i can play right now if i want to i need to wait til november seventeenth to play but I don’t know no I’m not not excited I’m not hide either not upset about that is this is what it is it’s a nothing wrong with that I hope that the people that have never played the NCO trilogy that a new fans to the franchise and that may be joined as a story three or syndicate unity the etc I hope this is awesome for you and you guys can get this play this collection experience sexy oh that’s really exciting and that’s what this is for ultimately and I hope that they accomplished Ubisoft accomplish what they want with this collection which is for these are old or sorry new players to come in and experience at co and have their own experience with him a good or bad and get hard get ready for the future I guess you have a bit of a break but he is something to tide you over till next year and yeah so yeah I get it I’m gonna have an issue with this sem collection whatsoever i think it’s a great idea I think if you’re going to remaster or at least repackage any of the games in the franchise that had to be the NCO trilling it is no other option here you’ve got the best character in the franchise by far I don’t care if your favorite fucking shake or mac or Connor Kenway they’re not the most popular characters the franchise not even close not even fucking close Ezio’s so it had to be the n trilogy and the double ninja do with it to a certain level i would like to have seen brother revelations be way more touched up look way better of course I’d like the best product possible but again we’re two months after release this is what we get an AC to the looks really great and brother revelations that a pc quality i guess to me cool i’ll play it i look forward to playing assassins creed two have to meet at soho lechita at least I get to get all the achievements again in the trilogy and i will be doing that one hundred percent just please change out the achievements i wouldn’t mind some new shit to do the new challenges fucking feathers again fucking kill me now ok anyway guys that’s it for me rambling on and on and on let me know what you think in the NCO collection have you played it before these at your games or is this gonna be your first time doing it let me know if it is your first time going to play these games but also let me know what you think of the collection overall like obviously to looks really good do you think revelations brother look a lot better can you notice anything more than i do and yeah thank you so much for watching guys it’s a bit early some not quite as fucking enthusiastic at my hands and mess I’m can sleep in my eyes so anyway guys thanks anyway and i will see you later

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