Asus P5KPL-AM SE Motherboard

Alright you’re looking at the
Asus P5KPL-AM SE. Now what all those letters stand
for I have absolutely no clue but you got a pretty
cool little board here. It’s very small. Micro ATX
form factor, very simple but high quality nonetheless.
If you’re looking for something that’s going to fit in
a small package and still get a lot
of cool features, you might want to
consider this board. It’s very affordable and
it’s got just the basics, just the stuff that
you’re going to need but obviously you’re getting
Asus’s quality assurance, you know that you’re going to get
really good hardware on here. You got solid stage caps all over,
2 phased power for the CPU, and if you load everything up
with really good stuff like a really nice video card
and a really nice Core 2 Quad or Core 2 Duo and
you fill these up with 2 gigabyte DIMMs
of fast memory you can actually game on this
little tiny board no problem. Or if you don’t want to do
either of those things, you want to use a server or
some sort of small workstation or regular computer, you can
do that as well right here through this on-board graphics,
you don’t even need to have a video card
if you don’t want one. So let’s talk about this
little guy right here. This is the G31
North Bridge chip set, and it’s got the ICHR7
South Bridge chip set so those are socket 775
up here for your CPU. That’s going to do all your Core 2
Quads, Core 2 Duos, the Wolfdales and the Yorkfield Cores.
It is 45 nm ready so it’s not going to be a
problem using the latest. It’ll do native 1333 megahertz
front side bus support so you can do all your
E8400s and your Q9550s and all that good
stuff no problem. And with overclocking you
can go to 1600 megahertz which is really good. Dual Core,
Quad Core, it’s all up to you, really good stuff. 2 DIMM slots,
up to 2 gigabytes in each for now, you might be able to
fit 4 in here later when the 4 gigabyte DIMMS
come out but for now 4 is more than enough,
you can 800 and 667 megahertz and you can do 1066
with overclocking and above. You do have that really nice
PCI Express x16 slot right there. It is not 2.0 but that
doesn’t really matter just yet. If you want to stick a nice
video card in there you could use this to game and
it would not be a problem at all. Also on board is again like I
mentioned earlier you’ve got the nice little VGA port up here so
if you want to use on board graphics they are there. They’re going to do
your basic functions no problem. You also have a PCI Express x1
slot right there and a PCI slot right there so you
can use these for adding any type of
peripherals you want. If you’re going to use it as a
home theater PC system you can put a TV tuner
in there or a sound card. If you’re going to
make it a small server you can put a RAID card
or a fiber card in here to set up a bunch of
hard drives in a larger case. Also on board if you look right
over here are the two SATA ports. Those are SATA 2, they give you
3 gigabits per second of throughput speed. So pretty much
hook up all the latest hard drives or if you don’t have
the latest hard drives you can hook up an
older one right here through this IDE connector
which is also on board. Moving up over here
just so you know when you’re getting
your power supply it’s a 24-pin motherboard
connector and right over here is your 4-pin 12 volt EATX
connector for your CPU power and your 12 volt power to
the rest of the motherboard. Brown PCB if you
can’t see in there, it’s pretty much black with
a brown background, it looks black there but it’s
actually a very dark chocolate brown which is a kind
of cool color. Coming over here to the back
PS2s for your keyboard and mouse, serial port for whatever you
use serial ports for, I’m not that old yet, VGA right
there again on board. You have 4 USB 2.0s,
10/100 ethernet right there and you have 5.1 channel
HD audio right there so six channels in total
and of course you get a couple of Asus
features that are pretty cool. Couple of them that
I will tell you about because you know how
there’s like 50 of them. EZ Flash BIOS, so if you
want to flash the BIOS it’s very simple. You also
have crash-free BIOS so you can use a BIOS on
a flash drive as the main BIOS in case your actual
chip goes corrupt. You get a good manual in the box
and a couple of other things, IDE cable, whatever, SATA cable,
that’s kind of cool, input output shield, you’re
going to need one of these and a driver disk for your
South Bridge chip set, ethernet controllers,
on board video, HD audio, etc, etc, etc.
And that is the entire box. So again it’s the ASUS
P5KPL-AM special edition motherboard socket 775, the latest processors,
good stuff, good server board very simple, great quality
from Asus as always and an affordable price. As usual
if you guys have any questions on it email me and I’ll see
you guys next time. For more information on the Asus
P5KPL-AM special edition motherboard type in A455-2885 into
the search engine of any of these
major retailers. For ComputerTV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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100 thoughts on “Asus P5KPL-AM SE Motherboard

  1. i got one of these and overclocked my q9450 to 3.55ghz..only problem.. the sata sockets stop working but.. i got ide to sata adapter for £6 ($10) and problem is solved

  2. I have a problem with this. and some other people, it worked perfectly with my old ide hdd, but it broke, when i replaced it with a sata hdd, it wont detect it. anyone with the same mobo with sata devices? can you give me tips on bios and hardware? I'm stumped.

