Attention all Touhou Gamers

Attention all Touhou gamers Reimu Hakurei is in great trouble And she needs your help To wipe out the YOKI in the YOKI MOUNTAIN But to do this she needs fantasy heaven and a couple of bottles of sake To help her all she needs is your credit card number the three digits on the back and the expiration month and year You’ll also have to donate to her shrine, but you got to be quick So Reimu Hakurei can save Gensokyo and achieve the EPIC YOKI GENOCIDE

100 thoughts on “Attention all Touhou Gamers

  1. credit number: 6942069420
    three numbers: 666
    expire: 9/9/2019
    anything for reimu
    edit: where did my money go, did reimu get the yoki genocide yet, is she ok

  2. When I first saw this dude with his "credit card number and 3 digits on the back" shenanigans, I actually thought he was a shady scammer and people were memeing on him

  3. Don't ask me what fairy I took this from. I mean I totally didn't steal Cirno's credit card. XD

    Credit card #:9999-9999-9999-9999
    Security code: 999
    Exp: 09/99

  4. Number one the mountain is the best place for the youkai number 2 all ur telling is a lie number 3 everyone is friend and there no such things as a youkai genoside so shut up

  5. Donate to Hakurei shrine?…


  6. Card number 0666 1337 2169 2333
    number on back: 420
    expiration date: 9/11/2001
    mommy said the last time she used this card was in the world trade center

  7. Attention all Touhou Gamers: Raymoo Hackuray is in great trouble and she needs your help to wipe out the yoki in Yoki Mountain , but to do this she needs Fantasy Heaven and a couple of bottles of saki . To help her, all she needs is your credit card number, the three digits on the back and the expiration month and year.You’ll also need to donate to her shrine. But, you gotta be quick, so Raymoo Hackuray can save ensokyo and achieve the epic yoki genocide!

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