Asus P5Q SE Plus Motherboard

Alright check out this
incredible workhorse from ASUS. This is the P5Q SE plus
and this is one of the most versatile
motherboards on the planet. Generally speaking
the P45 platform is extremely versatile and
this one is no exception. With this motherboard you can
literally do just about anything. You can put in a
low-end Core 2 Duo and make a very
efficient, very reliable, long term work station
for an office. You can put a nasty
video card in there and game with a really fast Quad Core.
You can overclock, you can underclock, you
can do whatever you want with a board like this. It has
all the stuff that you need, none of the extra
crazy stuff, but it will do just
about everything, ok? So as you can see
looking over this board it’s very very
cool looking. Oddly enough, if you look at
it standing up it is very thin so it might fit in
some odd motherboards. It is a general ATX form factor
but it’s skinny, I mean it looks like a model,
I don’t even know what to say. Very interesting layout
that they designed it with but it does come
feature packed with everything. Four DIMMS you can populate
up to 16 gigabytes of dual channel DDR2. It will
support 667, 800, 1066, 13, I’m sorry and 1200 megahertz
DDR2 so very very fast. Coming over here
to your expansion slots you do have a
PCI Express x16 2.0. You have 2 PCI Express x1s
and you have 3 standard PCIs. Now the P45 North Bridge chip set
just like on all the other P45s does support a socket 775
Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Duo, you name it
it will do it. It will also do
Pentiums and Celerons, whatever else you might
want to throw at it but it does support up to
1600 megahertz front side bus which is really really high.
That’s a lot of overclocking unless you’re
using a QX9770 that is going to overclock
everything else, which is really cool. You have
a 24-pin motherboard connector right there, you have a 4-pin
12 volt connector so just keep that in mind,
it’s not an 8-pin, which is also
very nice. You do have a
PCI Express x16 slot and incredibly enough
this is more than enough to run a high end
gaming system. If you put a really high end
video card in here like a 4870 x2
or a GTX 295 you’re going to have more than
enough graphics horsepower to run almost any
game on the market and it’s going to be in
a very small case with a very simple
motherboard, very simple layout. You have 6 SATA ports over
here, they do support RAID. You can do 01, 0+1 and RAID 5
as well as just a bunch of disks which you probably
don’t ever want to do but you can do it
if you so desire. You also have your floppy
and IDEs over here and down here at the bottom.
You have a bunch of extra USBs, look at that. That’s
2, 4, 6 USB 2.0s that you can add on
with headers. You also have a firewire
header over here and you have a
COM header down here so a lot of
connectivity on here as well as a lot of features
on the back of the board. Let’s take a look
at that real quick. Starting up here from the top
you will notice that, come on, there you go. The first
thing you’ll notice is that S/PDIF
right there, that’s the digital one,
the TOSLINK. You got 2 USB 2.0s right there,
you have your PS2s for keyboard and mouse.
You have an additional 4 USB 2.0s right there.
10/100/1000 ethernet and 7.1 Channel HD audio
are all on the back. That’s a lot, a lot
of connectivity. A lot of great stuff
on this board. Now let’s talk
a little bit more about the actual hardware
on the board which is also
extremely excellent. You have 8 phased power
for your CPU, which is incredible,
it’s going to give you a lot of overclocking ability,
a lot of stability, stable voltages,
high quality VRN solid state capacitors,
ferrite core chokes, it’s all on here.
You’re going to find it’s all a bunch of
really nice hardware. Another thing that’s
really cool about this is that you have
the Express Gate, so if you don’t know
what Express Gate is, Express Gate a little chip
that’s actually on the board that holds a linux
operating system. A little tiny
discera of linux that boots up
in about 5 seconds, which is extremely
extremely fast. It let’s you do pretty much
Skype, look at pictures, listen to music and surf
the web, check your email. Those basic functions,
which is a lot of the time what you’re doing,
out of the way. Very low power, uses
very little electricity when it’s using Express Gate
and the best part is that it boots
within 5 seconds. You push a button
and in five seconds you’re in Express Gate
so that’s very impressive. Another cool thing
about this motherboard is something
called ESD Guard, which actually protects your
computer from static discharge so if you don’t have a
grounding strap and by some
freak chance, you know nowadays it
rarely happens anymore like it used to, but if
by some freak chance you might have
zapped your board well the ESD will
protect it from that, which is quite interesting
and is a new feature from ASUS. Very very good stuff.
And again it’s the P5Q SE Plus from ASUS,
it’s very affordable, it uses the P45 chip set,
under, way under 150 bucks and if you want to get in
on a really good P45 chip set board that supports
the latest Core 2 Duos and Core 2 Quad processors and
you don’t want to spend a ton or if you want to spend a ton
and get an awesome video card and a great case, you can use
this motherboard for anything. It is extremely,
extremely versatile. Very very good stuff.
Good job ASUS. If you have any questions on it
email me right there. I’ll see you guys
next time. For more information on the
ASUS P5Q SE Plus motherboard type in A455-2825
into the search engine of any of these
major retailers. For ComputerTV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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72 thoughts on “Asus P5Q SE Plus Motherboard

  1. I think the amount of people that have had problems with Asus is pretty up and down, if that makes sense. Lol. I personally have not had any problems with them, even if I've worked with 2 of their products. My sister's MB, which I chose to be an Asus AM2 board, has been working great. If you don't have problems with Asus, their products are very quality.

