Asus P5N-T Premium Motherboard

Alright, today we’ve got a little look at the P5N72-T Premium Motherboard by Asus. This is a really cool board, it’s the 780i chipset but it’s a non-reference design, it’s got a lot of cool features on it and it brings a few new things to the table. Now, first of all, it brings EPU which is Asus’ power-management system, pretty much throttles your CPU, your memory, all the onboard chips, so if you’re playing solitaire your quad-core doesn’t need to be at three-gigahertz, come on. You might as well step on a tree. Now the other thing it brings on here is faster frequencies. First of all, you’re getting this socket 775 now does support 1600 megahert front-side bus, so you’re getting the latest and greatest processors, all the 45nm stuff, your Wolfdales and your Yorkfield cores are all going to fit in here, and run up to 1600 megahertz with overclocking or 1333 megahert native. So that’s great, the faster frequencies are also transferred onto the memory. You’ve got four DIMMs up to eight gigabytes and you can use 1066 native frequency DDR2 or you can use 1200-megahert DDR2 with overclocking. So of course you’re obviously going to know that you’re going to have a great BIOs in here with lots of features. Now the next thing you’re going to notice is based on the video-reference design you can go a lot further now. They pretty much stepped it up a big notch, you have copper cooling through your southbridge, your northbridge, you’ve got a nice EPU sticker there so you know what you’re getting, your mosfets, your VRMs all are cooled with copper, you’ve got copper, more copper up here, copper everywhere, looks great, and the biggest part of the 780i chipset ever was the fact that it had three PCI Express slots. So there they are. If you want to build a triple-SLI monster, this is the board for you. The blue ones, this one and this one right here are PCI Express 2.0, and they do run at full X16, this one is PCI Express X16, and if you populate all three cards with videocards you do get X16, X16, X16, which is awesome if you want to build a triple-SLI monster with either GTX260s, GTX280s or 9800+’s, this is going to be the board that you’re going to want to get, you’re also going to notice that you have two PCI x1 slots right there, and two PCI 2.2 slots are also right there so you can add a ton of peripherals, you’re probably not going to be using this if you populate them with big, fat videocards, but if you wanted to, you could, you’ve got a bunch of USB headers over here, you are going to notice an onboard power button, which is fantastic, that’s going to help you out a lot, especially when you build the computer outside of the case before you put it in the case to make sure that everything works and you don’t need to get RMAs or switch anything else, you’ll also notice you have 6 SATAs up here, they are backwards-facing so that when you have a big videocard populated right here you’re not going to block your cables, that’s an excellent design feature, IDE and floppies are also both available, the power connector right here is a 24-pin power connector, so make sure you have the right power supply, and that’s pretty much it as far as a tour of the front of the board goes, now let me show you this side, obviously you’ve got dual gigabit lans is going to be one of the first things you’re going to notice, which is excellent, you’ve got four USB 2.0 ports right there and you’ve got another two right here, now starting over here you have a PS/2, two different types of S/PDIFs, this is the coaxial one, which is analog, and this is the optical one which is digital, this is your firewire port, and besides these six USB 2.0s here you have another four on the board, so if you want to go you have two more headers right here and you have a Firewire header right here for your front panel connectors, or, if you want, look at what you get in the box…. check this out… you get this little doohickey- this is pretty much an expansion that goes in your PCI expansion slot and you get Firewire and you get two USB 2.0s, they plug right into the header right there, while we’re on the topic of what’s in the box, let’s just keep it up, here is your ASUS Q fan, which is really cool, this is pretty much going to mount in this direction, right here, it’s going to help cool your voltage regulators and you mosfets, and in reality since they’re all connected, you’re actually helping cool everything, because all of the heat’s going to get drawn in over here. You also get, included in the box an SLI bridge, in case you don’t got one here’s a nice little ASUS SLI bridge, and if you’re a cool guy you get the 3-way SLI bridge, this is the big one for three videocards and very extreme, nice extreme hardware there, you also get a padded input and output shield which is very, very nice, it’s also painted and labeled- I love that- this keeps it quiet, this makes your case look fantastic from the backside, if you have a really nice case, the last thing you want to do is ruin it with a big, ugly, generic chrome input/output shield, you also get a host of SATA cables, so you got one, two, three, four and two of those are 90-degree SATA cables, so they are 3G certified, and a few of them are 90-degree, like this… and the rest of them are just the regular ones, like this. So that’s great, if you don’t have a SATA cable that’s going to be very useful to you, check this out too, you also get a very nice eSATA connector, so if you want to connect one of your SATA ports to this, it’s going to let you connect those eSATA hardrives through this port, and this gives you 3-gigabit-per-second, just like it was inside, so this is a great way to connect your external harddrives if they do support eSATA, which is a great connection…. take a look at this, these are your Q connectors that also come in the box, these are fantastic, if you’ve never used them before, they make pretty much wiring up the motherboard very simple, you plug in all your front-panel connectors first, and once they’re all plugged in then you have this one big plug that you can just plug right into the motherboard and you don’t have to have tiny, little girl fingers, you can pretty much get away with just about anything, also included in the box is this very thick and detailed manual with a lot of information and hidden inside are your driver discs, now keep in mind these things actually have a three-year warranty, and they also come with Kapersky anti-virus in the box, so those are two things that you’re getting for free, so add that onto the value of this kit, you’re getting something– anti-virus software that costs probably over $50 dollars, and you’re also getting a three-year warranty, so you’re backed, in case anything goes horribly wrong, you’re good to go, you’re covered, and ASUS has excellent tech support, it’s also worldwide tech support, so if you for some reason took this computer with you to…China? Hey, you can keep doing it, one last thing that’s inside the box is this little adapter, now what this is is a 4-pin molex connector on one side and you have two SATAs on the other in case you have an older power supply and you don’t really need to get a new one you could use these connectors and these will run your newer SATA hard drive using the older 4-pin molex connector. Let’s see…what else can I tell you about this motherboard? Oh yes, ASUS features– now, ASUS has a bunch of features that’s some of the reason people buy their boards versus the non-reference designs, so obviously you get all of this cool hardware on the board, you get solid-state capacitors, and the iron core-chokes, all this great stuff– i’m sorry ferite core chokes insted of iron, you get the great hardware but you also get great features, now first of all, crash-free BIOs two. Two bios chips, they’re crash-free, if one of them fails while you’re overclocking it automatically goes to the other one, the motherboard’s going to figure out hey, something went wrong, and it’s going to figure it out for you, so you’re never going to be crashed. ALMap pretty much puts the computer to sleep without closing any of the applications and it does it way faster than Intel can do it, or, you know, Microsoft can do it… what else can I get you? EZ Flash 2, fantastic, lets you update your BIOs with a flash drive, very fast, very cool, and then the last thing that they offer you as a special feature is MyLogo 3, when you’re going to the post screen, rather than showing the post itself, it’s going to show you a picture that you can put up there, even an animated GIF if you’d like, so pretty much whatever you want, kind of crash and burn hacker style, so great board from ASUS, it’s the P5N72-T Premium. Or is it the deluxe? It’s Premium. For premium consumers only. Great gaming board, great if you want to stick with DDR2 but still make an NVidia triple-SLI monster, awesome, awesome board guys. It’s great, I highly recommend it, if you have any questions on it, e-mail me, and i’ll see you guys next time. The ASUS P5N72-T Premium Motherboard is available from the retailers listed here, or for more information you can type in A455-2418 into any major search engine. For ComputerTV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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51 thoughts on “Asus P5N-T Premium Motherboard

