Attention all BETHESDA gamers

Attention, all Bethesda gamers. First of all, Merry Christmas. Now… Don’t be too sad about Fallout 76, because… I’ve just heard that Wilburgur is alive and has finally almost finished his epic two hundred thousand anime special. But he needs your help. To make sure that you’ve subscribed to Wilburgur and make sure you hit that bell. So you don’t miss his biggest and best video yet. Speaking of Oblivion, check out also Wilburgur.

100 thoughts on “Attention all BETHESDA gamers

  1. You need to do a video about the youtuber Jesus Christ and his "family problems". Please! I am sure this would make his day, and it will spread the news.

  2. God Will is literally my favorite YouTuber,
    I wouldn't care if the 300k special is literally him on the toilet, we need more Will in our lives

  3. DECEMBER…. DECEMBER THE 24TH. WILLBURGER, how much to buy your channel? cause obviously you're doing nothing with it

  4. Guarantee that isn't a elder scrolls 6 trailer it's just sum they put together to get us to STFU I can never trust Bethesda again tbh

  5. Obsidian Entertainment: "The Outer Worlds"

    Bethesda Game Studio: "Fuckout 9/11"

    Edit: Wilburgur gonna play Fallout 76 confirmed over Discord, with some autism gangs like you.

  6. Willburger long time can and have watched alot of the vids bit by the time you get done with your 200k subscriber special your probably gunna be at 300 k then that's just gunna be a mess plus love the pewds meme and dint forget to tell gordan Freeman to lay off the crack rock cocaine he's been dabbling in lately that's why hl3 ain't out he relapsed.

  7. Why is people dissing fallout 76? Heck its a new step for Bethesda, you just have to give them time to improve it

  8. Seriously? You're going to make a video about the best Gaming company on Earth and just promote yourself? Screw you.

  9. That giant mr krabs was a stupid boss i mean u could climb some 🖌 🖌
    That Big dragon was a lame boss also.

    Only morrowind had a relatable cool boss guy. Dagoth Ur you the only one

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