[AUDIO] Gamer Rages on Battlefield 3

Oh my….
What the fuck Yeah Yosbel, yeah, yes
Oh my god I don’t even have a fucking kill
The fuck, man? I fucking think that fucking 27 shots to your
fucking head would kill you Oh my god
I shoot you first Same motherfucking weapon
And I’m more accurate And I’m the one who died
Oh my fucking god Oh my god
Oh my god How the fuck do you survive with 9% health?
How the fuck is that fucking remotely fucking possible?
Oh my god What the fuckin’ Christ, man?
I, oh my god You’re fucking running
How the fuck does that kill me? Oh my fucking god
This game is fucking total motherfucking shit Oh my god, this is fucking crap
This is garbage Worse than Modern Warfare two point fucking
five Oh my god the bullshit is just so fucking
immense Oh my god
As soon as I’m a shoot someone They just fucking duck around the corner
I fucking swear to God It’s like they read my mind or some shit
Fucking finally, my first motherfucking kill Oh my god
This is such a pain in the fucking dick Oh my god
What the fuck man?

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