  1. i7 and x58 do have an issue to do with overclocking, since the voltages are basically tied. So if you are after some serious overclocking you may want to wait for i7 to get onto the 32nm refresh which is actually coming much sooner than many people think. If you can get a good price on this though go for it.

  2. It includes the Supreme FX II audio card which uses the first slot, so it's okay, couldn't believe they didn't mention it though.

    If you want to use higher-end sound cards then you can't go tri.

  3. well this motherbord is great for the nVidia fans.

    I prefer ATi, so I would get a X48 or wait for the X58.

    And yes this mobo has sound, an extra soundcard which plugs in the PCI Express 1x slot left of the first PCI Express 16x slot, so it never gets in the way with your SLI system or dual slot vidcard

  4. oke nice nice are you muslim???
    and could you please give me some more info about the i7 cuz its a single core but it still beats the cuadcores :S

  5. yes but not better than the EVGa 780i FTW

    EVGA totallry ROCKS 😀 beter warrany
    and the Asus boards have bad "kapacitors"
    I think that is what you call em…

  6. well! depends on what you compare it with!
    don't say "the 780i" because there's a bunch of different versions of it! the EVGA models are 1337 and hey! who needs to overklock more then 3.8GHZ on your E8500 anyway (and that's just with a 1600FSB the motherboard can probably make upp to 1800…)

  7. well first of all, I said WAIT for the X58

    And the i7, all i Know its going the be a revolution in processing technique.

    And zafert85, im from Holland Where the f*** you from?

  8. is it me or there's a design problem with that mobo ?
    i mean , you need a VGA , and with a VGA on that PCI-Ex , you're killing the PCI-Ex x1 there , i mean , you WILL HAVE to use a normal PCI Audio Card there… and therefore , if you have a TRI SLI , YOU HAVE NO SOUND !! i mean… COME ON ?!?

  9. the board comes boxed with a ROG SupremeFX II Audio Card for the black PCI-E x1 slot above the PCI-E x16 slots.

  10. i got this board for £115, they labelled it wrong on the site i got it from
    after i bought it the price went to £190 lawlawl

  11. wargh.. so many asus mobo model's number…. sometimes i confused ( i almost want to buy p5n-d instead of p5n-e)

  12. it's not the price, it's whats on the motherbaord.. you want a high FSB, you want it to hold at least 8gb ram, have dual gigabyite lan, maybe 2 PCI-e x16 slots ext..

  13. I just got this board from Asus as a replacement for my POS P5N32 – E. I am not happy. The same problems that plagued the N32 are still with the N72. Sudden system lock up, No video on posting, over heating issues, and its gotta have specific memory or it won't work. Took me six tries to find dims that would work in this board. All in All ASUS has gone way way down hill. This board is fail.

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