  2. Just like elton said, you had horrible luck with them then.
    Everybody else that hasn't had that kind of luck know Asus makes very quality products.

  3. this board has this clip that clips your video card on the PCIE slot. Its stupid because its hard to get the video card out if its a dual slot and You have to yank the dam thing out! It will bend your video cards PCIE bus a little because of how it clips on

  4. Finally a real hard component, but yet another P45? There are TONS of P45's! Yet Asus has tons of P45 single PCI-E 2.0 boards.

  5. i got the asus p5 qse 6 months ago and couldnt be more happier. E8500 core 2 duo, 9800gtx, 4 gig 1066 corsair xm2, raptor 74 gig……..This things rapes!

  6. Can I run Crysis on very high with these specs ?

    Antec Nine Hundred
    Asus P5Q PRO
    Intel Core™ 2 Duo E8500 3.16GHz
    XFX GeForce GTX 260
    Corsair Powersupply 650W
    Corsair TWIN2X PC6400 DDR2 4GB
    2x Western Digital Caviar GP 500GB
    Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit

  7. very true…hahaha…and another..crysis runs only on alienware..look at the crysis played on alienware fool

  8. its really friggen annoying for cable management having a fucking huge cable from your PSU running over your GPU to the pin slot.

  9. im usin this mobo right now, it's at a decent price and comes with, well pretty much everything.
    Cons of this are that really the connector for the cpu fan is oddly placed.
    Other notes is, it is a little smaller though the average mobo, by a little.
    I did rma my 1st one, but the 2nd one im usin seems to be lasting me

  10. Same as P5Q SE2 and it can support 1333 MHz DDR2 RAM and it can do auto overclock!It also swithes how the cpu cores are used! With Core 2 Quad It fucks the LGA1156 socket core i5.Awesome!And it can have external S-ATA 6Gb/s and USB 3.0 when needed!

  11. I just hope that those boards are better than the p5k. Piece of shit decided suddenly attempt a spontaneous overclock and fail, thus killing my vista (not that vista is of any use anyways) and having some serious issues getting past a bios post.

  12. When you put the external card for this but won't need it with the devices that are out now!So you don't need to concern about this!

  13. A PCIe 2.0 slot. Just as he says. You can use a really good GPU on it.

    I'm using Gtx460 on this motherboard , lol.

    However , no SLi.

  14. i already have this.. but its not that great actually.. so thats why i uppgraded to a "Asus Maximus IV Extreme Rev 3.0, Intel LGA1155, P67 B3, 4xPCI Express, SLI och CrossFireX, ATX, DDR3, SATA2+SATA3 RAID, 7.1-ljud, 2xGigaLAN, USB 3.0, 2xeSATA" check it out its 100x better i promise ^^

  15. The 24p ATX connector is on the wrong place
    The SPDIF out can´t bring me 5.1 just 2.1. -.-
    The reson is maybe that asus produces soundcards too….
    Express Gate just sucks….
    But the rest is ok, for the Price.

  16. @JehuWarrior Express Gate is also on the P5Q SE2, mine, but I downloaded the file, I just am not sure about how it works on it's own when it installs to a HDD that's formatted

  17. there is NO firewire or RAID on this mobo this guy better slow down and read up or get schooled I've been on this way too long because of his video and you NEVER want to connect firewire to a USB port you can DAMAGE the MOBO (Motherboard ) shill 🙁

  18. correct, there is no Firewire there, and no RAID. this guy is full of shit man, he must be a salesman. but, it IS a good motherboard!

  19. pretty outdated but worth noting that is NOT a firewire header but a coms serial header.  This mobo doesn't have firewire.  I'm starring at one right now smacking myself in the head wishing it did.  off to buy a firewire card :-/

  20. still rocking this motherboard in 2018, i need more ram though, will it be compatible with 2x4GB or ram? Currently using gskill pi 2x2GB

  21. @TigerDirect Which is the best option for me win7 or win10? my pc: amd r7 240 2gb ddr3, 4gb ram ddr2, intel core 2 quad q9650 3ghz, asus p5q yes plus..i have old pc .. but not so much low .. my operating system might have more fps. thank you

  22. @TigerDirect Which is the best option for me win7,win 8.1 or win10? my pc: amd r7 240 2gb ddr3, 4gb ram ddr2, intel core 2 quad q9650 3ghz, asus p5q yes plus..i have old pc .. but not so much low .. my operating system might have more fps. thank you

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