Assassin’s Creed Origins – “Legend of the Assassin” Launch Trailer | PS4

Your legend, assassin, is
spreading. [MUSIC PLAYING] The corners of this world speak
of a man who fights without being seen, who goes where the gods forbid, who kills the wicked
and the corrupt. What you have started in Egypt will change the course
of history? BAYEK: We must continue to fight and defend the freewill
of the people. And no matter how small, our brotherhood is the
only hope. [MUSIC PLAYING] MAN: Assassins Creed Origins,
available October 27th.

100 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed Origins – “Legend of the Assassin” Launch Trailer | PS4

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  2. They should show the actual ps4 version of the videos gameplay..for what it really is on the Playstation console.. this is a high end pc video footage.😂

  3. This game is the most underrated game of 2017 with not 1 game of the year nomination. Sad, because it is worth every penny!

  4. only trailer is good but gameplay and story sucks and boring wasted my money on this one i think my money went to the trailers fund

  5. Anyone knows the song/ ost used on this trailer? Have been looking for a long time but still can't find it… if anyone knows it, please kindly let me know here. Thanks.

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