Asus VGA GTX 980TI Strix Unboxing

Hi how are you, I am Wilson and today
we will take out of the box the video card ASUS 980TI Strix. The international price is around 700 dollars,
maybe not the most affordable one but easily you can say it is one if not
the best VGA we can find in the market today. The packing is simple but very well done,
consists of a main box that contains an envelope and another box. in the envelope we will find
like cd software and drivers an ASUS STRIX product catalog Multilingual user manual a PCI EXPRESS power cable and a Strix sticker and in the second box we will find the video card. Aesthetically the card is impeccable,
the details in the PCB and even the backplate here in the pictures you can still see
the plastic that protects it, has illustrations of the brand that are very nice and as we are
talking of the backplate, it has it to not bend over time because it is a fairly large board
it measures 30.5cm x 15.22cm x 3.98cm and is quite heavy as it weighs around 2kg.
All the little things like the mini LED indicators informs that is connected
ok to the power supply make it very attractive visually This VGA, PCI Express 3.0, is 6 GB just like
the standard version but thanks to the boosted GPU and memory clocks
the performance is superior However it is not only the appearance or
excellent performane the only thing that
00:02:49,980 –>00:02:56,180
makes it stand out. This card also features
the DirectCU III 0db technology that will mantain the 3(three) 100mm coolers off until it reaches a
certain temperature so while we are not use it intensively, the VGA will be completely silent. Finally at the back we will find
1 DVI-I port, 1 HDMI 2.0 port and 3-port Display Port so any current monitor
will display the graphics power of this excellent card. If you got any doubt leave your comments, do not
forget to give LIKE and if you want to see more videos like this please suscribe to the channel.
see you in the next video, bye

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