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hello friends welcome to HSATechReview
today I’m going to unbox Asus Rog Phone a very different kind of mobile with a
very unique features. it’s a gaming mobile and this video is going to be
very interesting as I will play asphalt 9 and PUBG on this Asus Rog Phone and show you
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details are in the description area so let’s quickly move to the unboxing part
as I received the package thanks to my friend who deliver me always best of
best I just remembered in my last video xiaomi redmi note 7 I mentioned that unboxing part for me is actually boring
because all the mobiles they have packed in a similar way but here asus has done
an incredible work the Asus Rog Phone box is pretty eye-catching in itself as well it
has an a’ symmetrical hexagonal shape with a distinctly alien look to it
pretty much the statics you would expect for my Republic of gamers product inside
the container you get the phone itself which also features similar design
language Asus Rog Phone includes fan clip-on accessory in the phone box it has 3.5
millimeter audio and USB C port at bottom side we will talk more about the
aesthetics later and its practical performance benefits in the gaming
section as this device is one of the reason which makes me fall in love with
this phone. alongside it friends we get a type-c 2 type-c USB cable and a wall
adapter rated for a maximum output of the 30 watts
the adopter has hyper-charged technology it utilizes a smart IC on the side of
the charger and pumps juice into the battery directly much like we have seen
before like Huawei supercharged The idea is that all the conversions happen
in the break outside of the phone if we quickly look at the specification of
this mobile phone it has a metal frame body with Gorilla Glass 6 and 5 in the
front and back side it has 6 inch screen with a amoled
technology display and one millisecond pixel response time the rear cameras
there are two cameras on the rear side which are 12 megapixel and 8 megapixel
and you also get an 8 megapixel camera on the front side as well
the software in this Asus Rog Phone is Android 8.1 and the ROG gaming X mode UI
the chipsset you get snapdragon 845 octa-core processor and adreno 630 GPU
with 8 gig of ram the battery is 4000 mah it has dual front-facing audio and
the best part of this mobile phone is having ultrasonic sensors for air
trigger and grip press we can activate the X mode by using grip force you can
customize the pressure which I will show you in a while now let me quickly mount
this click on fan thing to show you what’s so special about it
after plugin now we can activate this fan mode from the top notification
drawer menu here in the X mode you can see all the relevant detail you can
customize the different game settings here as well moving on if we go down you find the fan
speed control option here and can customize the speed of the fan also you
can control this backlighting features from here as well here you can customize the pressure
sensitivity level as per your convenience these features like HDR
display with one millisecond response time 4000 mAh battery ultrasonic
pressure sensors I guess these are the risk reasons which makes this mobile
phone best for gaming actually while playing the game now you can control
things very easily and the sensor features makes the game experience so
smooth the fan thing is I love next because it makes the mobile super cool
and you won’t feel any heat while playing instead it gives a very cool
raising effect on your hand from the backside of mobile so guys that’s it for
today I hope you have liked my video and please don’t forget to subscribe to my
channel do tell me in the comment area if you have any question or what do
you think which mobile phone is best for gaming purposes in 2019 that’s it for
today see you in the next video

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  1. Try to look on Xiaomi Black Shark 2 its gaming phone with water cooling. Btw sry for my English

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