ASUS Prime X470 Pro Review Español & Unboxing

Very good guys and girls I’m Jandrotech, and today I bring you a new video! where are we going to talk about the motherboard, is here, the Asus Prime X470 Pro that I found very interesting and wanted share it with all of you we started with unboxing. This magnificent plate base comes equipped with an Am4 Socket that supports Rizen processors up to 7th generation, has cooling options industry leaders comprehensive controls for fans and pumps water 7 temperature sensors distributed throughout the motherboard running through theFan Xpert 4 software or the acclaimed ASUS UEFI Asus Prime X470-Pro presents ASUS Aura RGB for aesthetic or informative lighting. The ASUS Aura software offers control over hundreds of colors and dozens of effects. With ASUS 5-Way Optimization: adjust in one click the whole system for overclocks optimized and intelligent cooling for intensive tasks of CPU or GPU It has ultra-fast connectivity M.2 With x4 PCI Express, it supports data transfer speeds of up to 32 Gbps. Equipped with M.2 technology Heatsink has an ultra efficient heat sink to reduce M.2 SSD temperatures up to 20 ° C reduce temperatures in point 2 cssd up to 20 degrees Celsius and that means an optimal storage performance and a higher longevity of SSD Thanks to the crystal sound 3 technology, it has an impeccable sound that Prime X470-Pro uses an exclusive audio codec designed in close collaboration with Realtek: the Realtek S1220A. It also has a sound power of 120dB Unprecedented for stereo line output and a SNR of 113dB for line input, providing pure audio quality. The technical specifications are: AMD X470 chip 64GB DIMM memory up to 3600 MHz Supports Integrated Graphics AMD Ryzen It is compatible with Nvidia SLI and AMD CrossFireX Expansion slots: 3 PCIe 3.0 x16, 1 PCIe 2.0 x16, 3 PCIe 2.0 x1 Red Lan Intel 1211-AT Gigabit 1000 Mbps 8 Channel Realtek S1220A Audio Chip one usb type c 5 usb ports 3.1 generation 1 and 2 usb ports 3.1 On the rear plate has 1 USB Type C, 5 USB 3.1 Gen1 and 2 USB 3.1 Gen2 ports On the front 2 USB 3.0 and 4 USB 2.0 2 Sockets for M.2 Gen3 / Gen4 hard disk, one of them with heat sink. and finally 6 Sata connectors. And this has been all, if you are thinking of mounting a new pc or update it. The Asus prime X470 pro motherboard is a good choice, this motherboard has the high-end features but at a reasonable price. Of about 160 euros, you have the link below in the description. In the next video we will see the whole montage of the motherboard and we will do several performance tests together with the processor AMD Ryzen 7 2700X and nothing else guys remember to subscribe to the channel to give like and see you in the next video, See you later!

27 thoughts on “ASUS Prime X470 Pro Review Español & Unboxing

  1. Finalmente encuentro una review de esta placa base tan bien explicada. Te ganaste un like y un suscriptor 🙂

  2. cual me recomiendas ? una x470 prime o una x470 rog strix, pienso instalarle un ryzen de tercera generación y realizar overclock hasta donde permita el ventilador stock del procesador.

  3. Tengo esta tarjeta con un ryzen 2700x y no puedo llegar con mi Ram trident 3200Mhz maximo y estable a 2800Mhz

  4. necesito ayuda porfa, terngo esta misma placa y no puedo configurar mis memorias ram a 3200Hz ya intente el xmp y tambien introduje el voltage y la frecuencia manualmente, q mas puedo hacer? Gracias de antemano

  5. Hola, quiero comprar una placa no sé cuál de estas elegir Asrock
    x470 gaming k4 fatality, Aorus GA-x470 ultra gaming o la Asus prime x470 pro, quisiera
    ponerle AMD 3000, que me recomiendan. Gracias

  6. Hola, quiero comprar esta placa y un ryzen 3 3700x ¿como actualizo para que me tome el ryzen3? saludos.

  7. que ryzen soporta esta placa y me recomiendas mas esta que la aorus x470 espero respuesta o msi estoy entre esas 3 no se que hacer lo quiero mas que todo para juegos

  8. buen video. estaría genial haciendo una ensamble con esta modherbord o un vídeo dando a detalle sus especificaciones

  9. Puedo utilizar un Ryzen 5 3600x o un 7 3700x de tercera generacion sin problemas y sin mesesitar actualizar??? O si es mesesario actializar el bios para esos procesadores??

  10. Chipset X470 VS X570. Solo decir que sin duda mejor el Chipset X570 por los siguiente:

    —– X470

    -CPU Ryzen de 3.ª generación compatible (necesario actualizar placa base con CPU antigua)

    -Red: wifi 5 y 1 Ethernet Gigabit (1 GbE)


    -PCI-E 3.0 y M.2 Gen 3

    -Compatible con 1ª, 2ª y 3ª generación


    -CPU Ryzen de 3.ª generación (compatible de origen)

    -Red: wifi 6 y 10 Ethernet Gigabit (10 GbE)


    -PCI-E 4.0 y M.2 Gen 4

    -Mejores Valores VRM

    -NO es Compatible con AMD Ryzen™ de 1.ª Generación

    -Si con 2ª generación

    Os dejo tres enlaces a placas con Chipset X570:

    -ASUS PRIME X570-P 189.90 EUR

    -MSI X570-A Pro 164.90 EUR

    -GIGABYTE X570 Gaming X 164.90 EUR

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