  3. @RobSnake is your hdd sata? mine cannot detect sata components although ide worked fine. can you give me tips on the bios?

  4. you can use the serial (RS-232) port transporting data to tool-machines or to SPS, e.g: Siemens S7 or Pheonix-Contact.

  5. can u teach me to overclock using the asus p5kpl-am se motherboard
    cpu:pentium e5200 dual core processor
    ram:kingston pc2-5300(333mhz)
    gpu:nvidia geforce 220 gt 1 gb
    i want my cpu speed will reach to 3.3 ghz
    tnx in advance

  6. yah but i cant reach 3.3 to 3.4 ghz
    heres my specs:
    CPUentium dual core e5200 2.5 ghz overclocked to 3.1 ghz with Rocketfish RF-UPCUWR CPU Cooler which is suck for me
    memory:2 gb kingston pc2-5300(333mhz)
    PSU:450 watts
    case fans:5 fans
    video card:nvidia geforce 220 gt from palit
    hard disk:seagate 130 gb
    dvd writer:asus x24
    motherboard:asus p5kpl-am se

    sorry for noob rig cuz i'm poor and i cant buy my dream pc
    tnx in advance

  7. this motherboard works wonders, but it doesnt overclock well :/. i could only get my e6300 1.86 to 2.41ghz, other than that, its fast and very stable

  8. O film feito explicando sobre placa-mãe (motherboard), está ótimo. Serve como complemento para alguém que esteja aprendendo sobre montagem e manutenção de computadores. Parabéns. / Este trabajo es muy bueno para las personas que quieren saber mas y mas sobre "Motherboard" , sus componentes . Mis felicitaciones. Brasil (4/9/2012)

  9. (new to building pc)
    Hey i have p5kpl-am motherboard..
    By which thing do i chose my vid card?
    or by this ddr5 / ddr3 / ddr2?

  10. I still use it with gta iv on a q9550 and a 6770, but get another motherboard, nowadays they're cheap anyway.

  11. Sir can this mobo support a 1600mhz memory? cause i am planning to upgrade my old pc. and the palit gtx650ti it can also be compatible to my mobo?

  12. This motherboard does not support intel core i3, i5, i7, etc. It supports Intel core2 Duo, Pentium 4, etc. This does not support DDR3 ram, and you can only put one graphics card. If you're looking for a gaming build this is not the Motherboard for you. I am running this with 4gb DDR2, Intel core2 duo, and ATI radeon HD 4300/4500 sires and can't even run l4d2 on it.

  13. I'm currently running a Intel Xeon X3360 quad core on this board 🙂 I was really surprised that this mobo could handle a xeon…

  14. Asus P5KPL-AM SE alaplap csak DDR 2 es Ram memóriát fogad el DDR3 mast nem de jol működik az alaplap nincs vele gond 4 év után sem ASUS ra sokan mondják hogy jó alaplap ami volt régi gépem aba is ASUS alaplap volt 7 teljes évig kibírta 478 as foglaltú alaplap volt

  15. suggestions where to get drivers? asus global does not have for this specific model. which similar boards' drivers can i use?

  16. mine is P5KPL-AM/PS . w/ Intel Core 2 Duo 2.90 ghz. processor and a max of 4 GB of RAM. Still using it, playing games. Although its laggy on latest games.

  17. I have a problem with this motherboard, and it's it apparently doesnt support any high-density sticks of ram, seems I need low density and I don't even know which they are. ASUS doesn't state it either..

  18. can you put 2 hard drives on it? how? mine has only 2 power conectors 1 for a hdrive and 1 for a disk drive…

  19. That's my current Mobo, had to modify the BIOS to support my XEON E5430 @2.66 GHz, but I was only able to overclock it to 2.7Ghz. its FSB is too low for more overclocking.

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